"A hybrid of atmospheric ambience and powerful acoustics" -BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

gregory paul

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Gregory Paul is a musical generator
of acoustic powered emo soul driven pop. Described by Billboard as "a
hybrid of atmospheric ambience and powerful acoustics" Paul displays
influences ranging from folk, pop, ambient, art rock, and world music.
Although his strength as a songwriter stands on its own, Paul's live set is
enhanced with trance-like improvisations accompanied by the urban flavored
drumming of Aaron Boucher (the bald guy). His presence greatly compliments
Paul's vocal and acoustic styling creating a much fuller sound than would
be expected from just two performers...If one closes their eyes during a
performance it sounds as if there are twice as many musicians...They
project a crisp, forceful yet hypnotic sound from the stage, leaving the
listener transfixed.

historical perspectivesÂ…

In 1997 Gregory Paul released his first solo album, an eclectic mix of
acoustic based ambient atmospherics with several songs engineered and
recorded by Kramer (of Shimmy Disc fame). 1998 saw the addition of drummer
Aaron Boucher. They were semi finalists in SPIN Magazine's best unsigned
band contest in 1998. In addition Gregory and Aaron have continued to
perform throughout the Northeastern US while releasing two more independent
albums. Since then the two have played over 300 shows including opening
spots for The Moody Blues, Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, Karen Savoca & Pete
Heitzman, Jonatha Brooke, Chris Whitley, Leona Ness, Jeremy Toback, Adrian
Legg, Dave Mason, and The Miracles.

what's gonna happen now?

Gregory and Aaron plan to continue performing, touring and recording
while building up a diverse grass roots fan base. They desire to maintain
a constructive, creative, integrity filled mentality while developing and
expanding their musical aspirations. The two also wish to retain an
independent accessibility as the musical experience evolves.

"Shines deeper with lyrics of beauty surrounded by a stirring voice"

"The Gregory Paul Group is making some noise around Western New York. With
a unique blend of acoustic guitar and drums, this material is best
described as soul enhancing. Gregory and Aaron are earning a lot of praise
these days, and the hype is worth it.. They are semi-finalists in Spin
Magazine's and Geocities Best-Unsigned Band Contest. Go see this band now,
their folk driven majestics will cut to the chase.

"Bust out your lighter and turn the flame up, this acoustic duo (drums and
guitar) plays, emotional, earnest, folky rock ballads that beg for tearful
sing along accompaniment."

Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 01:55:53 EDT

This article, with your permission, will be published in the Third Floor
Productions Concert News Letter, which is a newsletter available to all of
our concert sound subscribers! If you have any questions, comments, or
concerns, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call us (570) 347-2124 or
(800) 851-6233.

Jonathon Wasp, company Owner of Third Floor Productions, recently had the
opportunity to see the band GREGORY PAUL in action in Scranton
Pennsylvania, playing at a University of Scranton Coffee House. These guys
must have played an awesome set because Jonathon's frequent critical
statements were put on the back-burner and replaced with:

"Gregory Paul, a two-man band [Gregory Paul-Vocalist and Guitarist and
Aaron Boucher-Percussionist] who recently played at the University
displayed not only energy and creativity, but a genuine love for their
music! These guys have somehow made a mockery of most signed artists and
showed Scranton who's boss in the music industry...[by] showing the college
audience that there are groups out there who are coming up, fast and
furiously! Their style, a world beat, almost folk song type music was
potent, upbeat, and vigorous! These gentlemen are going somewhere...they
are the type of band that you will see playing a large venue in the not too
distant future, getting their big break, and when you hear them, you will
just have to hear more. There is simply no other way to say it, these guys
are what's hot in the music industry!"

What's more is that Jonathon doesn't even want you to take his word for it,
check them out for yourself at:

You will find ways to download their music, and you have the opportunity to
see them for yourself! Look for upcoming tour dates nearest you, based on
the above recommendation, you'll be glad you did!

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Hey Greg - Just cruisin' the internet and I plugged in my name for the heck of it and voila! There you were. Cool.

Kinda' funny - I live in Canada (Calgary, AB) and am also a musician. I do a lot of commercial work (vocals for 7 Eleven and Esso and a bunch more)as well as recorded and released three of my own projects.

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say hello - hello.

Later - Greg.

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