Gerry Gillard, UK based blues musician.

Original blues songwriter from the UK

Tele twangin tunesmith from the UK. Each page of the website has audio from live CD.

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Hello Dear,

Hello Dear,

This popular thread has been given its own page : Hello Dear,



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Thank you verry much!

Tablature Guitar

Dear sir,
A want to study about Tablature Guitar. So,can you send me about that. Please guide me!... Thanks for all.

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Nationalite: Ivoirienne


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you site

gerry as a old school musician. and a lover of i net and at my age having time to surf and finding sites all over the world i just kinda snuck up on yours and as a jazz and blues player i found yor music great andsome really great links and was also nice to somany great blues venues in the uk i am from atlanta ga. in the us

Re: you site

: gerry as a old school musician. and a lover of i net and at my age having time to surf and finding sites all over the world i just kinda snuck up on yours and as a jazz and blues player i found your music great and some really great links and was also nice to see so many great blues venues in the uk i am from atlanta ga. in the us

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