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Posted by iron on Sun, 06/12/05 - 03:35:54.
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while stationed in korea I bought one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen. A sorta subduded black body, with a natural wood finished neck that went through it. All the metallic items (tuning pegs, cord insertion thing ect.) were all matching bronze. Well back to the point. On returning home I showed it to a friend who quickly offered to buy it. Foolishly I accepted, and now he want sell it back to me... I've looked all over the net trying to find something from the brand "phil" without any luck, I guess what I would like to know is does anyone know where to find these phil guitars, maybe somewhere I've over looked on the net.

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Phil Guitars

I own a Phil Pro I just bought from a music store I work with here in the Southern USA.
From all the store owner, (who has been in the used instrument business 23 years), and I could find, here's the story we have on Phil Guitars.

Manufactured by Myung Sung Music Ltd, South Korea from about 1993 through at least 2002, may have dragged on until 2006, according to one store owner in the UK.
They made very wide selection of guitars, mostly knockoffs but with enough changes to keep them out of court. They had PRS, Jackson, Fender and other headstocks. Bodies tended toward elongated horn Strats, but thicker with harder edges. Most were either basswood or alder with maple caps, usually with a heavy trans tint finish. Some upper level models were neck-through, with multiple woods used. Actually very nice looking.
There is one catalog available at VintAxe.com, a 1998 catalog. You must pay VintAxe.com $10 US to see it in full size, but they will show you fairly good thumbnails, in which you can see the crazy variety of their guitars.
They built electrics, acoustics, and even did some mandolins. There may have been some others, like ukes. They also had acoustic basses.

They were known for fairly good quality, and sold fairly well in Korea, Australia, England and a few other countries, but there is almost nothing out there information-wise.
The killer for the company was their inability to ever get a USA distributor in their 10-12 year run. Without the US on their sales list, they were doomed.

They had two main lines, Phil, and Phil Pro. Within each of these lines were series, like the Max series, the Ardent series, etc. Within each of these series were at least 7-10 different guitars. They had model numbers that usually started with MSG, followed by some number. The serial numbers, usually on the neck plate, nobody knows how to translate them. Just a bunch of numbers.
Their 1998 catalog is 12 pages long, and probably holds more than 50-60 different guitars.

Mine is a Phil Pro, with a Wilkinson style floating tremolo, and an HSH pickup setup, which are very much overwound and very hot. One Vol, one Tone, five way switch. Alder body, Flame maple cap, cherry red trans tint finish, 24 fret rosewood fretboard, medium jumbo frets, main neck is maple with Phil branded tuners, (look like Golden Eagle, but who knows), and instead of string trees used the bar system on the headstock. The dot inlays are on the side, Ibanez style. The logo is inlaid in white on a black headstock.

The guitar neck is ruler straight, and the action is very low. It plays very well, and the tremolo floats nicely, and keeps tune. Overall, a great guitar but not worth much since no one knows about them. I suspect mine was brought back from maybe Korea by a US Serviceman or woman. I paid $100 US for it, but it plays better than my Epi, and my Strat. It is also hotter and the sustain surprises you.

That is about all I know. I continue to hunt them, but looking on all major ebay platforms, (Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, USA), I have never found one for sale. Same with Reverb.com. Nothing to find. If they made that many, with that big a catalog, you would think a few would pop up more often. For me, just that one that hung in that music store for about a year until I stumbled onto it and bought it, put new strings on it, polished it up and started playing it. I did a little setup work on it, but not much. Nothing any decent guitarist or luthier would have problems with.


I bought a starburst acoustic /electric, I love it.

guitar semi acoustic

My uncle gone to a thrift shop in egypt and bought one for less than a 100 euros, i changed her bass magnet and she s a pretty lady,playing blues and metal if need to...keep learning your 'Phil',it can be a powerful weapon ;)

Cheap average guitars, some

Cheap average guitars, some were good some not. Nothing special for what i see.

I as of my current

I as of my current collection am in possession of a Phil telecaster, it plays like a dream and can take a good knock, the wirings a bit twitchy but I bought mine second hand for around £150 which I thought was quite reasonable

phil guitars

I have one beautiful one bought in the nineties in Madrid.
The original sound was muddy and screamy, real crap... and it had never tune correctly i remember.
However she was my first guitar and i'm upgrading it, especially pick ups were terrible.... so putting a new nice ones it should change a lot...

if she becomes a nice lady i'll inform you haha


I am in korea right now stationed at Cap Red Cloud
There is a store outside of Camp Casey that sells Phil guitars, I have a hollow body electric and a bass that are both Phil. He sells factory direct.
Sujin Music
1Ban-2Tong, Bosan-Dong
Tongouchun City, Kyongki-do, Korea
ZIP 483-060
Mr. Lim- Sung Soon
Cell: -011-668-4117
But please respect the time difference about 10 hours ahead of the U.S.

Re: Phil Guitar

I just bought one as well and cant find anything on it but will keep on trying!
Its a damn nice guitar and will do the job when I dont want to use my expensive guitars on a gig.
Mine is an accoustic electric simalar to the Yamaha APX but plays even bettter!
Bought it for peanuts as well at a second hand shop for around about 70 dollars in your land ( Plus case!)


i found one phil acoustic electric guitar in london ontario at rockhouse music i was unsure wether or not to buy it because i cant find info it says 1967 inside the body but im not sure if the dates real. Any info on these guitars?

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