Best Travel Guitar Roundup

Keep your main instruments safe at home and instead take these travel guitars that we highly recommend. We've selected the best acoustic and electric travel guitars that score high in portability and reliability.


Travel guitars that have full or almost full scale length will allow for real guitar playability in places where you normally can't bring your main guitar. With this in mind, we have chosen only the most highly regarded to help you in picking your travel companion. Silent guitars, with their skeletal body frames, can also be considered as an alternative to travel guitars.

Acoustic Travel Guitars:

These are travel guitars that maintain their true acoustic guitar qualities, which means you can play them unplugged anywhere. They are more popular because of their convenience, but they tend to be bulkier compared to their electric counterparts because they need to have a body to create their acoustic sounds.

Blackbird Rider

The Blackbird Rider is arguably the ultimate non-conventional travel guitar. Its design prioritizes reliability and resonance, sporting a unique hollow neck and head, which gives it a balanced sound. Thanks to its one-piece carbon fiber construction body, the Rider is lightweight and easy to carry around, and you won't have to worry about bumps and changing temperatures because this guitar is virtually indestructible and unaffected by humidity.

The guitar's impressive reliability and portability comes with a premium price tag, but many have been more than willing to make the investment - even Popular Science liked the modern design of this instrument. This is truly a travel guitar that will stay with you for life, and might even extend beyond your lifetime, so the price tag is worth it! Those with money to burn can even go for special versions like the ultra rare Ferrari Rider that was sold at Ferrari shops with cool branded looks and features. Manufacturer: Blackbird | Retail Price: $1600

Martin Backpacker Travel Acoustic Guitar

Wood plays a very important role when it comes to acoustic guitars, and this includes travel acoustic guitars. Although reliability may not be on par with modern carbon fiber builds, there's still something about wood resonating that tickles the ears. As expected, Martin Guitars understand this, and have designed a travel guitar that feature solid-wood construction.

It is quite surprising to see a Martin branded travel guitar that is affordably priced while still retain top quality features, having a solid tonewood spruce top which is braced, along with solid mahogany neck, back and sides. The Martin Backpacker's topnotch build will simply exceed your expectations in terms of sound and reliability. Although it won't match the sound of regular sized dreadnoughts, it does capture the sound of parlor-sized acoustics of the past, and as demonstrated on the video, it sounds great for what it is. Manufacturer: Martin | Retail Price: $219 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Washburn Rover Travel Guitar

The Washburn Rover is an easy favorite because of its unmatched affordability and value for your money. It is a full fledged acoustic guitar with 24" scale and comes with no-less than a solid spruce top, mahogany back and neck, allowing for impressive volume and projection for its size.

The full-sized standard scale length rosewood fingerboard is its most outstanding feature, which means that you won't have to change your playing style when you go back to your regular-sized acoustic. As expected from Washburn, this guitar does not compromise on looks, even at this low price point. It comes packed with visual appointments like the elegantly done binding and inlay. To make the deal sweeter, the guitar is bundled with a great looking carrying case that is designed to fit the typical airline overhead storage. Manufacturer: Washburn | Retail Price: $175.00 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Electric Travel Guitars:

Electric Travel Guitars are exactly what their name implies, travel guitars that you can connect to an amplifier. The smaller size required for travelling results in these guitar having distinct shapes. Most of these guitars have all the essential features of standard electric guitars, with some even featuring a built-in amplifier.

Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe

Steinberger is known for their use of modern technology and materials in designing and building their instruments. So much so that the exotic streamlined "headless" design has become synonymous to their brand. The Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe is a great example of how the brand is able to compress essential guitar parts into a headless design, essentially turning their instruments into professional sounding instruments that are great for travelling.

Instead of using composite materials like the other more expensive models, the Spirit GT-Pro combines this modern shape with traditional solid wood build, sporting a maple neck with neck through construction. Aside from the use of solid wood, essential modern features are retained, include the famous Double-Ball tuning system and locking R-Trem, which ensures reliable tuning and performance. Finally, the guitar comes with a practical folding leg rest for comfortable playing. Manufacturer: Steinberger | Retail Price: $399 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Traveler Guitar Speedster Travel Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitars specialize in guitars for traveling, so its not surprising to find some great electric guitars on their stable. The Speedster is one of their best gems, sporting a modern style with a hint of retro. It is designed for portability while not neglecting performance with its high output dual rail humbuckers.

As the name implies, this guitar is built for speed, with shred friendly neck profile and action. It also provides impressive sustain, thanks to its unique design where in the tuners are placed at the center of the body. The Speedster comes with a reliable and resonant neck through body design, and for comfort it comes with a removable "Teardrop" upper arm support. Manufacturer: Traveler Guitar | Retail Price: $379.99 | Get the latest price & reviews at

Fernandes Nomad Standard

Fernandes took the concept of travel guitars to the next level with the Nomad, a stylish travel guitar with amp and speakers built in. The built in 5W amplifier and 4" speakers are powered by a 9 volt battery, making it an all-in-one electric guitar and amp package. This is as good as it gets in terms of convenience and portability, just take the guitar out of its case and play.

Complementing the built-in amp and speaker is the clean and overdrive switch, yes this travel guitar can churn crunchy riffs and singing lead tones all by itself. Finally, the Nomad is a serious head turner with its variety of stylish finishes. Although a bit pricey, the fun and convenience that this all-in-one guitar rig can bring is more than worth it. Manufacturer: Fernandes | Retail Price: $410

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Lap axe travel guitars

There is a new electric travel guitar called Lap axe that you should definitely check out. Small enough to carry on and actually play in your seat. Mike Stern has reviewed it and speaks highly of it. They come in a variety of finishes and also in exotic wood tops and fretboards. The web site is cool and there are some good videos of the Lap axe in action.

Washburn Rover

Having traveled with a washburn rover, I can say that it is very handy for stowing in an aircraft overhead stowage bin. That said, the sound is thin compared to some of the others, and the action isn't dialed. I was forced to play on this guitar for 4 months straight living abroad, and it is not acceptable for that. For a couple weeks it's fine, as it will keep you in the game, but for longer trips I wouldn't recommend.

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