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Jerry Biggest Fan

Please give me an address to write to Pricilla.
I haved loved Jerry Reed my entire life.
I would love some memoriabllia.

my address is 8351 Broadway
Lemon Grove, Ca 91945

Jerry Biggest Fan

I wish that i had better child than I had. I was abused as a child, i got hit with a belt for no reason at all. I often dreamed that Jerry and Pricilla were my parents. I went to live with my granda when i was 6 years old. I have a disbilty. I am slightly retarded. I went to speacial ed in the 6th grade 1977. I have salt and pepper hair that is short. I have brown eye, i wear glasses and im 5 feet even. I live in a nursing home in Lemon Grove, ca.
I heard Seidina sing and she sings like an angel just like her mother. I would love for you to send me a picture of yourself. I am sort of chubby. I love all of your songs. But my favorite is East bound and down. texas bound and flying, amos moses. but i espeacilly like the bird. when ever i see your husband in the movies, he is a darn good actor. Jerry and I have a lot in common. We both dont let people take advantage of us. Jerry Reed had a personality and smile that would light up a room. I never smoked, except one time and it made me sick. My middle name is Elaine just like your daughter Charlotte. When i was a little girl my 2 older brother made fun of me. On july 17, 1979 my grandma had a heart attact and i saved her life. We sused to go shopping together. I am married to a wonderful man who is also develpemntally disabled. We have been marroed for 17 years. we were married at the home of guiding hands in santee, ca. Please send me the year your daughter was born. I have been keeping up with your family. I would like to be pen pals with you Pricilla. I think that is a beautiful name. Please write me back at 8351 Braodway Lemon Grove, CA 91945.
Being disabled is not fun, people have teased me my whole life. I used to stutter really bad.
The reason I am in a nursing home is because i had a very mild stroke.
Jerry would have been 77 years old and i will always keep a warm feeling in my heart for the wildman
Please call me at this # 619-463-0294
PLease would mean the world to me.

Bill Dance song.

The song was "Today is Mine", from the "Georgia Sunshine" album/CD, if I'm not mistaken.

Jerrys Daughters

Does anyone have any info on Jerrys daughters

Live album!

Hey Richard, you can get a copy of "Hot stuff" the live album on e-bay. I bought 6 Jerry Reed records from e-bay after Jerry died. On side 2 he starts with "El Paso", towards the end of side 2 he does "Guitar man" and ends with "East bound and down". I play it over and over I like it so much! I hope this message gets to Richard.

Jerry Reed live album

What album has Jerry Reed doing 'play guitar, play'? he then goes into 'Guitar Man' and discusses the echo plex and then does 'El Paso'
Does anyone know how I can get a copy of that album, or at least the name of it?
We lost a good man and a terrific talent. He will be missed...

Jerry Reed music

I am interested in finding the music from an old fishing show ( Bill Dance I think), that Jerry Reed did. Can anyone help me find that song? Thanks

communication for Mrs.Reed

Dear Mrs. Reed,
Jerry and I were best friends in our childhood days the eight to ten years of summer he spent with his Aunt Maragret Sheiffeld in Rockmart, Georgia.
My only communication I had from Jerry was a letter he wrote me in the 1970's(which I still have). I was so shocked at his death and wanted to contact you and express my deepest regrets at your loss. I loved ole' Jerry. He was three years my senior and a genuine hero to me! Please may I hear from you?

310 Calloway Court

NOTE: whoever receives this note,please inform Mrs. Reed of it.


I am looking for the guitar/banjo tabs for "Eastbound and down". If anyone knows where I could get them, I would really appreciate it.


Tom Thomson

Re: tabs

I have been having the same problem, tom. I cant find tabs for eastbound anywhere. I just want the solo. If you have any luck, tell me.

Re: tabs

Fellas, the tabs can be found at E-Tabs. The address is
Reid, the site says the solo plays the chorus chords, then the verse chords, then the chorus chords again, like this:
I play drums, not guitar, so you probably want to go to the site and see for yourself!

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