Rick Nankivell

Rick Nankivell

A journey through twenty years of guitar playing.

Rick has been playing guitar for thirty years. This site musically
tracks the voyage from the days of Mahivishnu Orchestral influence,
re-working the classical greats for guitar, Los Angeles Musician Institute
and Scott Henderson through to the writing of jazz fusion tunes and playing

Rick now teaches guitar at the Lismore Conservatorium where he is also the
Head of Music.

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Saturn comes back around....

Yo Rick!
Well, it's been far too long mate....
This is a moment in time that i have always forseen as inevitable. Now to be perfectly honest, I still have no idea how much milk, a bag of rice/oranges costs in china. Or what the gross national product was in Peru in 2003. But i can tell you that i hold you soley responsible for for ingraining the right tools i needed to take on the evil beast that is the "Music Industry". And i'm here to make the reconnection, & just to say, "THANKYOU!"
Please excuse my excited rudeness. Before a ramble on any further. This is Peter Hayes. One of you're many adolescent, wide eyed (blood shot), & musicaly guided students from the class of 96/97. Much too young to really understand the true enormity, magic, & potency of music in it's totallity.
To be fare, it has been 15 years since we spoke. & having so many students over the years., Im not suprised or offended if you dont remember me. Hell, some days i dont remember where i've placed my pick after only micro seconds. HA!
Anyway Rick. For me personally. It would be a stone turner of megalythic proportions, & a great privilige to catch up one day soon. REALLY!
After 15 years of touring, several projects, of many genres. Im heading home. Now 34 & married, I'm coming back to the north coast to get a break from the city, realign, & maybe do a little gigging/teaching. We'll see.
But to be straight up Rick. You are "THE" teacher! Over the past 15 years I have you listed in the thankyou credits from every realease. But hopeing one day i'd see you about, & be able to give you the whole hearted thankyou, in person. You changed my life. And for that i cant thankyou enough.
My email is haze667@hotmail.com. I'd love to shoot the shit one day soon. Looking @ being back on the northcoast round November. I hope your smiling, keeping a keen eye on the gross national product of Peru, (as will be doing the same) & i look forward to hearing from you.
Take care, & my eatenal respect.
-Pete Hayes. \ ,, /

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