Re: Pictures of Dave's Amps

Posted by Andrea on Sat, 12/29/01 - 04:10:19.

i think we all have forgotten some things..why david has used with Paul either Fender Bassman and Hiwatt 2x12 combo? for the same reason he uses live either Marshall and Wem cabinets..what hell am i saying? think one moment..we know that Fender amp have that hear piercing tone (especially on highs) but Dave has always preferred a smooth tone and for this he use also the Hiwatt combo that is equipped with Fane Crescendo speakers that are famous for their solid but not punchy high end..and this is the same reason for his live setup: it's true he uses Marshall cab that have a prominent presence and a more puchy high end but he uses also Wem cab that, remember, have the FANE CRESCENDO speakers as Hiwatt that make smooth the high's for this that David has used with Paul a Fender amp (the Bassman for its superb clean sound) and a Hiwatt combo (either for its superb clean sound and for the smmoth high end that Fane speakers give..)..hope this help..

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Re: Pictures of Dave's Amps

i wasnt saying anything more than offering them as reference. the reason he used the combos is in fact closely tied to the fact that they didnt play huge gigs, just moderately sized gigs. I was showing that with just a bassman, and perhaps a 50w hiwatt combo, you can most accurately match his tone (studio tone im talking about). For christ's sake, his tone is in his fingers. If you suck ass at guitar, a 100,000$ worth of gear will not help you. Fact is, gilmour can play a Kramer Focus through a Fender Frontman and still sound like Gilmour (do we remember the famous quote?: "give gilmour a ukelale, and he will make it sound liek a stradovarius"). The only difference of usinga Hiwatss instead of Frontmans is the quality of the sound, which takes things to another level. So i was offering the idea of using a bassman as a cheaper and a more availabele alternative to the expensive, rare, and worshipped hiwatts. Gilmour recorded "Sorrow" on a fender princeton amp!!! For god's sake, it's solid state! But later they ran it thorough a PA to get the huge sound, but the point is, tehre are alternatives to sounding like gilmour. WIth a 100W marshall stack, you can most likely sound like him-that is if you can even play guitar at you, but in genral.

sorry for hte long post

Re: Pictures of Dave's Amps

oh yes i agree totally with you but i was talking in my preview post only from a tonal point of view i was trying to give a reason to the fact he used with Paul a Fender and a Hiwatt..only this i didn't say that the amplifiers he uses are fundamental to obtain his should read my other preview posts on this site i have always said that Gilmour's tone is in his fingers. His effects and his amps only help to obtain a particular type of sound...this is the meaning of my words...

Re: Pictures of Dave's Amps

oh ok, i guess we had a little misunderstanding. ANyhow, does anyone know if the Fane cabs are even available? and if they are, how much would they cost and are they repairable (like re-coned?)? I really wanna get the Hiwatts...not because Gilmour uses them, but because so many other people do and it has a tone to die for...thanks!

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