C F Martin Stinger

Posted by Steve on Fri, 03/03/00 - 19:12:11.
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When did CF Martin quite making / selling Stinger guitars?

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Re: C F Martin Stinger

: : I bought a SSX stinger at a pawn shop for 125 bucks and it is the best electric guitar I have ever owned. I cut my teeth on a strat my father got me as a kid, and I loved it but this is a much easier play and has an unbelievable sound. I would never let it go.

: : : : : : : : When did CF Martin quite making / selling Stinger guitars?
: : : : : : : I dont know that but I own a ssx martin stinger strat and i like it.cant find any good info on it .every body puts it down. what gives? is it an Edsel or something.lets start a club for us poor ssx stinger owners we need some support before we get swept under the rug like the martin ssx stinger strat"""

: : : : : : : hey i agree whats up with this? The Martin co. seems to think ;(along with the rest of the six string snobs) that this is a throw away guitar. well i just bought one for $100.00 off a dealer let me tell you I have a fender strat thats nice and is a prodotype lots of bells and whistels but' the martin stinger sounds cruncher than the strat. go figure dean; this is sick you buy a good martin acoustic its an arm and a leg but electrics are a dime a dozen all I can say is it sounds better and plays like a dream and if other players don't like that fact and can't face up to it well;;;;; THEN THEY CAN JUST EAT ME,,,,,.... by the way Iwonder why the MARTIN CO. doesn't stick up for this axe? after all they made it and stamped it C F MARTIN by the way Ive been playing 34 years in those years I always wanted a gibson THEY SUCK AND ARE NOT AFFORDABLE YOU REALLY PAY JUST FOR THE NAME now i got the name at hundreds less. e mail me tell me what you think.
: : : : : : thanks and I agree....................TED

: : : : : Hi Stinger Owners,

: : : : : I must agree that the Stinger SSX not only plays as well or better than my Fender Strat, but, sounds and plays much better than all of my guitars. I have a Gibson ES-125, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Fender Jaguar (original, not a re-issue), Two Fender Statacasters, a Samick f-hole double cutaway, and my SXX Stinger for electric guitars. I would put by Stinger up against any name-brand guitar. In fact, I just purchased a Stinger Bass guitar that was modeled after the Fender Jazz Bass. I feel the sound and quality of workmanship for that particular bass also exceeds the Fender model it was based on. Martin Company should stand up for the quality of this all too neglected treasure, the Stinger series guotar. Thanks for Listening, Keith

: : : Sounds like you guys have something good going on with your Stingers. If C.F. Martin reads all the great comments on this guitar, they may come out with a duplacate and tack a BIG price on it like their old standbys. I play and compose Bluegrass & Country music. I wanted a Martin very much, just couldn't afford it. I tried a lot of guitars, before buying a Blueridge BR-160. I didn't go wrong, This Blueridge is sweet. It has great highs and lows, sweet to the ear. Maybe one of these days I'll have a Martin or another Blueridge. Thank's Curt

: i got a stinger st-2 as a gift from a friend and altho i had never heard of it before it was the greatest guitar ive ever played, i have played many different guitars but none match up to the sound of my stinger
: it is truly the greatest guitar ever
: thanks: Andrew


I borrowed my Son-In-Laws Stinger SSX and even though it's in need of a setup it still plays and sounds great. I agree, C.F. Martin needs to admit that this was their baby, just because it's not an acoustic is no reason to write off a good sounding guitar. I do have about 6 Martin acoustics including the D-45, also Washburn, Gibson, Rickenbacker and a few others. The only Fender I have is a Dobro and for the price that sounds good. I wish I still had the Strat 12 string I played in the 70s......oh well

Re: C F Martin Stinger

on christmas my brother bought me a stinger by martin and i had never seen one before because martin only made acoustics but i was wrong and now i would like to know how much it is worth because it is the shit and i like more then my dimbag modle washburn so does any body know how much one in mint condition well the strings aint mint but the rest of it is e-mail me a crikett51085@aol.com and tell me please

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