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Just a wee bit of background about myself I am
29, and have been playing guitar/bass for 15 years .
Throughout the years I have had Gibsons, Fenders,
Rickies, Yamahas, Ibanez, Washburns etc... and was
generally very happy with what I had at that time. I
then discovered B.C. Rich guitars and was hooked.
They beat every competitor in every dep., build
quality, sound, variety of woods, pickups etc, support
was fantastic and so on. I then began to collect more
B.C. Rich's and haven't been disappointed with any of

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WANTED-BC RICH Gunslinger (purple snakeskin) and VIRGIN(sparkle)

Looking to pay OVER MARKET VALUES for two specific guitars I have been looking for over the past few years:

-BC RICH GUNSLINGER- Purple snakeskin with matching headstock

-BC RICH VIRGIN- metallic sparkle paint finish...was sort of silver/purplish metallic (originally sold on Long Island NY in the 1990s)

If you know where EITHER of these 2 holy grails of mine now are, please let me know even if NOT currently for sale...!


***(I always love buying 1980s BC Rich Gunslinger guitars with flashy '80s-style graphics, flashy colors (like hot pink, etc), matching headstocks, etc. please let me know what you have!)

BC rich USA Assasin custom graphics (Q-bert)

I have a usa Assasin. It has the custom Q-bert graphics. How much are you willing to give for it? email me for pics.


I usually prefer Gunslingers (single humbucker), but I'll take a peek.
Please send me pics of the front and back of the guitar to JONMANKUTA@aol.com

80s gunslinger with snake skin graphics

Not sure if this is something you want. I have had it since it was new, played it all the time but it's been a case now for 20 years

'80s Gunslinger guitars wanted with flashy graphics

Please send me a direct email with photos to: JONMANKUTA@aol.com

11 yr old BC Rich Bitch Red

My son and I bought a red BC Rich Bitch guitar about 11 yrs ago and were wondering what it may be worth today. Thank you for your help:)


Year 2000 Halloween Edition B.C. Rich Value

I'm looking to get rid of my B.C. Rich in favor of a better guitar and was wondering how much it might be worth as a trade in. The serial # is H2000-028. Its in nearly perfect condition because I hated playing it. The neck (as with most bolt-on warlocks) sinks like a stone when I let go of it. Configuration is: 24 fret, single bridge humbucker, string-thru body set bridge, crescent moon inlays with the year 2000 at the 12th fret, 1 tone knob and 1 volume. Shiny black finish with dark red binding, and widow headstock. I know its hard to assign value without a picture so just assume its in perfect condition with a very small crack in the tip of one of the widow peaks (approximately 1/4) this crack has been repaired and is barely noticeable.

B.C Rich Guitar Model number?

I have a B.C. Rich guitar that is solid red, and has a number on the back of it on a black plate that reads: E70G049.
It's the only set of number I can see without taking it apart.
I've had the guitar for at least 15+ years and it's still show room new.
Is there a way i get get it appraised?


BC Rich Platinum

Hi, like many other BC Rich guitar owners i have a Platinum series that i can´t seem to trace its year can you please give me a hand??
It´s a Platinum model (H-S-S w/ vintage tremolo and Bolt on Neck) with Serial #E703109...many tks

mockingbird value

mockingbird ser# 77xxx
made in usa stamped in headstock
what might the value of this guitar?
it's in 8 of 10 shape


Send me a pic of the front & back of the headstock, & I'll tell you the exact year- Scott

Need help IDing Vintage BC Rich NJ series...

Need help IDing Vintage BC Rich NJ series...

This popular thread has been given its own page : Need help IDing Vintage BC Rich NJ series...

Reverse head Warlock

I have a reverse head Platinum Series Warlock Bass sn 18198. I have not seen one anywhere, and I am trying to find out when it was made.

Warlock Platinum Series (black) reverse headstock

I am the original owner of a Warlock Platinum Series (black) reverse headstock, purchased new at Guitar Plus during summer of 1991. Haven't seen another one with the reverse headstock. Wondering if anyone else has one of these, and what it might be worth. Assuming it may be more on the rare side.


I bought One new in 1988. Red with reverse headstock, Natural finish Neck. I've found nothing on this guitar in BC Riches website, and your the first to post that there is another one in existence.

I have one too..

I have a 80's Warlock Platinum as well. Crackle finish with reverse head. I can't find any more info on it other that what I can see for myself lol. I'd like to narrow down the year a bit, and find out what country it was made in. It's an amazing guitar, fun to play, but I just want to know a bit more about its history.

I need help classifying my own Warlock. :/

Hello, I've had this Warlock for about 8 years now and the funny thing is...i don't know exactly what kind it is. I've searched everywhere to try and find a picture, it's crazy. There is no other guitar like this one i think haha, i Googled my guitar so many times and i can never get an exact resemblance of mine. I knew it was a pretty high class Warlock for its time. It's weird because it's missing all the goods that Warlocks have now like stock EMG's and a Floyd Rose Bridge but it has they style and individuality that none have today.

From what i know now it's called a B.C. Rich Warlock, the pro platinum deluxe series, It has a set through neck, Widow headstock, diamond inlays, Dual BCR Humbuckers, 2 volumes knobs, 1 tone and 1 three-way toggle control. It's glossy black all over, no whammy or Floyd Rose bridge. 24 jumbo frets, i don't know what kind of wood, id have to say a Mahogany wood body, there is no silver or chrome on it, black bridge, knobs, machine heads, everything except the frets and strings haha.

So that's about as far as i can go with explaining of my axe, i really hope someone finds some info. about her. She is such a mystery haha. So i would truly appreciate if someone could email me if they found out information on my axe, if you need a picture just email me and i will attach it. Thankyou and keep on shreddin!!

Re: I need help classifying my own Warlock. :/

i have the bc rich warlonck platinum edition too but i cant find it online and that is because of a rumor i heard that may or may not be true, that they do not make them anymore because of something to do with Korea but i can help you get the year and stuff if you would send me the serial number and then you have a better chance of finding out more about you specific model. my email is bluedeath86@yahoo.com i have just verified the year and quarter and number in manufacture so if i could do that for you and it would help i would be more then hapyt to do it!

BC Rich 2000 Halloween Warlock Sale

BC Rich 2000 Halloween Warlock Sale

This popular thread has been given its own page : BC Rich 2000 Halloween Warlock Sale

what series is this Warlock????

I bought this Warlock off a guy who didn't know what series it was so, he sold it to me for $200, reasoning that even if it is one of the cheaper series at would still be a fair price and if it's a better guitar, then I win. I have seen a few guitars with some of the features but not all of them exactly. The neck is a bolt on, but not with a metal plate, it looks like the bolt on installation on my Ibanez Jem and my Jackson Kelly (larger screws, counter sunk) it has 24 frets, diamond shape fret markers, reverse headstock, grover tuners, floyd rose bridge, 2 humbucker pu (black with no markings) 3 knobs and a toggle, the headstock only says B C Rich nothing else,
no markings on the truss rod cover either. The serial number is B0088XX. Any help would be appreciated.

2000 Model NJ series have

2000 Model NJ series have the AANJ speed heel

BC Rich Platinum Series Bass

I have a platinum Series Bass that I bought new in roughly 1987,I cant find any serial number on it.WTF??? Help me out please.

bc rich mockingbird

i have a bc rich S02084921 this is the plate on the back of the body. it was a find at a garage sale and had no info on it, can you help i am lookin to sell it but want to know its value.. big_cat_30@hotmail.com or 843 457 9400

old warlock

can someone date my warlock got it from dave mustaine back in 1985.if you can help thank you

Re: old warlock

Dan,send me pictures and the serial # to


and I will date the guitar for you



Re: old warlock

Hi Lorne, I need to know the age of my BC Rich (Warlock Bronze)... serial number is: B121246... thank you !

Cordan :)

B.C Rich Model

I have a BC Rich serial # 85338. Can you tell me what model it is and when it was made? Also, is there anywhere I can get replacement electronics for it?


Re: B.C Rich Model

Hi Mike,send me pictures and the serial # of the guitar and I will identify it and date it for you.I also know where to get replacement electronics for it





B.C Rich Model

I have a B.C. Rich, serial # 85338. Can you please tell me the model of this guitar and year of manufacture. Also, is there anywhere to get brand new electronics for this guitar. Thank you.

2000 NJseries Virgin

Anyone know the value of a 2000 NJ Virgin with diamond inlays and FR Tremolo? The serial is 002060450. Thanks!

1988 Ironbird

I have a pearl-white Ironbird (s/n BC13406) that I bought new in 1988 and am about to sell. Can anyone tell me which pickups it would have?

Re: 1988 Ironbird

More than likely Dimarzios of some sort. They came stock in a lot of BC Richs in the 80s. My warlock certainly did. I couldn't tell you which ones - more than likely Super Distortions in the bridge. Let me know when and how you sell it. I'm in terested in an ironbird.


Need help with ID - NJ Series Warlock

Hi. I have a B.C. Rich Warlock that I would like to get more info about (year, woods, etc.)

It's a B.C. Rich NJ Series
Cherry red color
All gold hardware
Bolt on neck
Original Floyd Rose double locking
it has 3 knobs (2 vol, 1 tone) and 3 (on-off) mini switches
It has the pointy 6-tuners on the top headstock
Serial number is 25680

If anyone can give me any insight into this guitar, I'd appreciate it!

what year is my bc rich mocking bird #85XXX????

and what are they going for? all original.. probably an 8 out of 10 shape

Re: what year is my bc rich mocking bird #85XXX????

85xxx covers 2 years,send me pictures and the full serial # and I'll date it for you


mockingbird evil edge ltd ed 2007-08 WORTH????

What would a Evil Edge LTD. Ed mockingbird 2007-08 be worth????

lets say in a number 9 valu out of 10

BC Rich 1980s Wave for sale

Hi All

I am selling an original 1980s Wave on eBay at the moment. I really want it to go to a BC Rich collector / fan, as it's a beautiful guitar and pretty rare. It's a sad sale, so i want someone to look after it!! have a look:


Item number is: 160396001775



Re: BC Rich 1980s Wave for sale


Gunslinger Class axe? serial #'s start with CA?

I am considering buying a 1990 used Gunslinger from my local guitar shop. The Serial # is CA0094. The head stock has "Made in USA" on it.
Any info would help.
Thanks for you time!

help with year and model

hi i have a red warlock i got from a second hand shop in 1992/3 serial is bc20162 and says la california usa on back plate can someone help me wit hyear it was made and what model i have thanks

BC Rich Bich

I have a six string BC Rich Bich guitar I believe it is from 1982. Can anyone tell me if this guitar is worth anything? It has a one piece neck and a kramer tremelo. Thanks

Re: BC Rich Bich

: I have a six string BC Rich Bich guitar I believe it is from 1982. Can anyone tell me if this guitar is worth anything? It has a one piece neck and a kramer tremelo. Thanks

depends on who you talk to...ive seen them range from 199 to 699. my x got his stolen, and ive been trying...to no avail to find a replacement. but you should be able to google it and see what the model is going for

Why ask?

People,if you ask a question,and people,namely me,offer to help,then at least have the decency to email them/me

I'm getting bored of offering to help and getting no replies,pretty soon I'll stop offering,and I know a great deal about B.C.Riches


O.k So here

I have a Cherry red 4/S bass BC rich, Had it since the early 70's, 2 tuner knobs, Warlock lock body with the 4 key tuners @ straight angle, that is top side/apex- while holding to play.
4 screw plastic plate over neck assemble point says 3751 ? Think You know , Lorne my man?


I bought this Warlock back in 86. It says Handmade in the USA on the back of the headstock with the serial # 89478. It's a neck thru model with a Kahler tremolo system. Can I get some info on this. Is a LA model or NJ or what. I can't find any info on it.

Re: Warlock

James,send me pictures of the guitar,and put the serial # in the email,I will tell you what it is



serial no. location

i have a wave that i bought 20 years ago used. where can i find serial no. ?

Re: serial no. location

On the back of the headstock,and if you find it,then send me pictures and the # and I'll dae the guitar for you


need for info and value for my 90s usa snakeskin bass

ive owned a 90s grey snake skin 22 fret usa series bass that i love to death. the serial # is bc12880 with la california on the neck plate.it has active emgs a rosewood 22 fret fretboard with dot inlays on a bolt on neck and a hipshot d tuner (not sure if that was a later addition or not).im trying to find out when it was made and if there were other versions like neck through passive pick ups...etc. i would also like to find a cataloge copy or original with it in there.

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