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Posted by Virgil on Sun, 05/06/07 - 10:09:15.

: anyone know the quality of mangore made guitars, michael
I saw the commentary posted by Jason Chan... The response you got tells you nothing which means that he has never seen one let along touched or played one. I own several of the mangore guitars, mostly from woods that I acquired and sent to Renato. The guitars are incredible for the price. Workmanship is top notch, quick response, nice intonation, great sustain, belly in the basses, and cyrstalline trebles.

I would recommend these to anyone looking for a concert level guitar at a reasonable price. If you would like, I will send you pictures of my guitars.

My instructor, Mel Hallam (studied under Pepe Romero) also has a mangore Bolivian Rosewood/Cedar and was blown away by the guitar. He claims that it is as good as his $14,000 Jose Oribe. You can see a picture of Mel Hallam in the photo gallery on Jose Oribe's site.

Hope this helps.


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i HAVE TO SAY ALSO What a bastard this man is. I sent money up front for a narrow necked classical guitar. It was going to be so special he said. a masterpiece he said. will do your mother proud he said.
This was a present from my departed Mother. He sent me a beautiful looking guitar, but did it have the narrow neck I ordered? No it did not. Its protective lacquer was peeling off the neck and the frets were absolutely appalling.i am about to check out the gold name tag to see what it's made of. and I'm having a camera inside to check everything out.
Obviously Mr Bellucci had not checked on my order. I mean how could anyone who said that he was going to oversee the project miss the fact that he was sending a 'normal necked' classical guitar when it should have been a narrow acoustic style neck. I am going to chase this man up until i get justice. I'll take a bloody army out there with me if necessary to get the revenge for all the money he has taken off people for doing a shitty job. A con man hiding in the jungle.
I wonder who he will get to respond to this letter to tell more lies about his operation. I hope you drop dead very shortly.

Mangore/Bellucci guitars

I was so impressed with the photographs and professional presentation at that I paid £3500 for a Bellucci instrument. After waiting 2 months for it to be delivered, I took it out of its embossed leather case and proceeded to tune it up. This was a never-ending process. The intonation was appalling.

I took it to Matthew Bascetti, a respected ex-pat American luthier in Chester and he informed me that the frets were incorrectly positioned and that it would require major surgery to put right. He went on to observe that the excessively lacquered woods were not European spruce or Brazilian rosewood as described on the Mangore website and that the tuners were cheap Korean gold-coloured and not gold-plated as described. He added that the inside of the instrument was very crudely finished and that it would not surprise him if the instrument had been made in China rather than Paraguay. I was appalled.

After an exchange of email with Renato Bellucci, in which he became increasingly foul-mouthed and abusive, I resigned myself to the fact that I had been conned out of my hard-earned money for a piece of junk sold by this fraudster.

I have written this to, hopefully, warn anyone considering the purchase of a guitar from Mangore/Bellucci before becoming another of his victims. Matthew Bascetti fitted a compensated nut and saddle and amazingly got the intonation to around 95%. I gave the instrument to my teenage son.

Never, ever buy a guitar without comprehensively trying it out and comparing with your current instrument.

Be happy,


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