Dixon Guitars

Posted by Charles Faust on Fri, 03/11/05 - 13:09:35.

I bought brand new a Dixon 12 string DG18-22 Acoustic; I know nothing about the brand name, but the guitar has sounded awesome since the day I bought it. I paid over $800 dollars for it back in 1989. I do believe that Dixon was a sub of Crown Guitars (much like Epiphone is to Gibson or Squire to Fender)

I'm trying to put together some information on this at http://FaustRealms.servegame.com/gtmain/index.html
Any help would be appreciated.

: I would appreciate any history on this line of guitars and the Odessa model in general.I recently aquired one at

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Dixon Guitars

I just got off the phone with my Dad who is soon to turn 80 years old. We were just talking about this which is what prompted me to start looking.He has had a Dixon Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar since the 70's he said he paid around $ 300 for it. I have played this guitar since I was a little boy off and on and it has a Beautiful crisp sound still today. I now play a Taylor 300 series. If anyone on this blog knows guitars? Taylor makes one of the finest out there. I had a choice when I purchased that guitar between Taylor and Martin, and I chose the Taylor after playing both. Not to knock a Martin by any means. They make a fine guitar as well, but I compare the sound of My Taylor to that of his Dixon Hummingbird. That's a big statement !!! but true!! This particular Dixon model is as fine as I have ever played, but I would think that they would be more recognizable in the market place than they are. Unless they don't exist anymore. His closing comment to me was this just a few minutes ago. " I have not played that guitar in 5 years" He took it out of the case and it was still in tune. Top that one!! 5 years holding a tune. That is unbelievable. Hang on to your Dixon and Love playing it. I will play his again someday, but for now. I really want my Dad to keep enjoying it as long as he can. Love ya Dad!!!

Re: Dixon Guitars

 Dixon Guitars

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Re: Dixon Guitars

I have an electric dixon guitar my dad gave me that was purchased in the 70's i believe, i've been looking for info on this brand of guitar lately and i haven't managed to find anything except for some guitars that are being hand-made by someone named dixon, and i'm sure my guitar isn't hand-made, i don't think it was very expensive when it was new, i hope you find some info on this guitar. I know i'll keep looking


I too had an acoustic dixon humingbird with factory electric built in pickup, loved it ,bought it late 70.s ,paid i think, $.335 sorry dont know value now.WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE NOW, i play aftermarket EPIPHONE .

Re: Dixon Guitars

My dad has a Dixon acoustic Hummingbird, the pickguard had the classic hummingbird design on it, he bout it in 1977 I believe for 300 bucks.

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