Daniel Johns Streaming Multimedia

Daniel Johns Streaming Multimedia

2 cd's full length and quality MP3,ASF, MPG and video clips.

Daniel Johns one of Australia's top songwriters presents 2 cds complete in multiple bit mp3,asf,audio and mpg video both for streaming and download. These songs are written for Daniel's stage show and are very strong in writing style and creativity..The songs range from just about every style from bluegrass..."the Breezy Club" through acoustic..."One Day at a time" to MOR rock... more lyric oriented. Daniel expresses his philosophy of life honestly in every song .... and there is nothing written just for no reason...and he really has something to offer even in this regard. He is no fool, has a degree, speaks Japanese and has his own multimedia production company in Sydney.

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Qantas Atlas Anthem BY DANIEL JOHNS

Woops....... hahahaha "this is the pilot ...which flight are we on again?"

Daniel Johns itunes biography material

This seems to be the only website with any bio stuff on Daniel Johns from the Australian Album or the Think Positive Album on itunes. Apparently the original albums were re-released in about 2000. The songs are awesome. These albums are standout albums. Just reading the lyrics of "Think Believe and Dare" or "Black and White Movies" makes ur hair stand up. Daniel Johns lyrics and music on these albums is so simple but so powerful like somebody painting genius portraits using just vegemite. That equally applies to the videos: Breezy Club, Black and White Movies, Union Street, there are others there also. I totally recommend this for you to go ther and have a look.

Daniel Johns 2 solo albums

The Daniel Johns solo albums Think Positive and Australian Album are on itunes and contain by far Daniel Johns' best work ever. There are some interesting interpretations of the material as well. My favorite song is One Day at a Time which is a simple acoustic song with an incredible impact. Daniel has written a powerful philosophy of survival into the Think Positive album and it contains many songs you really have to think about. My favorite songs, well there are lots but "Black and White Movies" would have to be a standout. Mostly the songs are very simply produced and simple enough to play with easy guitar chords. I think there is a certain magic in this material if you search for it.

Daniel Johns is hot

Daniel is hot! I would get with him any chance i could get.

i love u

dear daniel
i love you so much
you rox this world...
i am only 10 but so.
love mol
p.s please write back


alot of people are confusing this guy with the singer of silverchair but its not the same daniel johns that this website is talking about u morons.


san ba ung hinahanap ko..... lyrics lang ng party at 802.......


daniel is the best artist in the world

Re: daniel

could he be a fraud when selling his gretsch white falcon????????????????? December 2004????

dans personal bitch

i'm rock melon, daniel loves me!!...in my dreams

caly swiat

What the fuck can I say?Fuck you a jerk u ll hate!!!

caly swiat

What the fuck can I say?Fuck you a jerk u ll hate!!!

Who Don't love Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns is my favorite songwiter. He is very creative and his new Silverchair CD shows his maturity in musicianship. He is beautiful and his voice is beautiful, too. I admire him.



My Love never end

I fall in love with daniel, and support all his decisions in his life. I am always expect he finally get what he really wants in life. God Blsess U, my beloved Daniel ;D




He is so good looking man!


They are saying and saying, and can have the power of telling nothing

Daniel is a god

Silverchair is one of the best band in the world, and Daniel is a very special, beautiful man, I love him very much. So keep on loveing the band and Daniel!!

my tears r coming out....

daniel johns is a perfect singer...4 the first time in my life i can see a guy whit such of depression and sarcastic vocals.....
maybe i'm a drugaddict but i undertand his words and his feelings...
he might think i'm crazy but...if loving his eyes and songs make myself a freak than im a damn freak....

Re: cheese

That is true!!-www.danieljohns.com is an other Daniel Johns-not daniel from silverchair!!-True fans must know that!!

the man who I love 'til I die

I just wanna say ( actually I don't know what I wanna say), but Daniel is my life, my forever love.

Re: the man who I love 'til I die

i totally agree....hes my love too lol...im happy for him and natalie though


he is sooo perfect !!!! and talentfull
that band is best band since ever
but ,..... not many ppl know them here(israel) whice is preety bad ...


They're not talking about Daniel Johns from silverchair. If you were all true fans you would've known that as soon as they mentioned "bluegrass". I mean, they have never ever played a bluegrass song. EVER. Its just disappointing to see people talk about how they have so much respect for him, and not even know that this site isn't about him. I think its just horrible that some people only talk about how hot he is. Thats part of why he became anorexic in the first place. I mean, obviously, he's a beautiful person, I'd have to be insane not to notice it. But I'm quite sure he'd much rather be known for his music than his looks.

I cannot believe

I completed agree... Of course they don't hva eanything in his mind to write down things like that...

Re: cheese

most true i think the same

i love daniel johns!!

hi!i would like to say that i love so much daniel,he´s very important to me,i love him to death,i love him more than i love myself!!
I respect him and admire him a lot,i think everybody have to respect daniel because he´s a human and deserve to have respect for all!!
I visited some sites where people don´t respect daniel,and this make me really sad!!
I have so much things in common with daniel i feel that he´s my other part because we have things in common!!
Well,that´s it,
peace and luv!!
ps:people have to think twice until said bad things about daniel!!!

daneils pretty damn gay but thats a good thing

just look at the way he dresses he has to be gay, look at his hands and his hair and everything about him, he's so fucking gay it's not even funny, yeah he's really cute and shit and i hope he'll suck my dick.

Re: i love daniel johns!!

Hi, i stumbled across this site looking for guitar tab, and i was shocked to see how many stalker like sites there are out there. I respect Daniel Johns and Silverchair and think there great mucisians, but come on people, you wonder why he has so many problems, you people act like you know him personally. You have way to much time on your hands. Instead of stalking him with these creepy sites (saying you love him more than you love yourself) let him inspire you to pick up a guitar, write a song, start a band or at lest learn to spell, your an english teachers worst night mare.
peace out fool

What the f-ck is this?

You must be joking? How can you love Daniel? That's absurd, I suppose you don't even know him... You have to think twice to say something like that... Oh boy... poor little girl...


Yea, I'm kinda' with Marina. I mean, you can't love someone if you don't know them. You can certainly love their work or the things they do, though. I love all of silverchairs work. I've actually only just started listening to it. And by the way: DANIEL IS HOT!!

Re: i love daniel johns!!

arent u a little obsessed????? i think some one needs to get a life and stop telling people what they can and cant think. if people dont want to respect him so be it, its there choice not yours. stop obsessing over what u can never have!

Re: i love daniel johns!!

I agree with you Milla. Daniel is a great person and his musical gifts are astonishing. But you must remember that he is just a man. A celebrity. A musician. And a great one at that, but just the same....you shouldn't love him more than you love yourself. Because after all you don't even know him and he doesn't know you, and well....he really is just another person. And I expect that he wants to be treated that way. I'm sure that if he's checked out your webpage he thinks it's flattering. But please, if you have to say that you love someone more than yourself, let it be God. Our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ! Thanks!
p.s.You can always email me if you want to too kay?

: hi!i would like to say that i love so much daniel,he´s very important to me,i love him to death,i love him more than i love myself!!
: I respect him and admire him a lot,i think everybody have to respect daniel because he´s a human and deserve to have respect for all!!
: I visited some sites where people don´t respect daniel,and this make me really sad!!
: I have so much things in common with daniel i feel that he´s my other part because we have things in common!!
: Well,that´s it,
: bye!!
: peace and luv!!
: Milla*
: ps:people have to think twice until said bad things about daniel!!!

Re: i love daniel johns!!

I agree with you.have some people who doesn`t understand Daniel...that`s why they say a lot of bad things you know...he`s such a nice person....so cute and so genius...If everebody be just like him the world will be amazing!!!You know i went to silverchair`s show on rock in rio..and was sooo cool!he just the best...i love daniel...everebody who really know him...can understand how special he is...
It`s it...
silverchair`s rules!!!!

Jully Johns

Re: i love daniel johns!!


Re: i love daniel johns!!

Daniel is a man not of this earth. His talents are inexplicable. I think that when they came out with the "Tomorrow" EP, he had only been playing guitar for around 2 years...I'm not quite sure so don't QUOTE me on that figure but I think that's about right. Now, I don't know how many of you are learning to play right now but I got a guitar for Christmas and have been taking lessons ever since...and I am no where NEAR as good (of course it's only been 8 months but I will not be as good as that in 1 year and 4 months...NO WAY) as he. I mean, have you seen the man's fingers move up and down that fretboard? GOODNESS! and yes he is quite the cute one...they all are!! and ben is an AMAZING drummer...even though this is about Daniel...who has a great voice even though he refuses to believe it. SILVERCHAIR IS THE BEST BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! VIVA LAS LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: i love daniel johns!!

First of all - Daniel ROCKS !!!

About the he-is-so-fucking-cute-thing, its cool to admire people, but when your starting to love someome (that you dont even know) more than yourself, then your are just f***ed up.
Let it be said that I admire Daniel Johns more then anyone, and I respect all of your guys for that (Exept for that fool who said that he was gay), but I cant stand the -litlle-girl-westlife-kind-og-relationship. That is just crappy !!!

About playing guitar. I've been playing for about a your (13 months or so) and I can play every song on the Tomorrow EP. It is only a matter of having fun playing, a little bit of talent, and then practice !!! I think that I play about four-five hours every day. I don't know you, so i want say anything about you (and i have no reason to), but if you play at least 2-3 hours a day, then it should not be a problem. Just keep playing !!!


I never knew about silverchair in South-Africa, and when I came here about four years ago I saw them and thought - this is it for me!! I admire Daniel for his courage and determination... I hope we never take it away from him....


HI Daniel,
I just came across this web site and thought I would write. Your music has a lot of passion and deep emotions. I get a lot out of your music and can relate to it personaly. I truly respect you as an artist.

Thanks Kristine

daniel johns

daniel is so sexy

Re: daniel johns

: daniel is so sexy

Some one plz e-mail me if u can find a pic of Daniel with tonz of makeup on!!!! im desperate!!!

Re: daniel johns

DANIEL JOHNS IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus he as an awesome punk voice.

daniel johns

Daniel is so sexy and his songs so perfect and the best I know.

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