Metal Band From Finland.

There is power in a name, as ancient wisdom claims. And sometimes a prophecy. It was a moment of rare foresight when guitarist Esa Holopainen came up with a name for his new band: Amorphis. Derived from "amorphous" (without determinate form, shapeless), the choice would subsequently prove more apt than anyone could have imagined at the time. It was the fall of 1990, and the band's two founding members, Esa and drummer Jan Rechberger, had recently joined forces with guitarist/vocalist Tomi Koivusaari and bassist Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Laine to leave their mark on the emerging Finnish death metal scene, only to transcend it by far and set their sights on new horizons before that scene even reached the surface of public awareness. From the outset, Amorphis were determined to follow no vision but their own. Asked a few months after the band's conception whether Amorphis would ever change style if some new trend came along, Esa answered: "We'll change our style only if we manage to create something ourselves." A programmatic statement for a band that would go on to reinvent itself with every new album, continuously challenge listeners to forget all their preconceptions about music, and, through all ups and downs, never bow to compromise.

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Lynerd Skynerd - Sweet home Alabama

Lynerd Skynerd - Sweet home Alabama

This popular thread has been given its own page : Lynerd Skynerd - Sweet home Alabama

plz i need "thousand lakes" piano music (sheet)!!!!

plz if someone knows how to play the song "thousand lakes" from the album "tales from..." send me a message! i need it bad.... plz!!


: plz if someone knows how to play the song "thousand lakes" from the album "tales from..." send me a message! i need it bad.... plz!!

My kantele acoustic...

Can somebody give me a tab og My kantele acoustic reprise from ELEGY...

I love your band very much...!!!

hai i'm your fan in Malaysia,i'll really like amorphis and i hope u can send your old version demo tape to me ...that all thank you..!!

love you all!!

Amorphis tabs

If anyone has Amorphis "The Way" Tabs please send them to me. I also want tabs for the entire Tunela album

im killing your balogna

fatty mucker fretter bitch who toasted your jam


i have been a fan of amorphis for a while now and yet i have never had the privlige OF seeing one of the best bands that i have ever heard in my life. but amorphis really needs to come to Portland OR .U.S

Tuonela Tab

If any has Tuonela tab mail me please!

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