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Trying to get info on this guitar.

I have a bass guitar with the SN WO 20877.
It has a sticker at the base of the headstock the says Made In Korea.
I got it from my uncle in the late '90's but it's older than that. I'm not sure how old though.
Any information on this guitar or how to research would be greatly appreciated.

Anybody got any info on

Anybody got any info on Grand Prix Acoustic guitars ? I recently bought one, was in the closet since the 70's. Seller said it was a Martin knockoff. It's no Martin but it's darn good for 150$. Has incredible inlay detail. But no inside label or serial number etc. I interested in no if I have a FIND or another guitar. LoL

Scott Bass

just got this old bass in good shape not sure where it was made ser 4082857 cool bass sunburst has scott on head with what like a new orleans symbel two pick ups large brass bridge

Classical guitar

Trying to find out info about a Scott classical guitar Serial No.SC100N.

Bass Guitar made in Korea

I have a 4 string bass with the serial number 9106589. I got it in 90-92, don't remember the exact year. The only thing written on it is "Made in Korea". I am looking to find more info on this guitar as it was my first and I just got it back 20 plus years later.

I have a global guitar455and

I have a global guitar455and was wondering what the value is?


hello there.yesterday at 17:59pm GMT i picked up a status hummingbird guitar which states "status guitar,model no WF5RH,MADE IN KOREA".THE LACK OF A "NORTH" OR "south" in korea,leads me to believe that it was made before the korean war.what is known about this guitar? wayne slater.

It is South Korean brand,

It is South Korean brand, segovia. I wouldn't think it was made before the Korean war, as the Korean war was at 1950, but the brand was made at 1954. The guitar could be made around the periods though. :)

Need help identifying a guitar


I was given a guitar and I'm trying to figure out brand and model. It has acoustic string but I suspect it was made for nylon strings.
Here's some pictures

Any help would be very much appreciated.


re: Need help identifying a Guitar

All I can tell you is that it's a "Kay" Guitar, that's what the K on the headstock
denotes...regarding the stringing, check to see if the neck has a truss rod, if it
doesn't, remove the steel strings ASAP or you'll either warp of crack the neck,
I think you're probably correct thinking it's made for classical strings though,
the body shape certainly looks classical...

casey guitar

hi i have a wonderfull sg style guitar,the only marking is "casey" on the headstock..anyone know anything about them?

nashville 310 owner looking info

no date stamping inside anywhere inside I could see using a mirror and lite, no place it was made on label sticker inside of body. IT has brass dots on fret board at 5th 7th and12th no more and a painted pinstripe on the face of the body, this guitar has been hard and has a little fret neck delamination . I was wondering if this find is anything and or is it worth fixing or wall art ????

Korean guitar made by Galaxia has the pearl white dove/roses

The guitar is in mint condition...it has the reddish tint around edges than fades to the wood grain with all the pearl up the top and the white dove and leaves with roses...would like to try and find the value of it...

I actually have 2:

I actually have 2: Tanglewood Pioneer I w/Moonscape Inlays and then a Pioneer II w/maple neck & fingerboard. I prefer these guitars over my Jackson Soloist, Fender Telecaster, etc etc! They are super resonant and has sustain for days, not to mention the super fast neck which shreds! I'm always looking for more since they're super limited. My Moonscape one is limited to 60! Found the other online over in the UK (pawn shop - I live in the States haha) and had to buy it.

to sell

Korean B&B acoustic guitar model no. BB 60N. if you're interested please contact ana_huila@hotmail.com.*


Can anyone remove the arab Muslim Nigerian scam artist who claims to have 50 million dollars for whomever. Why is that spam on this site. another one from a a woman in China called Mrs. Armanda who offers guitar parts? These are phony scam letters and someone here at this site which doesn't seem to work for anyone needs to get these thieves off of this site. it belittles the little information alreayd here.


nashville 324

I have a Nashville acoustic model 324 made in korea which I bought new in the late 1980's I am trying to find more info on it... anything would be great ty :)

I also Have a nashville #324

I also Have a nashville #324 guitar, If you find or anyone else finds any info on them I would like to know. Thanks

Concerter Cw02H

I have been given a sunburst beauty of a guitar recently, but never heard of the brand before, Although inside it says 'Made in Korea', and the label inside has the Concerter logo along with 'CW02H'. I googled 'Concerter CW' and came across this eventually. Can anyone offer any help as to how much it is worth / How old it is / Any other information which I might find useful or interesting? Thanks very much.

value of guitars

is there some one that can help me with old guitars value prices. excample Yamaha FG 300 Red lable. i also want to find a name of a guitar, i have the serial number and i know it is made in Japan.


I am looking for parts for a Galaxia model CS16 made in Korea. The strings sit to high and the bridge is cracked so I can not sand it down to lower the action.


Has anyone heard of a 12 string guitar branded by Career and made in Korea? It's the CW-12 model, I can't seem to find anything about it

Re: Career?

: Has anyone heard of a 12 string guitar branded by Career and made in Korea? It's the CW-12 model, I can't seem to find anything about it

Hi - I have a 12 string Career - bought it for next to nothing in a pawnshop. It is in excellent condition and the sound is incredible. The model number of mine is BA - 303 - 12. I dont know much about it but i do know the sound compares to a very highly priced guitar. I paid R500 (that equates to about 50 Euro at the time. email me on jeromem@intekom.co.za for pics

mystery guitar

I have a seville s 18 c acuostic guitar, it is a exact copy of a Martin d 18 with cutaway. Its a fantastic sounding instrument, I have put in a sound hole pickup. This has stumped Guitar Center, I would like to learn the data on it, was purched new in 1985 or so.

Jaguar acoustic/electric 1982

I have a Jaguar acoustic/electric with a rounded black back,the front is emerald green with inlaid pearl on the neck. The serial# is J10CE SDG it was made in Korea since 1982,is there a site that shows pics and prices of these guitars? Can anyone tell me about these guitars?

Re: Jaguar acoustic/electric 1982

Hi Thomas,
I have a Jaguar J-10 with a cherry sunburst top. Information on these guitars is pretty much non-existent. I think this may have been an offshoot of Ovation, as I believe they hold the patent on the composite, round-back guitar design. I bought mine brand new back in 1997 for about $175, so you're looking at guitar that's on the same level as say an Ovation Applause. Plugged in, it sounds identical to any Applause I've ever played, and isn't really too bad sounding for what it is.

pan guitar ph315 740502?3

is there a site to find out more about this guitar cant find anything on it please helo pan guitar ph315 740502?3.
not sure of the second to last number. thnks paul

Guitar tuner selling from China

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lauper guitar 1990

i have a lauper 1990 maden,are lauper a guitar brand?


I am trying to find info on an old guitar. It was made in Korea for Arwin Musical Industries. I have searched for info on this company but have found nothing. Does anyone have any info they could share?


I too, have a 1960's Arwin parlour acoustic guitar, model 5. It is a sunburst design, made out of a plywood material but nice finish. They will strike you perhaps as a childrens clunker but for being almost 60 years old, these little guitars are cute! Mine has 18 frets, plastic saddle and movable bridge. It has a trapeze stamped metal string guide, almost exact to Kingston acoustic guitars which were made in Japan in the same timeframe. It has a steel reinforced neck, however, it is not an adjustable truss rod so once it bends, you'll have to get creative. I had someone cut and file the bridge down to lessen the action from a bowing neck. I put Daddios light bronze strings and it's done well. It has a punky kind of campfire feel. Since the body is made of cheap wood, it is much more prone to peeling away from the body. Guitar Center can easily fix this for a nominal fee. There is very little online about these guitars by Arwin Musical Industries. It apparently was only a short term business only lasting a few years at best. There was so much competition durring those years in the parlor guitar world. Since these are rather cheap to buy on eBay or thrift stores, I am assuming there is more sentimental value instead of dollar value. Because of the cheaper materials, it really couldn't compete against Kingstons, Harmony Stella or other similar guitars of the time period. I'm not sure how many models of these were created, but I'm guessing since this is model #5, there were probably 4 models before it :-) I've asked around about these guitars too and nobody seems to have heard of them. When you look online about parlor guitars of the 1960s, there are literally 50 plus brands so its no wonder a little bankrupted company doesn't hit the radar. Love your gem :-)


Anybody looking for Moserite Gospel series? I have one Ive owned since 1970 sunburst with white pickguard, stamped Moserite of California in tailpiece w/whammy bar....other than being right handed it is like the one Curt Kobain played..its in pristine condition in the original hardshell case!

Concerter Prime guitar

Hi anybody, i recently bought an acoustic Concerter 12 string guitar, but can find no information on the net, its the Prime Series, model no CB05, much help will be appreciated. thanks, Brennan

classical nylon made in korea

no sticker inside back of head has gold sticker says "c50" ,another made in korea maybe 25 or 30 years old,any one have a clue

C-20 Segovia nylon string guitar

What's the major difference between the C-50 and the C-20 ? I traded it for an Fender steel string acoustic CD-100 plus 40$. The Segovia has need of a neck reset (unglued and cracked). Do you think I made a good deal? (the Fender was fair).

Concerter GK 200

I'd like to know the price, details and availability of Concerter GK 200 Acoustic guitar

Re: Concerter GK 200

yea, i wanna know something 2,, cuz, i've 1, but dunno something 'bout it XD

Academy guitars

Hi, anyone have any info on Acadamy guitars ie History,Value of guitars etc?

LOOKing for Rickenbacker Copy

Yes I am looking for a rickenbacker copy be it from japan, korea or china in that order thanks contact @ EMAIL

segovia guitar

does anybody know's where to get a segovia guitar from korea specifically....thank you

Re: segovia guitar

: does anybody know's where to get a segovia guitar from korea specifically....thank you

Re: segovia guitar

: : does anybody know's where to get a segovia guitar from korea specifically....thank you
I have just played a Segovia acoustic guitar: wonderful sound.
If you want to know where to find them, my email is clava1969@virgilio.it

segovia guitar

I know you were asking 5 years ago....I have a Segovia Classical guitar made in Korea. Are you still looking for one?

montaya electic 4 sale

i have a montaya guitar for sale it in best condition.its rounded double cutaway shape of 1959 which marked the transition.les paul's name still appeared on these guitars.if you wont this guitar please contact me at brown_candy20@yahoo.com or call 508-304-1504 thank you you will love it!!!

Carlos model 238 Acoustic Guitar

How much is this worth?

1970 model 207 carlos

: How much is this worth?


does anyone know of the value or age of an encore electric guitar model E 1 B


does anyone know of the encore MODEL E 1 B and its age and value

korean electro-acoustic

does anyone out there know anything about a GRANT W10E which factory it came from, what model it is styled on,what wood etc .It is a good sounding guitar the electro side is poor probably cheap but in the late 1980s cost 125-00 british pounds

korean acoustic GRANT W10E

bought in England, anybody got any info on this guitar? what it was styled on ,what the wood is, what factory was it made? not a bad sounding electro acoustic,sounds good unplugged very resonant

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