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Bob is an interesting and multi-faceted guitarist, considered by many to be the top player of National resonator guitars, and all other kinds of slide guitar, bottleneck and lap style. He tours worldwide all year, playing blues, hawaiian, caribbean, Asian, and african based music. Bob also authored The History and Artistry of National book. Cool links, Guitar photos, international reviews, Tour dates, etc. Translation button on the site for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese!

Bob's mainstay is the novel mixing of American and world music styles in completely new ways, as his slide guitar explores the musical frontiers between the first and third worlds. He brings an array of vintage Nationals: guitars, slide guitars, mandolin and ukulele to the stage.

With these instruments Bob delivers hard-driving rhythms, searing slide, and quick-changing, brilliant technique. Throughout, Bob maintains a disarming talent for humor from the zany to the sardonic. He's been called the Groucho Marx of the blues in seven languages! He's got a repertoire of guitar acrobatics that modern audiences have rarely seen-all of Bob's "special effects" come from his hands only without electronic devices. He pounds his guitars like a full drumset, whips them up behind his head, spins them in the air, and all done between licks that leave guitarists scratching their heads! His second instrument is his voice, ranging from deep growling blues to jazz scatsinging to Hawaiian yodel to calypso to French chanson.

All these elements combined result in a performance style with punch, pathos, and more variety-per-minute than any other solo guitarist. Bob's been gathering laughs and encores from audiences all over the world, leaving them wanting more and knowing more.

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Professional Hawaiian - 8 String - Serial # A6444

Could you please give me an estimate to the worth of this little treasure?
Would greatly appreciate it.


Blair Johnson

old national silver,metal dobro #s3939

I would like to know the date it was made and naturally it's value. it's in good condition with some wear. thank you.

old National accoustic guitar

I own an old National accoustic guitar. would like to know something about the value of it. On the back of the neck this number is on a small brass plate-------V271107 any information would be appreciated

Re: My Old National Guitar

: I own an old National accoustic guitar. would like to know something about the value of it. The number on the plate on the back is X72136

a old nationalsteel guitar


Re: a old nationalsteel guitar

I have a very old, probaly from the 30s NationalNew YorlLap Top Steel Guitar. Nos X27249. Can you tell me anything about it, and what it may be worth. Thank you Steven Steele

National Tricone Resophonic ??

Hi there!
We have this guitar and are wondering if You could help us a bit?
The owner wants to sell it,but first she wants to know the value of it,so we would like to ask You *s*
It is marked "Trade National Mark" and have a serial number ingraved.
It is probably a National Tri-Cone Resophonic and the body and neck is in steel/aluminium? The head is in wood.
We know it is more than 50 years old,but not HOW old?
Do You know anything about this style?

We really would appreciate some info about it from anyone :o)

Thank`s :o)

A picture:

Best regards
From Norway

Guitar Rack System

Guitar Rack System

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Information sur une National

Bonjour j'aimerais savoir l'annee de ma guitard.Son numeros de serie est B3107 elle possede un paysage Hawaiin elle est egalement
simple cone il y avait un pic guard les repaires de la guitard son des
trapeizes elles a egalement 14freets.Si possible de menvoyer un scan
de la guitar pour voire le picguard manquent.

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