Carera bass?

Posted by Justin on Sat, 06/21/03 - 19:24:39.
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i got a Carera JBC-32 R series electric bass from a pawn shop. can anyone tell me about the maker or the quality(it's my first bass)? i cant find any sites where they sell them, only some ebay hits.

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Carera Jazz bass, model JBC-32

I own a Carera Jazz bass, model JBC-32, made in Korea, probably mid 1980s.
The scale length is 34", I.e., long scale.
The nut width is approx. 1-7/16".
The string height is low, approx. 3/32" at the 12th fret. The frets show some wear, nevertheless there's approx. 85% remaining.
My Carera is an excellent knock off of a 1970s Fender Jazz bass.
It's a player grade instrument with lots of dings, scratches, and scuffs, especially on body.
The body is probably Alder. The neck probably maple. The fret board is rosewood.
My Carera plays fast, buzz free, accurately intonates, and the pickups sound awesome! Currently strung with round wound mediums.
I think my Carera Jazz bass could go head to head with any Fender, any year.

Blue Book

Hey Gents, go to Blue Book site. They have info there.

Re: Carera bass?

Very interesting. I too have a CARERA R-SERIES bass that is my first bass. No other info is offered on teh bass other then "Carerea R-Series Electeric Guitars". Mine looks more like a fender knock-off then an Ibanez (as stated by the other poster), although the neck is nice and thin like an Ibanez. No visible trus rod; which is intereting. Are we perhaps the only folks with one of these things? Any chance I picked up one of you guys hand-me downs?

I will post a follow up if I come across any info. Please do the same.

Re: Carera bass?

i just made a trade for one of these. is yours a 3/4 neck too? it plays and sounds good though

Re: Carera bass?

: Very interesting. I too have a CARERA R-SERIES bass that is my first bass. ALSO No other info is offered on this,??? also thanks

Re: Carera bass?

: I am also the owner of a carera bass, and ill tell you now, go buy a peavey, due to there short necks and poor body design, most careras arent good for starting out on, all they are is a wannabe Ibanez, there are a few good 1s tho. if you run across 1 dont play anything wit it exept for metal, and flat-wound strings work the best for them since there necks are short, it gives em that mellow tone, if you have a brighter tone from something such as a d'addarios bright round wound or somthin the sounds gonna turn out nasty, oh yea i might as well tell you now, dont bring it in to a guitar shop you like to go to just sell it back to another pawn if u wanna sell it, but once you buy ur new bass, something highter qual. such as a gibson or ibanez, keep it for when u play slap, the small "closed in" frets help stregthen your fingers, if you have any questions just email me back, im not saying u have a bad bass im just saying its not extremely universal as far a playing goes, but please mail me back

Re: Carera bass?

I got a Carera too and it is also my fist bass. I was looking for a web site on google when I found this site.

Re: Carera bass?

: I got a Carera too and it is also my first bass. I was looking for a web site and I found this where the hell do you find info at ??????????????????????????????? are these the only ones ??????????????????? NOT !!!!!!!

Re: Carera bass?

I, too, was searching the web for info on my Carera R-Series bass. It was also a pawn shop find and my first. Not much info out there on these instruments. So far, I've replaced the nut and the input jack is junk (replacing as we speak!) I'd love to find out more on this thing if any of you come across some.

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