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Posted by iron on Sun, 06/12/05 - 03:35:54.
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while stationed in korea I bought one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen. A sorta subduded black body, with a natural wood finished neck that went through it. All the metallic items (tuning pegs, cord insertion thing ect.) were all matching bronze. Well back to the point. On returning home I showed it to a friend who quickly offered to buy it. Foolishly I accepted, and now he want sell it back to me... I've looked all over the net trying to find something from the brand "phil" without any luck, I guess what I would like to know is does anyone know where to find these phil guitars, maybe somewhere I've over looked on the net.

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I bought a starburst acoustic /electric, I love it.

guitar semi acoustic

My uncle gone to a thrift shop in egypt and bought one for less than a 100 euros, i changed her bass magnet and she s a pretty lady,playing blues and metal if need to...keep learning your 'Phil',it can be a powerful weapon ;)

Cheap average guitars, some

Cheap average guitars, some were good some not. Nothing special for what i see.

I as of my current

I as of my current collection am in possession of a Phil telecaster, it plays like a dream and can take a good knock, the wirings a bit twitchy but I bought mine second hand for around £150 which I thought was quite reasonable

phil guitars

I have one beautiful one bought in the nineties in Madrid.
The original sound was muddy and screamy, real crap... and it had never tune correctly i remember.
However she was my first guitar and i'm upgrading it, especially pick ups were terrible.... so putting a new nice ones it should change a lot...

if she becomes a nice lady i'll inform you haha


I am in korea right now stationed at Cap Red Cloud
There is a store outside of Camp Casey that sells Phil guitars, I have a hollow body electric and a bass that are both Phil. He sells factory direct.
Sujin Music
1Ban-2Tong, Bosan-Dong
Tongouchun City, Kyongki-do, Korea
ZIP 483-060
Mr. Lim- Sung Soon
Cell: -011-668-4117
But please respect the time difference about 10 hours ahead of the U.S.

Re: Phil Guitar

I just bought one as well and cant find anything on it but will keep on trying!
Its a damn nice guitar and will do the job when I dont want to use my expensive guitars on a gig.
Mine is an accoustic electric simalar to the Yamaha APX but plays even bettter!
Bought it for peanuts as well at a second hand shop for around about 70 dollars in your land ( Plus case!)


i found one phil acoustic electric guitar in london ontario at rockhouse music i was unsure wether or not to buy it because i cant find info it says 1967 inside the body but im not sure if the dates real. Any info on these guitars?

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