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Posted by Beto Short on Wed, 04/02/03 - 19:17:21.

I am trying to find a Conn Acoustic. I had one but it was stolen by a "friend". The one I want has blond sides and what appears to be stripes in the grain. It sold new for $100.00. Yes Conn is excellant, but many of them are classical using nylon strings only. Be sure what you want. There is a Conn Les Paul on Ebay right now I am considering. I have never seen an electric Conn, much less a genuine Les Paul. I've had several Gibson Les Pauls and seen many a copy, but this does not appear to be a Gibson clone. If that Conn is as I have described with metal strings, and you do not want it, I'll take it if you'll ket me know where it is. I paid $150.00 for mine and the tailstock had been broken off and reattached. I'd do it again for twice the price.

: : : : : : has anyone ever heard of a conn acoustic guitar and if so are they any good?

: : : : Yes, indeed! I have a 12-string Conn Acoustic guitar, purchased in 1977. I love it now as much as then, and I also own a Guild 12-string. The sound is mellow and beautiful and just gets better with age. My question--are 12-string Conn's still manufactured and if so, who carries them?

: : : I too have a Conn 12-string. It is the only 12-string, or guitar for that matter I can find with a Zero-nut fret, if you know what that is. It is a fret, imediately after the nut, that the strings rest directly on after comming off the nut. This makes the action so low and easy to play, many of my friends think it plays easier than their 6 strings. Its sound is very mellow and full - the body is a bit worked over, but I bought it new for under $200 and the store was embarassed to sell it to me due to it's appearance. I've only played an early 70's ovation 12-string (balladeer made in USA) that played as easily, and none as full sounding. Neither nor have Conn as a brand. I'm afraid it's probably an excellent mid-range guitar produced by the brass company (conn trumpets, etc.), and probably designed by a master of the art but never caught on due to lack of celebrity endorsement, etc. I would love to find a 6-string of the same calibre (Zero nut fret, etc.). Good luck in your search.

: : I meant I bought it used in 2000, but don't know how to read the serial number to see how old it is.

: I went shopping on lunch break and saw a Conn in a junk store. Don't know model, serial, etc. 6 string acoustic with case for $75.00 with case. Good Buy ????
: Respond ASAP. Thanks

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conn acoustic guitar

I have a six string conn acoustic guitar Model F700 Serial # 71873887. I was just trying to find out what it is worth. My niece had borrowed it and went to school out in California, some person told her it was worth a lot of money and she was afraid to take it with her. I don't know if the person she talked to knew what they were talking about or not. Thank You Charles Cranston

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