The Best Guitarist in the World!

The Best Guitarist in the World!

The Best Guitarist in the World!

The Best Guitarist in the world!

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Re: The best guitarist in the world

: Rusty cooley is sheit, really...

: Speed-> francesco fareri
: Guitar->John Petrucci (vai as close runner-up)

Fareri is fast, but what he plays is not melodic... and he use so much distrortion, that we cant really know if hes playing well... I'll stick with malmsteen for fast ... and Vai for innovation

: Please note that i know all of the above mentioned

Re: The best guitarist in the world

My freind tends to think that kirk hammet sucks at guitar and says steve vai is better but I think that a sucky player is mike mushock. I think hammet is pretty good but their is better

Re: The best guitarist in the world

Hey y'all... best guitarist ... altough it may not fit with the metal and rock'n roll guys you mentionned is Al Di Meola... Go download letter from India...

My choice for rock/metal would be Yngwie Mamlsteen or Steve Vai... go download "baroque and Roll" from Malmsteen... try it for real !

Re: The best guitarist in the world

the guitarist from children of bodom is great, hes so good, if you havent heard him play then hear him before making any decisions, in my opinion possibly the best if not 1 of them

Re: The best guitarist in the world

Listen to Vai, Malmsteen. or Petrucci and you will cry.

Best Guitarist Alive - 2nd best in the world

I must say....without doubt.....Kirk Hammett of guiarist alive....and second in world after Hendrix. number 3 -- K.Cobain ;)

B. S.

Hendrix took guitar to a different level and that is why he deserves his place but I can name MANY guitarists better than Metallicas: John Petrucci, Zakk Wilde. Slash, Buckethead, Michael Angelo, Dr.Frankenshred, Jason Becker. Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalphine, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Igor Belsky, Rusty Cooly, Eddie Van Halen, Aleksander Rozhkov, Steve Vai, and hundreds more that I know of.

best in the world

i know this is gonna sound un-original but jimi hendrix is without a doubt the best guitarist ever to live!Not because of his technical abillities cause there are far better ones like vai,malmsteen and shredders like that,but its the things he did with the have to look at all the bands that were out before him and there guitarists.jimi was the first person to play like he did and his use off effects rivals that of tom morello from around thirty odd years later!

Re: best in the world

crap. anyways hammet could kick vais ass to china and back. the only vai has going for him is his stupid egyptian piano music that plays in the back ground and all the famous people he is around. other than that he can only do lead and without the background it would suck.

Re: best in the world

Hammet=pentatonic bullcrap. I could own all hammets work after 2 years of practise. No one comes close to John Petrucci. Hell, even Mustaine would kick hammets ass.

Re: best in the world

Finally someone has an idea of what they are talking about. Many idiots say Hendrix is the best because everybody says it. Just look up Rusty Cooley.

Re: best in the world

Hendrix is proberbly, and most proberby will always be the most inspirational. For me it was Nuno and Van Halen though. Then Malmsteen gave me a goal...

The most technical guitarists i'm told are old flamenco players. Letting off fury with there finger nails etc.

Always remember though, fastest is not the best. And I don't really like the term 'Shredder'. Virtuoso sums up yngwie, Vai, Rusty etc.

Best guitarist in the world? JIMI !

Jimi Hendrix was the most inventive guitar player, though he isn't alive anymore, his soul lives on. He was talented and dedicated to his instrument like no one else. I also like technical stuff as Satch, van halen, steve vai, john petrucci, and many more can do, but you can't do it too much or it freezes the song and makes it cold and feelingless. Everybody deserves to be the best guitar in the world, that's how you have to face the deal...

Take a look at the best guitarist alive

Rusty Cooley has been one of the around ten guitarists doing sweeps and the like in the nineties and only after 3 years of playing he could smoke malmsteen, have better technique and sound than Clapton, and he has improved drasticly even since then.

Eddie VanHalen

Eddie Vanhalen is the greatest guitar player in the world

Re: Eddie VanHalen


Re: Eddie VanHalen

At least put up an argument and tell why you think he is, or are you too narrow-minded to state anything but a simple opinion.


Mårten Hagström & Fredrik Thordendal the best guitarists!!!


They are alright, but to compare them to even Eddie Van Halen is rediculous.

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa is obviously the best. He's the most original and talented!

Re: Frank Zappa

Original, yes but to say he is most talented is CRAZY!!!

catholic girls with a tiny little musdache

How to Become pro-guitarist

to become a pro the guitar and learn theory there is no magic button that makes you a pro its just hardcore practise and dedication

most incredible guitar

Frank Zappa. The ocean is the final solution

paul gilbert

in terms of technical skill paul gilberts extremely fast audibly clear licks are untouchable. there is no best guitarist in the world but in terms of skill people like jason becker, satriani, petrucci alexi lehai bla bla bla are all really good but after listening to some racer x i have to say paul gilbert is pretty damn skilled

Re: paul gilbert

paul gilbert is the best guitarist!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: paul gilbert

He is a person with little skill who tries to impress people with little licks that he does over and over again. He also screws up all the time.

To know more

I am a guitarist in training I will like to be one of the best guitarist of my time how can I do it and can I get a text or material that can help me to achieve my aim to the glory of God

Re: To know more

Yes: practise is the key! Learn every guitar technique (you can find everything on the net): fingerpicking, legato, shredding, sweeping, stringskipping, arpeggio, etc. Listen to Dream Theater, Malmsteen, Prashant Aswani, steve Vai, Michael Angelo Batio, Rosenberg Trio (go to, search for neo-classic metal, fusion, shredding metal, and you will become a good guitarist! Good luck.
God bless you

Can't belive no one said this guy

Randy Rhoads


You must have a sad life

led zeppelin

i think led zeppelin as the best rock band ever personnaly i think they had the bast drummer john bonham the best bassist and the absolute best guitarist jimmy page i mean his riffs are soo clean even live there clean even his acoustics were awsome

Re: led zeppelin

Necessarilly in this order.
Jimmy Page Led head Best 70's group ever ..60's Beatles and 50's/60's Elvis and on the same plane.
Jimmi Hendrix
Carlos Santana
Jeff Beck
Stevie Vaughn
Joe Satrianni
Eric Clapton
Steve Vai
Roy Buchannon( most overlooked Guitarists compares to Eric Clapton)
Frank Zappa.
And of course the devil himslf Mr Robert Johnson.
see ya at the Croassroads..

Re: led zeppelin

well you are right and they basically let the doors open for many of the other "Bands" now

Re: led zeppelin

: i think led zeppelin as the best rock band ever personnaly i think they had the bast drummer john bonham the best bassist and the absolute best guitarist jimmy page i mean his riffs are soo clean even live there clean even his acoustics were awsome..

I totally agree with you..just look back to around 1973 when zepp where doing big venues like maddison in the states..There was not much bigger or better than Led Zeppelin in those days...Anyone out there need a guitar lesson ?? just watch jimmy page,awesome guitar player and the best ever in my opinion.

james UK


iam the best guitarist

guitar god

michael angelo batio will own all these guys.
he can own with the double and quad guitar.

if you think im wrong go buy or download yourself a movie called
SPEED KILLS by this guy
watch it then tell me who the best is


the world best guitarist is saul hudson of course!!!

Re: slash

I think his technical abillity, his imagination and his extraordinary talent made Saul Hudson (Slash) one of the best guitarists ever, and the best in this kind of music.

Best guitarist

Paul Gilbert

The REAL best

The best guitarist should extend beyond fame. All I've found here is a bunch of people boasting guitarists that, while many are quite good, are only considered the best because they are famous. Now you won't find me questioning the likes of Hendrix and Vaughn, but when I hear people say that "guitarists" like the Sum41 guy and all these assholes from the 80's are "**** ing awesome," it makes me wonder if anyone has ever heard real guitar talent. Do me and those like me a favor and start promoting people like Don Ross, Monte Montgomery, and Buster B. Jones. Vai and Satriani are great, but when it comes to sheer skill, find a fingerpicker like Stephen Bennett or Peter Finger...please.

Re: The REAL best


Re: The REAL best


Re: The REAL best

ever heard of Eric Johnson, that guy not only has technical skills ("cliffs of dover") but superb style and tone ("trademark"). he's one of my top rated up there w/ satch and Vai

Re: The REAL best

ever heard of Eric Johnson, that guy not only has technical skills ("cliffs of dover") but superb style and tone ("trademark"). he's one of my top rated up there w/ satch and Vai

Re: The REAL best

..finally !!! i was wundrin when this awesum guy was gonna get named..check out manhattan,dover for his acumen

Best Guitarist = ALEXI LAIHO

everybody knows that Alexi Laiho's riffs and solo's cant be beat,
i mean his entire songs are practically solos thenselves!

Re: Best Guitarist = ALEXI LAIHO

I Agree i think Alexi Laiho is the greatest guitarist alive his music is crazy

Re: Best Guitarist = ALEXI LAIHO

yea alexi is the best :)

Re: Best Guitarist = ALEXI LAIHO

yeah alxi's sh1t is sick but
i think michael angelo batio
could own him



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