B C Rico Mockingbird Serial Info/Value

Posted by SRS on Mon, 03/20/06 - 02:10:18.

I have a B C Rico Mockingbird I bought in 1983 while stationed in San Antonio, TX (clearance sale for about $300). It has 24 frets (I believe rosewood), three control knobs, and one switch.At the top on the back is the serial number 1759. About 5 inches below it is a sticker saying Made In Japan. The action is incredibly low with no buzz. Friends who've used it, fall in love with it. It's in very good condition and actually has not had a lot of play/wear and tear. Does anyone have other info, value estimates, etc. I've checked several sites (officel BC Rich, etc) w/o much luck. Thanks

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Re: B C Rico Mockingbird Serial Info/Value

Not too sure on the serial number, but the fact that it has RICO instead of Rich on the headstock makes it an earlier import model. The RICO guitars are also a bit more of a rarity as they were switched to the RICH name early in their production. I'd be will ing to bet that you could get between 300 and 500 for it assuming it is in pristine shape and has the Kahler tremelo. Other things that can help with pin pointing the age of this instrument are the way the serial number is applied and any prefix that may be before the numbers. Hope this helps some!

Re: B C Rico Mockingbird Serial Info/Value

: Thanks for the input. I knew it must be an earlier import, but I'm not sure if it falls in the aerlier/blocked group of imports from the lawsuit. There is no prefix to the number on the back of the head stock. The number is very clear and almost looks like it was stamped into the head but there are no real grooves or indentations, just looks likea a very dark, clear stamping job that seems to be a permanent ink, etc. I don't know about the tremelo, but the only replacements on the guitar have been the strings.

Re: B C Rico Mockingbird Serial Info/Value

If it has the name RICO on the headstock it is pre-lawsuit. I'd hold on to it and enjoy playing it, if I were you.

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