Fender Catalina acoustic

Posted by dave on Fri, 12/21/01 - 09:37:49.

does anyone know anything about a fender catalina acoustic guitar such as when it was made, how much they're worth, etc.?

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Fender Catalina acoustic aka: The Black Cat

I bought my Catalina new in late 1981, it cost me $400.00 CND. It is Black with white trim Strat style rose wood neck
I have played guitar since the 1960s both electric and a number of acoustic guitars .The Black Cat (Catalina) has always been by far the best and I've played Martins and Gibson's, Ovations, ,Yamaha's ,Takamines ,and some custom built Taylor guitars. I find this Catalina can hold it's own and most times has a better sound then most of these makes dollar for dollar the Catalina sound wise seems better . Mine was made in Japan it was one of the 1st wave, Fender had built in Japan, it was a member of the California collection series . Fast action neck same feel as a Fender Stratocaster electric
guitar. The Catalina is a spruce top and mahogany, sides and back and neck. My Catalina # 808312 came without a label sticker inside of the sound hole ,all the early ones were like that and no made in Japan marker on the guitar any where. Just Fender Catalina on the head stock. Mine new didn't have any electronics inside it ,the next model up had that. The guitar is a pleasure to play has a real sweet even sound ,projects well. I did have the frets done twice and had a bone nut and bridge saddle put in, which made the guitar even better sounding and well worth doing for any one not having done so. I also had a Classic T-4 Fishman put into it ,so I could use it with an amp. This works great also well worth adding on. Strings, I use Martins lights to Med. tried other brands still go back to Martin strings , hey they are cheap and sound great , you just have to change them more often. Like I said I have had other acoustic guitars some that cost me way more then the Black Cat. and I find I still keep coming back to the Catalina and it seems it is always the one I go to
and you would only have to take a look at the back of the neck to see the paint all worn off it ,to know it's a keeper.
My advice if you can get a Japan made Catalina go for it ,put some bone on it and you have just bought a friend for life.
Great Guitar 110%

Re: Fender Catalina acoustic

: does anyone know anything about a fender catalina acoustic guitar such as when it was made, how much they're worth, etc.?

I bought a new one in 1980 I am down to just 2 guitars, this and a 69 gibson dove that needs work. But the catalina, to my ears sounds the way i like it
projects pretty good, palayable,, durable etc. Whatever factory was making these in Japan was ok.

Fender Catalina Acoustic Guitar info

I bought mine new in 1988 for $250 from a local music store. I have had it appraised at a retail price around $100 to $250 depending on condition. The real key to this guitar is its action and sound for a non-solid top guitar. The look is also quite different (Fender neck and tuning keys all on the same side) and makes an easy transition from electric to acoustic or vice versa. I have played just about every acoustic on the market and still keep this one. I have not placed a pick-up in this guitar yet. The sound is quite simply amazing. I have put it up against Martins, Takamines, PRS's, and the like. It has a great sound that keeps getting better with age. For a guitar nearly 25 years old, I think I got a bargain with mine and I am not planning on parting with it anytime soon. It plays and sounds great.

Re: Fender Catalina acoustic

does anyone know what materials a fender catalina acoustic guitar are made from. example - back,sides & top ect... By the way I also enjoy my Catalina, I find it plays best with Martin Med. strings. I also added a Dean Markley pro mag Sound hole pickup that I installed propper 1/4" strap hardware input.. It;s ok but it realy needs some form of preamp.. very low gain. If I did it again I would use a FishMan rig. hope this helps someone enough to let me know the material spec. Regards David

Re: Fender Catalina acoustic

YEAH, I have a black with black pickguard Fender Catalina acoustic with white pin stripes . serial 90112792.The action is great on this guitar! and the tresrod is exposed from the inside. the electric fender headstock.
I bought mine at a pawnshop as well for $100. no case. It was taken care of before it was in the pawn shop it looks like :/. Yeah I wanna know what year mine was made in please email

Re: Fender Catalina acoustic

I bought mine back in 98 second hand for 150.00.Been playing for about 40 yrs.One of the best playing acoustics i have ever played.mine is black with creme white trim.serial#A5807283 model#85011.I use a dean markely attachable pick up not the cheap ones and sound great.

Re: Fender Catalina

Hello folks, I bought my Fender Cat id say about 1985. I paid around $650 Canadian for it. I still have it some 23 yrs later and if memory serves me correctly, they were made from 1982 - 1992, the early modles made in Japan, and the later one made in Korea. Mine is a black, 20 fret, strat look head, rosewood fret board,great guitar.. Hope this helps..Tom.

Fender Stratocaster

hi, who knows how much my Fender Stratocaster (Serial number E 202 959, maden in USA) is still worth if I'd like to sell it? Thank u

Vester Blitz E-Gitarre


i have a vester gitarr, details;
Vester =made in Germany 1971
Modelnr.=E748371 (Edition)
what for worth has gitarre?

Re: Fender Catalina acoustic

 Fender Catalina acoustic

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