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Classical Guitar in Japan

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aria les paul

i have an aria les paul guitar number 1027161, any ideas when it was made. thanks.

Carulli H 250 S/N 52071057. Can anyone identify this guitar?

This guitar's label reads "hand-crafted by CARULLI" , "JAPAN GIFU KANI", "model no. H 250", "52._9_6" ("_" indicates an illegible character, guessing 1976), Serial Number is 52071057 inscribed on the neck block. Purchased this instrument in 1978 or early 1979 in Bremen, Germany. Would like to know more about who made it, when it was made, what woods it is made of and what it is worth, of course. The instrument has the original case and both the guitar and the case are in near perfect condition. It has a 52 mm nut and 660 mm scale. The fretboard appears to be ebony, the neck is mahogany with an ebony reinforcement strip and stacked heal. The stacking of the heal is matched to the color of the sides including near perfect grain matching either by wood type or staining. The back and sides are almost definitely solid Brazilian rosewood, because some grain features appear on both the inside and the outside of the back and sides. (I have or have owned a number of Brazilian rosewood and East Indian rosewood instruments and so believe I know the difference between laminate and solid, but could be wrong.) The top is most probably solid cedar, but is translucent, at least in places, so it might be spruce. The headstock has rosewood veneer and very closely resembles an Jose Ramirez SPR-A SP/IR Classical Guitar. The construction of the instrument features blocked linings at the intersection of the top and sides and solid wood (unblocked) linings at the intersection of the back and sides. Tuning machines are identical to current Schaller LGO 1 553 Classical Guitar Machine Head Lyra - Gold, with the exception of some of the engraving, so these could be copies or just an older version. Edge binding, back center striping and heal lamination is very similar to Rodriguez Guitars, being all simple contrasting wood. Any information gratefully accepted!

Joh Hammig Guitar

I’m wanting to know more about this Joh Hammig guitar I found the other day. It’s model number is 1000 serial number 56. Said to be hand made in Japan. It’s honestly in terrible condition, but the wood that was used on the fretboard and everywhere else seems of really descent quality. However it’s cracked and really beat up. I’m considering restoring it but I have no idea what the guitar would have originally cost. Hoping someone here can enlighten me with some insight and details about this type of guitar. Thanks!

Aria A573

I have an Aria model A573. Would like to know what they price...

Aria A560

Hi. I recently picked up an Aria A560. I've looked through some of the older postings and from what I've read, the A560 was the top of the line model from Aria in the early 1980's, I think. I believe this model has a solid top as well as solid Brazilian Rosewood sides and back. Can anyone confirm if the sides and back are indeed solid and not laminate? The serial number is 00609. If anyone has any idea when the model might have been made, please let me know (I know the serial numbers are kind of elusive re: what they tell about when the guitar was made). Also, does anyone have any idea how much this guitar might sell for today in good condition?

Aria A552

So I recently picked up an Aria A552 from a friend. Can't seem to date it though. From what I've read, these guitars are quite the gem. Mine's a little banged up, although, I just want to see if I can date it. Serial number is: #31258. Hopefully you guys can help me date this!

wayne d50 guitar

I bought today a wayne d50 guitar in pristine condition with original case it has the w on the head stock but no made in japan but the yellow label has mt takamine I bought at a local thrift shop for $40.00 it has to be late 60s early 70s I am at the moment refinishing a Suzuki violin guitar Nagoya which when I sanded the back which had solid varnish it exposed the most beautiful timber I think it is rosewood a lot of work but worth it

Legion guitar

So i have a legion guitar model number 4302. Anybody know anything about these guitars. Looking for info

Aria Serial Numbers the same

I purchased an Aria acoustic guitar in the early 1970's with the serial number 147, model A-680, made in Japan. As I was trolling the net I came across a photo of another Aria guitar with the same serial number as mine, 147. I find this strange and thought this information might be useful to anyone trying to fathom out Aria guitar serial number identification. I can email photo's if anyone is interested.

Aria A583 classical guitar with no serial number

I have an Aria A583 classical guitar, no serial number...and no information found. It was old when it was given to me. Does anyone out there know when this guitar was made? Obviously with no serial number it would be hard to pinpoint a year but right now I'm just looking for a time frame, not an exact date. I have only seen one other online, and heard of a third one. Please any information would be appreciated.

Asturias guitar handcrafted by M. Matano C145S

What can you tell me about this guitar... label says Asturias hand crafted by M. Matano Model C145S. It appears to have makers sinature on it.

As far as I know Masaru

As far as I know Masaru Matano previously made guitars for Aria. I would guess your guitar dates from the late 70's to the early 90's? The model # would suggest slightly under top grade. Signatures written in ink (autograph or not) or stamped and are not a guarantee of the best quality.


I have just been given a Wayne W-20 and it does not have any of the other numbers that I have seen in the post, It doesn't have made in any other contry just the lable with the mountain and last words on the label (for the player) is there any way I can find out the age of it as it is in very good conition and have been playing it for the past week and sounds grate, just that someone said to me that I sound get it checked out as it maybe some what old enough to be put up and played on the odd time and not full time. any help would be much app

Wayne guitar

That mountain on the label represents Mt. Takamine in Japan. The guitar factory was located nearby and took their name from the English spelling translation. If you check the writing on the label the word 'conscience' is missing the letter 's'. My guess is the guitar probably dates from the late 1960's/early 1970's.

Ariana A570 Classical Guitar

I have an Ariana A570 Classical Guitar, approximately 50 years old. Does anyone have any information on this particular model?

Value of my mint Asturias Model 3451

For insurance although may sell - hardly used since purchased in 1987 due my hands being way too small for it

Hayakawa W020W-12 guitar

Hi, does anyone know any info regarding a Hayakawa W020W-12 guitar? Thanks

Suzuki 1665

Hi I have a Suzuki 1665 guitar, it was my grandfathers, I am not sure exactly how old it is but I expect it's from either the 50's or 60's also has RM 10203 written on it. Could anyone give me some information about it and suggest how much it might be worth. It is in very good condition apart from needing new strings. label says suzuki violin Nagoya Japan. Also does anyone know what wood they were made from. Thanks


I GOT A chowa guitar.and i have search everywhere for information on these guitars,,and i have found nothing..can anyone lead me in the right direction to where i can sourse information on the CHOWA guitars ..thank you ..

Tamura for sale

I have a Mituru Tamura guitar 400 (1967), label inside. I would like to sell it but I have no idea how. Do you know the best way to do it? ANd what is a reasonable prise ? I hope you can help me.

Tamura guitar

I don't know what a reasonable price would be, but I've been looking for a Tamura guitar to replace the one I had to sell 20 years ago. Can you give me more details? Is the guitar in good condition?

!975 H. Tamura Guitar

I know your posting is old, but I have a 1975 Hiroshi Tamura guitar that I might be interested in selling for the right price. It's in very good condition...Please advise...


I am looking for information on this guitar I've just got from my father.
There is also a number inside 83606
Its also written "susuki&co Est 1951"
Does anyone know the manufacturing year for this guitar ?
Regards, Flo

your kiso guitar

being a kiso Suzuki with the first number of your serial being an 8 and knowing that kiso did not build after 1985/86 your kiso will have a square label , is your guitar a gypsy ( maccaferri copy if I remember correctly ) anyway your guitar is made in 1978 # 3606 , ,, 1951- 1970 kiso's had the build year stamped and the model number . after 1979 they had round labels with serials starting with 9XXXX , 0XXXX , 1XXXX etc if you need more help or info

Domingo Esteso

Domingo Esteso, 1931 for sale!

Location: Germany
Make: Domingo Esteso
Country: Spain
Model: Concert Classical Guitar
Model Year: 1931
Top: German Spruce
Back & Sides: Brasilian Rosewood
Scale: 65,4 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Stringdistance: 42 mm
Playability: perfect
Finish: French Polish
Tuners: Original machines
Condition: Used - Excellent - some repaired stabil cracks

Domingo Esteso, Madrid, 1929. Domingo Esteso Lopez, born in San Clemente in the province of Cuenca in 1882, is one the most famous and respected classical and flamenco guitar makers of the early 20th century. In the 1890s, he began as an apprentice in the shop of Manuel Ramirez in Madrid, working along side such great Spanish luthiers as Santos Hernandez and Modesto Borreguero. Later on in 1917 Domingo Esteso openend his own workshop at calle Gravina 7 together with his wife Nicolasa Salamanca who applied the finish to the guitars. In 1926, Esteso’s nephew Faustino Conde joined the workshop of Domingo Esteso as did Mariano Conde in 1929. They stayed with him until his death in 1937 during the Spanish civil war.

Domingo Esteso 1931

Hi is Domingo Esteso 1931 still available for sale?
Please send me the photo and the price as well.

aria concert guitars AC-7

Need know year and price for aria concert guitars AC-7 made in japan ? Does some one know?

Jullian F120, made by Kurosawa

I got a crazy old guitar. It sounds really good. But I can't find any information about it. The insided Label say: Folk, Jullian, Made by Kurosawa, No. F-120, Japan. Anyone knows it?


I got a Jullian Model

I got a Jullian Model N°180. But I´m in the same situation. I can not find any information, or its history or the value it can have. I found this inside this site:

WAYNE guitars

can anyone help with the likely provenance and value of a Wayne guitar model W-30. I'm still looking on the web however information about this brand of acoustic guitar is about as scarce as hens teeth. Any relevant information would be appreciated.


Wayne guitars

Does your guitar have a slightly yellow label on the inside with a drawing of a mountain? Also, is the word conscience misspelt? Is there any mention on the label where the guitar was made? Is it steel string or nylon?

Wayne Guitar Company Pty Ltd - acoustic guitar Model W20

Hello Bruce

I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who has asked me to research her guitar. The guitar was made for Wayne Guitar Co and has a yellow label inside with a drawing of a mountain. Also the word conscience is misspelled. It is nylon string and there is no mention of where the guitar is made.
Any ideas? Would love to hear from you with any information.



Takamine guitar

Hi, Bruce,
Yes the label is slightly yellow and almost of new appearance. The word concience (sic) is misspelt and there is the drawing of a rather more precipitous mountain than Fuji on the label as well. There is no reference given as to city or provence where the guitar was made only, that it was made in Korea (indicated by a gold coloured 15mm x 20 mm apx. label on the headstock) and that the instrument was made expressly for the Wayne Music and Electrical Co. Melbourne, Australia. The model of the guitar is listed just below the mountain and given as model W-30. The guitar is a classical nylon, generally in very good condition, except for the attempted repair of the bridge. The bridge has been snapped and patrially broken away then unsucsessfully repaired using an epoxy? adhesive then broken away again, or so it appears. I have been trying to find a seven inch + ready made bridge or have a go at making one up appears 6" plus bridges are all the go now. Perhaps you could assist me in locating a suitable bridge Bruce? Regards, Peter.

Takamine / Wayne

Hi Peter, I`m unsure why your guitar has a Made in Korea sticker, Takamine guitars are Japanese. I wonder if Korea was considered OK due to anti-Japanese sentiment here in the 1960`s? I think the early Wayne/Takamines have no mention of country of origin. The Wayne Company was founded by Harry West and his son Sid in Melbourne. Harry had a post-war band called Rudy Wayne and the.....somethings, anyway, you see where the name Wayne came from, his stage name. I believe most of the Wayne guitars were nylon strings but have seen a few steel string dreadnoughts pop up on e-bay, I read of a 12-string Wayne that was left in a car in the summer sun and the neck separated from the body which brings me to your repair job! The broken bridge should have been completely removed properly with hot air to melt the glue, very slowly and very carefully. Finding a 7 inch bridge? I`d look at all the sellers of guitar related parts on e-bay and ask them all, cost nothing to ask. I found the bone saddle for a 7-string acoustic was a perfect match for my Guild F-412, cost me $1.00, good luck.

Wayne/Takamine Guitar

I have a W-10 Wayne guitar with the same label, the image of the mountain (no mention of Takamine) with the words "MADE EXPRESSLY FOR WAYNE MUSIC MELBOURNE - AUSTRALIA" above the image of the mountain and "We produced this instrument by hand with great care and concience (sic) for you - the player" below. On the back of the headstock there is also a small label saying " Made in Korea" as well as a Brash's Chadstone sticker, which is no doubt where the guitar was purchased when I was a lad, before Chadstone became such a huge mega-shopping center. This guitar has been sitting at my family home for as long as I remember, it's a sweet 3/4 size nylon string acoustic. Given the information provided in this thread, I'm not sure why it has a 'made in Korea' label. Has Takamine ever had a Korean factory? Here is a link to a picture of the label:

Wayne Guitar

I have a Wayne guitar at home with the yellow label of the mountain and the conscience missspelt.

It is a steel string guitar and the model number appears to be W1-15 I think as it is quite faded. At the top of the neck of the guitar also has a gold label saying made in and the rest I cant make out.

I am trying to find some history or value of this guitar. its in very good nick



Wayne guitars

That mountain is Mt. Takamine in Japan. The guitar makers nearby took their name from the English spelling. That label makes it a Takamine guitar. Looks like some early Wayne guitars featured the name Wayne on the headstock and the mountain label did not mention Takamine or Japan, then there was a change, Wayne on the headstock and Made in Japan appeared on the mountain label, later the name Takamine appears on the mountain label too, then around 1972/3 the headstock is changed to Takamine and Made Expressly For Wayne Music & Electrical Co, Melbourne. I own one of these. Wayne also made electric guitar pick-ups used on some Maton and, no surprises, Takamine guitars. Takamine began to export to USA in 1975, so these guitars pre-date their international success. I saw a 1975 Takamine for sale in USA on e-bay and it had the same yellow mountain label. I`ve seen the mountain referred to as Mt Fuji in some discussion but when you put together where the factory is and the use of the name Takamine it starts to make sense.

wayne guitar

I have a Wayne steel string acoustic with the yellow label with mountain etc,with the words "made expressly for the Wayne Music co pty ltd,Melbourne,Australia." "We produced this guitar with great care and concience for you-the player",on the label it has model WJ-79 and inside the sound hole is stamped march 19-1979.It also has WAYNE in gold on the headstock,what looks to be a copy of a Gibson hummingbird design scratchplate but not sure if that is original,what looks to be rosewood or a similar dark timber on the back with a lighter coloured timber triangular shaped insert in the middle going from the neck right down the back which looks great!I have had a few acoustics over the years but none have come close to the beautiful tone of this one.From memory I think I got it from a music shop in Box Hill circa 1989 for about $200.

Wayne guitar

So does anyone have any ideas about the value of a Wayne guitar now?

Yamaguchi Guitar

i was wondering maybe there's one of you folks knew this guitar brand "Yamaguchi" ?
it has a stamp-like on its back says "Grand Prix Tokyo Festival 1970"
i couldnt find any infos in net...its an acoustic folk guitar

thx a lot

Aria 791

I have an Aria classic guitar model 791 made in japan. I want to know what year they made, what kind of wood... Thanks .

Legion Accoustic Guitar

Does anyone know the value of a Legion Accoustic Guitar Model 4302? What year was it made, etc., etc.? Thanks!!

1972 Takamine

I have a 1972 Takamine D-70 nylon string classical guitar. I am the original owner. The label inside the guitar reads; Made Expressly For Wayne Music And Electrical Company,Melbourne,Australia. I have found that Takamine made guitars for Wayne sometime in the late 60`s with the name "WAYNE" on the headstock and sometime in the early 70`s changed to "TAKAMINE" on the headstock, like my guitar. These guitars were coming to Australia some years before Takamine began to ship to USA

Japan Guitar

What year was ARIA A573 Acoustic Guitar (Japan) made in?

Hiroshi Tamura guitar

I have a 1979 signed Hiroshi Tamura guitar, P60, that I'm interested in selling. It is used, but in pretty good condition. Please e-mail me with your offer. Thanks.

Re: Hiroshi Tamura guitar

: I have a 1979 signed Hiroshi Tamura guitar, P60, that I'm interested in selling. It is in very good condition. Please e-mail me with your offer.

Re: Hiroshi Tamura guitar

: : I have a 1979 signed Hiroshi Tamura guitar, P60, that I'm interested in selling. It is in very good condition. Please e-mail me with your offer.

Hello Lisa,
Greetings. i am interested in your Tamura P60. can you provide more information and details with photos? that would be great. thanks. peace ~ Will ~

numa núcleo of music

i need informations about TAKUMA luthier in Japan tanks for all

Asturias Classical Guitar

For Sale.
Condition almost perfect.
Model No. 3350 Hand Crafted. Case included.
Interested please phone 07753635734
£400.00 minimum acceptance

Asturias Classical Guitar. Model 3350

Can anybody place a current value on this very fine instrument.

Thanks & Regards

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