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Just a wee bit of background about myself I am
29, and have been playing guitar/bass for 15 years .
Throughout the years I have had Gibsons, Fenders,
Rickies, Yamahas, Ibanez, Washburns etc... and was
generally very happy with what I had at that time. I
then discovered B.C. Rich guitars and was hooked.
They beat every competitor in every dep., build
quality, sound, variety of woods, pickups etc, support
was fantastic and so on. I then began to collect more
B.C. Rich's and haven't been disappointed with any of

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How the hell could you "Trade UP" from that?

Anyway, please send me pictures of the guitar to


and I'll date it for you


7-string Warlock USA custom shop

Hey, I went through Denver (drumcityguitarland) in 98 and bought me a 7-string warlock made in USA signed by Bernie Rico on the back of the headstock. Its number is 98027, so I guess it was made in 98.

Anyway, at the time, I had heard a rumour that BC RIch was getting sued by Schecter over the patent for 7 strings and had discontinued their 7-string production. Anybody know if that really happened ?

More importantly, I believe that this guitar should now be worth 1'000'000 dollars (huuhuhuhuhuaaaaa). I'm right, am I not ?


Hi, could you please send me pictures of the Warlock


I doubt Schecter could have sued them, as I have an announcement sheet about 7 string Warlocks from 1999

BC Rich Information

If you're looking for information and a cool place to hang out and talk about BC Riches, go to Neal Moser's SHREDDER forum



How can I find a reasonably priced Virgin with the reverse headstock? I HATE the Widow! Used is fine.

1989 BC Rich Virgin In Line headstock

I have this guitar if you are intereseted

Additon to TS100

I would, add for your information-TS100 "Made In U.S.A. serial number B0017.

BC Rich TS100 Made In U.S.A.

I've been all through your site (blogs) and can find nothing on this. Can you give any information on Made In U.S.A. (LA,Cal.) TS100-TS200 handmade BCRich Guitars? I'm afraid that even your "friend" Tim (at BC Ric/Davitt-Hanser Group) comes up "short" in this area. Refer to Feb.1995 issue,Vintage Guitar Magazine,article by Michael Wright speaking with Bernie Jr. Quote (Bernie Rico Jr.) "We never did do Telecasters. We should have. We only made 15 or 20"-refering to their "handmades" from the LA shop. This article appeared one full year BEFORE BCRich did a "production run" of "Outlaw Blasters" or just "Blasters" which were inexpensive "tele" copies. Apparently, Tim does not know too much about this period in the BCRich history and his "unpleasentness" has soured me totally and completely on further BCRich purchases, or any products affiliated with the Davitt-Hanser Group. I suspect that this period of BCRich's history is " before Tim's time". Any info that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you

Another serial number query

Recently bought another bc rich ignitor, bolt-on neck usa model, serial number BC40180. I've trapsed through google looking for info on how to date it but can't find anything definitive, closest I got was BC indicating BC Rich (no kidding :p) then the first 2 digits being the year and the last 3 being the production number, I think its an early one tho it's certainly not from the 40s lol. ANy help wou;ld b egreatly appreciated

Ignitor date

September 1999...............Nice blueburst, have you fixed the cracked lower rear point yet?

U know about the crack?

Cheers Lorne :) and not yet, taking it to a guy I know to see what can be done about it, might just need a bit of glue and a going over to cover the line

Cool, I hav e a 1995 Thru

Cool, I hav e a 1995 Thru neck one squating in my house, the owner is gonna need to get it repaired too, trem posts are loose

Nice, that's the problem

Nice, that's the problem when u use em lol :p I've got 4 now, a 2006 reissue bolt on, the other 2 are original line thru necks, dunno the dates never really thought about checking, only wanted to check this one as it seemed older than the others

Just send me a seperate

Just send me a seperate email for each one, including some pictures and it's serial # and I'll see if I can help


BC RICH Ironbird

I have a BC Rich Ironbird, but I can't seem to find another like this one

Black 6-string model;
Bolt-on neck (back - maple, rosewood fretboard, 24 frets w/ dot inlays);
2 humbuckers (bridge and neck);
1 volume, 1 tone and 1 three-way pick-up switch;
Reversed Headstock.

The back of the headstock says nothing.

On the bolt-on section there's a little plate that says: BC Rich TM (obviously xD), I50033 <-- wtf does that mean? I can't seem to find any info on this guitar.

Any help would be greatly apreciated. Greetings from Portugal \m/

dating guitar

Greetings, Mr. Portugal;
I am also trying to find information a bout a BC Rich guitar.
On this one the serial number is 1 (actually looks like a capital i) 50900. Total 6 digits.
On the bolt on neck plate it says BC Rich tm LA California USA.
Sounds similar to yours. Did you have any luck working out it's age, or where yours was made?
Thanks in advance

Trying to identify my BC Rich Waelock

My warlock also has a serial number that starts with the letter I...(I50883) EMG Pickups,Floyd Rose,BC Rich on headstock,LA California plate.It does not say made in usa.It is gloss black with what looks like 2 green vampire aliens on the front.The graphics pretty much take up the whole front of the guitar.I have been trying to find a pic of this guitar on the net for months.No pics and no information on warlock serials that start with the letter I.Every time i find a forum that talks about this and someone asks the same question i am asking they get no answer.Surely somebody out there has some clue.I am just about ready to jump off a cliff i am so frustrated with this.I find it amazing such a popular guitar could have such spectacular graphics yet there are no pics on the net of the guitar and seems no information either.In fact i have seen at least five people ask about the I serial number in different forums and not one was answered.It just goes to the next question as if it was never asked.Who knows about these guitars?Where can the owners of warlocks with serial numbers starting with I get some real info that will help them.And where in the name of god did this warlock with green aliens on it come from.Surely someone has seen one!!!Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppp.


Just like to point out the serial number starts with an i not a 1.Just thought after reading my post it was hard to tell.Once again any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated and may possibly keep me from going around the bend so thanks in advance.

single digit s/n warlock bass

Ok i bought for my lil bro thru second hand a black onyx 24 fret bc rich warlock bass to match his warlock guitar but wen we took it in to guitar center an they went to log the s/n its only a single digit "2" thats it an has the made in usa stamp i cant find any info on this model can someone help me please

the single digit 2 usually

the single digit 2 usually means that it is a second, they sometimes stamp with a letter b either on the fretboard or back of the headstock indicating that it is b stock. these are usually instruments that have not passed quality inspection due to one or more minor defects.

Jj Series Strat

I have an old NJ Series strat with a Kahler Flyer and a slanted inline 6 - but no numbers on it anywhere. One humbucker, two single coils, three switches a volume and a tone. What is this thing?

nj series strat

im trying to identify the very same guitar i think its an early bc rich st-3 if you find out for sure id love to hear about it


MY BC RICH WARLOCK WAS TRASHED after i was injured from playing the way i do for so long. Now my need to pick it up again is bringing old school badasses to my door. . . . . And i have nothing to play on! can any1 help? Its a BC RICH Bronze WARLOCK with a single HUMBUCKER, 1VOL, 1 TONE. . . . . . I CUSTOMISE all my stuff and probly shoulda left the wiring alone. . . . But i didnt. . . , DAMN EVERCLEAR! !!


I'm looking at a Warlock with a serial number of SI05050896. Does that mean anything to anyone? Import? Looks like a maple body with a white headstock.

Looking for a pink warlock guitar

Ive been trying to find a pink warlock guitar for close to 10 years and they always sell before I can get one or seller wont ship.If anybody s good deal on one working or non in any shape or condition please email me at skurkbass@hotmail.com

BC Rich Warlock Pink Snakeskin Bass value?

I have a pink snakeskin BC Rich Warlock bass and I'm trying to find out the value. The number on the back is #15135. Any info would help!

Trying to ID this guitar that I have had for 12 years

BC Rich Guitar Serial Number: 89409 on the back of the headstock,
I am trying to find some background on this great guitar that I have had for about 12 years. It is a strat-looking model with hot three single coils. The headstock cut is more severe than the other strat looking models I have seen. Anyone know anything?

Guitar identity

Please send pictures and the serial number of the guitar to me at


And I'll do my best to help you



I have a BC Rich Warlock platinum series bass guitar and i've been searching the web for the same neck and headstock because the one on my bass is all bent, and I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find one?


Your best bet is Ebay. Alot of ppl buy guitars and part them out on there.

b.c.rich beast

I have a b.c.rich beast special edition with the invisabolt neck system. just wondering what it could be worth. I have been all over the net and all my local guitar shops and nobody has an answer, but they all want it.

Bc rich giutar

I have a bc rich giutar Nj series #32082 stamped on

On back plate I dont know what its called or what its worth can u tell


All I know, is that NJ and

All I know, is that NJ and Platinum series aren't USA made, so not worth too much

B C Rich Bich

I found a Bich. It is s/n 22895, 24 fret, Floyd Rose. I have pics. It does not have the traditional 3x3 head. It has machines on top.

BC Rich NJ Series 80s

I have a BC Rich NJ Series mockingbird with a Kahler Flyer 2300 bridge . The neck plate reads LA California U.S.A with serial number B3952. The neck is a bolt on . Black Body and hardware. I was was wondering if the guitar is US made.
Thank You!


I have a Warlock with the same setup. Serial number B9261. I understand that it was probably assembled in LA as the plate suggests but I am looking to unload it and would like to post a fair value for it so I don't rip anyone off. Any help is appreciated.


I would like to know about my NJ Warlock with the same setup you guys have, S/N B0036. Does anybody know what year or where these were made? Great playing and sounding guitar. If you ever find one cheap, as I did, grab it!


Hello all,

Those are not USA guitars. The "NJ" designation stands for "Nagoya, Japan," which is where BC Rich made this series of guitars until 1986-87, when then production shifted to Korea under Class Axe, which is when BC Rich's quality really started to get shaky. One of the easiest ways to quickly tell whether its an 80s Japanese made NJ or an 80s Korean NJ (if the sticker is missing) is the Kahler. No Japanese made NJs had the licensed Floyd Rose factory installed. The very first year of Class Axe NJ production (1986ish) they still used the Kahler flyer, but then switched to a licensed Floyd Rose. Pricing really depends on the condition, any mods/upgrades that have been done, case/no case, and your market. I ran across a players condition (scratches, some minor paint chips, some dents) black NJ Warlock with a case, a seymour duncan in the bridge, and the Kahler Flyer tremolo for about $150 at the Music Go Round in the Quad Cities, but I've also seen some on Evilbay for about $200-300.


I have NJ Warlock B4030 I bought at Sam Ash in NYC 86 or 87. It is beat to hell but still plays well. I replaced the pickups back in the 80s with EMGs. Amybody know what wood it is made of?

Help wanted. B.C. Rich Ironbird 80´s or 90´s. USA or Japan

I need help classifying my Ironbird.
SN: B3213


Again, send pics and the serial # to me at


Lorne :-)

BC Rich Bich - late 80s?

Great site you have here! I have a custom USA made BC Rich Bich and the SN is 90770. I am almost positive I bought it in 1988 but I cant recall the exact time but I am trying to get the year because I will probably sell it on ebay one of these days.

At the time it cost a lot of money and I remember ordering it from a guitar store in the Chicago area and then waiting almost 6 months for it to be built and shipped.

Here is a link to a photo if that helps:


Thanks so much for your help!



Hi Tom, please send me more and bigger pictures of the Bich to



Lorne :-)

BC Rich NJ Series Virgin

Just picked up an NJ Series Virgin from some guy on Craigslist for $150. It plays nice, unusually smooth for a rosewood fretboard. Has Floyd Rose, widow headstock, diamond inlays, but cheapo BC Rich dual humbuckers (though they don't sound that bad).

SN is F2110450

I can't find much on these F serial numbers. Any ideas?



Made in 2000


Thanks for the reply Lorne!

I'm a bit confused though.. this guide seems to state the opposite.

""In the year 2000, they changed to the letters "BO" (Bolt On) and three digits (B0XXX), which was the actual production number, but there was no number stating the year the guitar was built. The import guitar models before November of 2000 have a serial number starting with the letter "F", the USA models do not.

F7XXXXX (1997)
F8XXXXX (1998)
F0XXXXX (2000) ""

By this logic, wouldn't mine be 1992? How can F2XXXXX and F0XXXXX both bean year 2000?

Thanks again for your advice!



F2xxxxxx is the year 2000

F0xxxxxx never seen one, have you?

F0xxxxxxx seen them, have no idea what year they are, possibly 2000, who knows?

Count the "X's" Your's is a 7 digit number and the last one is an 8 digit number

Also, the Widow headstock was NOT used on imports back in 1992, only on the Customshop Widow, The use of the Widow started in the very late 90's on Imports

Where did you get the serial # guide? Dolphin Music?


Yeah, I got the info from the Dolphin serial guide. Not a reliable source?

I'm still kind of impressed that it's 12 years old, and is still in such good shape. It doesn't have a knick on it. It plays quite well, and the pickups sound great (though that could largely be attributed to my amp). I might switch them out though, haven't decided yet.

Wasn't trying to question your expertise, was just curious if the Dolphin guide was accurate. I didn't notice that the last serial had 8 numbers instead of 7.

Do you think $150 was a good buy for this particular guitar?


Yep, the Dolphin Music website was full of inaccuracies, not been there in a while to see if they have altered it, I doubt it though

I've been using B.C.Riches since 1985 and currently have 9, 8 of which are Customshops from 1978 to 2007

I don't give valuations, but if YOU think the $150 you paid for it was a steal, then that is all that matters right?

Enjoy the guitar :-)

date a bc rich

my bc rich has number r848950
who can tell me were and when it was build??

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