Re: crestwood a little about crestwood guitars i found out about

Posted by cooter bently on Sat, 12/18/04 - 01:31:13.

The crestwood electric guitars are very expensive guitars and play very wellif you have the right amp. so are the acoustic crestwood guitars. All crestwood guitars are hand made and made very well this brand guitar is the only guitar i own mine range from prices between 500 to 2000 bucks but some crestwood guitars can be as expensive as 6000 bucks. they began making crestwood at the end of the civil war for more info on crestwood guitars go to my website for crestwood guitars only at

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Re: crestwood a little about crestwood guitars i found out about.

: I have an early crestwood electric guitar from 1960. It looks like a chuck berry guitar. It has a cherry finish with mother of pearl inlaid. Very nice guitar. I was wondering the value of this guitar. Anyone that can respond, please do so. Thanks!

Crestwood Acoustic/Electric Bass


I have been a Bass Guitar player for more than 25 years.

A while back I bought a new Crestwood Acoustic/Electric Bass from a trade show.

For a cheep (yet attrite $120.00) Bass Guitar, It played well and the quality of the rich acoustic tone is wonderful.

After getting it home and tuning it (with an electronic tuner, strings open E,A,D,G,) I did some scales and stuff, But something just wasn’t right. It seemed the higher notes I played, the more it sounded off. You could really notions a difference on any string passed the 5th fret.

I tried tuning it again using the strings open method, checking to make sure that the machine heads (tuning keys) were not slipping, and that the neck and bridge were secure and working properly. Again it just wasn’t right. I tried tuning it again, this time using the harmonic method,,, and that’s when I finally figured out what the problem was. There is very close to 16 15/16”

From the Nut (zero fret) to the 12th fret,

But only 14 7/8” from the 12th fret to the bridge “Huston we have a problem”

Any way,,, The Guy I bought it from doesn’t want to give me my money back, something about 30 days past since the purchase and he doesn’t carry any of Crestwood’s Acoustic/Electric Bass any more. So He “Cant” AKA: doesn’t want too exchange it for another one.

The interment was defective from the factory. Being that the bridge was installed 2” too close to the neck (and should be about 34” total string length Not 31 7/8” )

I would hope that there would be some kind of factory warranty? I am getting a little fed-up trying to deal with them.

Can you guys help me at all, or provide me with Crestwood’s contact information? PLEASE.



Larry Yates

crestwood acoustic-- electric bass guitar

I have one, and the sound is great, both elect. and acoustic. Like it well except wish it were smaller as hard for me to reach the length of the neck. It is a beautiful guitar!



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