Best Guitar Capo

Here is a handy guitar capo guide for anyone who is looking to buy one.

An important consideration is the speed with which you can put the capo on the guitar neck and change it's position - so if you're going to be using your capo at live shows then we recommend you choose one of the 'clamp' style capos that can be placed quickly with one hand.

Our reviews below should help you find the best capo for guitar to suit your guitar:
Acoustic / Steel String
Classical / Nylon String

Best Electric Guitar Capo

    Dunlop Electric Trigger Capo

    Dunlop Electric Trigger Capo

    Sporting one hand operation design, it has an ergonomic shape and padded handle for easy fret positioning. The handle is easy to grip and makes it quite simple to move the capo around the neck. It is made of aircraft quality aluminum to ensure years of worry free clamping. Get the latest price & reviews at

    SpiderCapo Alternative Tuning

    SpiderCapo Alternative Tuning

    The SpiderCapo is the guitar tuning experimenter's dream tool. It allows you to capo each string individually, giving you a variety of possible open string tunings, all done without de-tuning your guitar. If you want to go beyond your comfort zone and explore new tunings, harmonies, keys and textures, the SpiderCapo is for you. It can also work as a regular capo should you need to go back to basics. Get the latest price & reviews at

    Kyser Quick Change Electric Guitar Capo

    Kyser Quick Change Electric Capo

    Kyser is a popular capo for electric guitar because it was one of the first clamp style designs that can easily be locked and adjusted with just one hand. The Kyser Quick Change Electric Capo is made of light weight aluminum making it easy to carry and it fits well with most electric guitar necks. Its simple and easy to use design is an instant favorite among many guitarists. The Kyser Capo is listed at $24.95 retail price, but you can usually get it for less online. It is a durable but relatively cheap guitar capo. Get the latest price & reviews at

Best Acoustic Guitar Capo

    Planet Waves NS Capo

    Planet Waves NS Capo

    This Capo is a favorite among acoustic guitar aficionados because of its slick, light weight aluminum design and easy one hand operation. It has a tactile micrometer dial for pressure adjustment to remove unwanted string buzz and to ensure stable intonation. This would be the best guitar capo for you if you want simplicity with some added functionality. Get the latest price & reviews at

    G7th Performance Capo

    G7th Performance Capo

    This is a multi function capo for your guitar, it features adjustable tension with clamp style ease of use. Fine tuning the capo tension lets you avoid micro-tonal problems when clamp style capos push too hard on the strings. The G7th Performance Capo also works well as an electric guitar capo which adds to its usefulness. It's a bit pricey compared to the others but does stand out with its combined features. Get the latest price & reviews at

    Shubb C1 Original Capo

    Shubb C1 Original Capo

    This is a favorite guitar capo because of its sheer durability. It simply won't wear out. These capos are carefully hand assembled and you get the option to select the right type of material and finish used to match your guitar. The capo is easy to attach and detach, but does require both hands. If you get this you probably won't need another capo again. Get the latest price & reviews at

Classical Guitar Capo

    Kyser Quick Change Classical Capo

    Kyser Quick Change Classical Capo

    This classical guitar capo is your basic capo that features quick action and ease of use. It has a specially designed clamp shape and lighter clamping pressure for the flatter necks and nylon strings of classical guitars. If you prefer simplicity, efficiency and precision over functionality, this might just be the best guitar capo for you. This classical guitar capo is listed at $24.95 retail price, but you can usually get one for less online. Get the latest price & reviews at

    G7TH Nashville Capo

    G7TH Nashville Capo

    This capo is a looker and is professionally designed for quick capo changes. It uses the tried and tested spring action design, but with a twist. Unlike other spring capos, this classical guitar capo has the pivot point behind the guitar neck, rather than to the side, and has a softer spring which makes this capo much more comfortable to use, and provides better tuning stability. This capo for classical guitar is priced reasonably modestly. Get the latest price & reviews at

    Dunlop 11CD Arched Capo

    Dunlop 11CD Arched Capo

    This classical guitar capo is one of the cheapest available. The functionality for classical guitar and even acoustic guitar is there, but at this price point you are bound to sacrifice something, which incidentally is durability. Strap type capos are very light and easy to use, however it will only last for a shorter length of time, as the strap will loosen up eventually. Still this is a good emergency capo to have in case you lose your main one, or if you are talented at losing your guitar accessories. At a price which is usually less than $7, it's very easy on the pocket. Get the latest price & reviews at

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

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I'm using the Dunlop 11

I'm using the Dunlop 11 Arched Capo. So far this is the best I've ever got a hold of.

I'm still using an old

I'm still using an old Dunlop 11 myself - but I've just ordered the Shubb C1 because I want the ability to whack it on and off more easily.

Universal partial capos

I have extremely small hands, on top of which my left arm was badly broken two years ago, which left it in a cast for months. During that time the ligaments in my left hand shortened, and turned making C and G chords from difficult to impossible.

I'm thinking of getting a universal partial capo, but I need someone to tell me first whether it will work to solve my problem. I'm short of bucks and can't afford to waste any on something that won't fix the problem.

Can anyone give me any advise on this?



guitar capo effect on strings

I have a Martin 00028 and I can't seem to find a capo that won't "untune" my guitar. I had used a Kyser with my D35 guitar and it worked fine. But neither that capo nor the D'addario capo works well with my 00028. The D'Addario capo has pressure adjustment, but no adjusting seems to work. Which capos would you suggest that won't affect my tuning. I play mostly for church services and there's no possibility of tuning my guitar after I play music that needs a capo.
Thanks for any advice you give me.

Rose, check out the

Rose, check out the spidercapo!
I had a similar issue with my Martin OM-28 and
the Spidercapo was recommended to me as a good fix.
It also seemed like a cool idea so I went for it and have been very satisfied!
The link is above, but you can also check out their website at
Good luck!

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