Dating Aria Guitars

Posted by Steve on Fri, 02/06/09 - 13:47:54.

Here is a bit of information I found while searching for information about my Aria (Ariana) A570 Classical Guitar, which you Aria owners may find beneficial.
By the way, I still don't the actual age of mine.

In the mid 70's, serial numbers began to be used. At least for Aria guitars, made by Matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits, thus a guitar from 1979 would have a serial number, such as 79####. The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from 1964 to 1986. Rumor has it, although I can't find confirmation, that the Indonesian factory was thought to be to be an Indonesian "slave" factory).

If anyone has information on the age of the A570, I'd appreciate it.
My A570 sounds better than my Yahama C70.

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Aria 5522N serial number question

I have an Aria 5522N (Les Paul copy) that I'm trying to find out the date of manufacture of. The serial # is 1008587. I believe this is one of the "lawsuit" models, earning Aria a slap on the wrist from Gibson. Thanks in advance!

Aria SG

thanks for reading my comment, i bought an aria pro 2 sg but it has no serial number or anything else printed, idk if anybody can help me with the age of the guitar

Aria W130

My Aria, W130, serial 5719, on the label, 60401 stamped inside. It was purchased in 1968, probably used. Can anyone tell me when it was made?


I have an old aria a551 and it's serial number is 02655. My grandfather think he bought it in the 60s but he's not sure. Can I know when it was made from the serial number?

Aria serialnumber

On my Aria the serialnumber is stamped on the side of the first brace on the top. The one close to the fretboard.
So not on the label at all.

Aria AC - 15

I have a Aria AC - 15 but has no serial number, but there is a number stamped inside the sound hole against the upper bout. The number is 06766015. There is only one position marker on the top edge of the guitar between the 7th and 8th fret. The tuning pegs are shaped like bat ears if you know any information about this guitar will be most appreciated.

I have just bought an Aria

I have just bought an Aria A550 with the serial number 974. Any ideas?

Early Aria AC50

I have an early (serial number 00040) Aria AC50, cedar top, dramatically figured light and dark rosewood back and sides, made in Nagoya, inspected by Mr Arai and bearing his ink stamp on label. Who actually made the guitar and what is the approximate date of manufacture? Thanks.

Aria guitar

I have an Aria Serial number 112, model is AC 7
I want to know what year it was made and the woods used.

Aria guitar

I also have an Aria, Serial # is112, model AC 7. It is a classical guitar.
Can anyone tell me the date of manufacturing and what model # means, and approx. Value.

Mad axe aria pro ii

Hi my son hi I'm keen to know details regarding serial number 20209155 mad axe aria pro ii,when made and also value as were going to purchase 1.any help would be appreciated thanks

Arai Acoustic Guitar

I bought my 1st guitar 'way back in the early 1970's. I still recall that I paid a whopping $70 CAD for it!! I played it forever and when my son was a toddler, he reached in with his little hand and peeled off the label. I thought that label was gone forever but I must have realised it's importance because I came across it today sorting through some old papers!! (My son is now 45!!) Now that I know the model and serial number, is my guitar worth anything more than it's sentimental value? It is Serial number 1142290 and the model number is Aria 6810. Can someone enlighten me about it using this information?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Aria 6810

Hello Rob,
maybe this will help you:
Determine whether your guitar's first two digits are 81 or higher. If the digits are 81 or higher, you can likely pinpoint the week the guitar was made. Guitars in this era included the year and week of manufacture as the first four digits. For example, a guitar made in the 10th week of 1988 would have the first four digits of 8810

Remember that dating Aria guitars is not a science. For information on Aria guitars, email

I have an AW-200T and an AW-700T - both beauties

Howard from Germany

Aria Acoustic guitar.

Hi, I would like to know more about my gift from my mother, she gave my a brand new Aria A551 seriel no:131 !? When is it made and in which country? There is also numbers in top of the head , maybe 06--------80 or , 08------90!? I've got this diamond in almost 40 years now so please help me???

Best regards Mats Janandera

Aria AC-8 Serial #57

I was just gifted a ARIA concert guitar with serial #57 We are trying to learn more about the Guitar. It says made in Japan. If anyone can share any info it would be appreciated.

Aria A555

I have a near mint condition Aria A555 with serial number 000350. When was it made and approximate value. I want to sell or trade it. Thank you.

Aria 12 string guitar serial no. 090333 model no. lw15 t-m

hi can anyone help

I have an Aria 12 string guitar

Serial number 090333

Model Number LW 1 5 T-M

Do you know the year of manufacture



Aria 12 String Serial # 246, ModelH-FA694 Japan

I too would like to date my Aria 12 string Acoustic: Serial # 246, ModelH-FA694. In pristine condition.

Dating Aria Guitar

Hi folks

Another one of many requests for dating an Aria Guitar, so apologies in advance.

I have acquired a Classical Aria Guitar, from what I can tell from the aged mucky label, it appears to be
Model Number A551. This is made in Japan, under Tatsuno.
The serial number only contains the number 1
Inside the guitar at the end of the neck, there is a date printed/marked 53.2.1
There is no date/stamp on the headstock, like others I have seen.

I had a passing thought, could it possibly be a prototype before these guitars where commercially released, around 4 years later? The date seems to coincide when this trio got together. I can only go off what limited information I could find, including forums/threads such as this.
I can send some pictures, if it would help in any form

Many thanks

Old Guitar

My son gave me a fantastic looking old acoustic guitar that he found at a yard sale. It has no name on it and only has the numbers 50.8 18 in black on the block in the sound hole. No one has been able to tell me what this guitar brand is as that number on the block is the only markings. I first thought, as did a lot of other people, that it was an old Gibson as it has the "open book headstock." It has an adjustable bridge. The original tuners have been replaced. The binding and markings look like an old Gibson. But one detail kept throwing the Gibson people, and me, off. This guitar has double dots at the 5th fret as well as the normal 12th fret. I have poured over images online for many hours. I finally found an old Aria with the open book headstock, copied after Gibson. That led me to look over images of old Arias. Just tonight I found two online with the double dots at the 5th frets. All that leads to this question, does anyone have any idea what year or model would have been assembled with the block marked as 50.8 18? Thanks


hi, do u want to sell it?


It could be a Showa (I'm not sure if I've remembered the name correctly) date to which you add 25 to the year so I get 18th Aug., 1975.

Aria 570

I have an ARIA 570. no serial number. The right age is difficult. She is my mother's guitar. She is at least from 1974. This was an average good guitar at the time. But unfortunately she can't ask for more information from her. She is now watching from above. It was her jewel. she sounds very beautiful.

Aria SG

my aria sg also doesnt have any serial number, do you know why? or any idea abou

Aria serial number

I have a Aria single cut Les Pauls style guitar.I would like to know how to read the serial number as for manufacturing date.The s/n on the back of the head stock is 516080049.


I am in the same boat. I have a left handed Aria Les Paul serial 517100098. I read somewhere that the first 4 digits are the week and year they were manufactured, meaning mine would be week 51 of 1971, and yours would be week 51 of 1960. Unsure how true this is. I have written to Aria regarding this 3 times now, but only seem to get an automated response telling me they will get in touch

Aria Guitar

Hello i recently acquired an Aria Diamond body that was gutted the only way i knew what it was is because of a label on the inside of it but where it say serial number it is blank i really want to rebuild it but need to know what model it is so i can get the right parts for it any help would be greatly appreciated I don't know how to post pictures but I can if somebody tells me how thank you

Manufacture date of my Aria Pro II RS Wildcat Plus guitar

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my request. I was given an Aria Pro II Wildcat Plus serial # C002516. I love the way it plays. I would like to find out the date of manufacture. Furthermore, I was wondering what a fair resale value it would bring. There are a few chips on the back, otherwise, great shape. Thank you for your input!

learning more about my Aria pro II RS Wildcat plus

I would like to learn the date of manufacture and a fair price for this instrument

Learning about my Aria Pro II

I would like to learn more about my Aria Pro II

Aria pro

John Taylor (DuranDuran) played them. They are beautiful basses. I toured with arias for years and to be honest only one bass was better. My $5000 Spector.
Wish I still had an electric aria. I do have a fretless f-hole acoustic now tho and she is BEAUTIFUL.

Aria jazz bass

Welcome all! I'm going to buy the Aria bass (jazz bass type). The serial number for this instrument is 4142281. Can anyone help me determine the date of production?

A551 serial 167

Hi, I just bought this guitar. I’m wondering what year it was made.

Help me with my Aria Sandpiper Please!

I just bought a used Aria guitar. It says "The Sandpiper" on the front of the headstock and has the serial number 304040G stamped on the back. It also has a laser-cut (closed) sound hole) and it is acoustic electric.

The label from the store says the following:

The Sandpiper
Acoustic Electric
Closed Sound hole
PR-500 N3 Pre-amp

Thanks in advance for your help!

Aria model # 5710 serial # 2163

I recently got this guitar no nothing about it. Can't seem to find it online. Date of manufacture?, value?....anything?

Aria pro II the CAT

I have Aria model pro II the cat 6string electric guitar red color.

S/N 6031058

So I wonder what year is made on and what is selling prise?

TNX in advance!

Aria Maestro MR-150

I have an Aria Maestro MR-150 that was made in 1978. It has a solid spruce top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. I am wondering how much the guitar is worth. Thank you.

Aria Maestro MR-150

I have one also. I bought it in early 1980's. I've been trying to find out how much it's worth for a long time. No luck yet! Please let me know if you get any info. ThanksZ

Aria 12 string

I have an Aria 12 string in great condition with a few scufs but no other damage.
I cant find any info online about it. Its AA400 ser#0025
any info on my guitar would be helpful thank you

Aria guitar

Hello, I inherited of my grandma’s guitar.
It’s an Aria model no. A551B. The serial # is 35042, made in Japan of course.
I would really like to know what year it was made. Anyone can help?
Thanks in advance.

Aria A-585 Serial Number 310

Can’t find ANY information online dating this guitar or its appraised value. Can anyone help?

Aria Stratocaster

Trying to find out age of my Aria Stratocaster
Serial #023761 Steel adjustable neck
Made in Japan.
Does anyone know where I can find this information?
Thank you

Aria proII PW70

I inhered a pw 70, it is wery hard to find anything abaut it.
I Wonder hove many were produced I know it is rear and from Japan.
It is in rosewood and have the Three of life on the neck and the back is tree pice.

Any information will help.

aria model 100 rosewood and tree of life

Hi , I have had one for 40 years and bought it second hand, in about 1974. Someone told me it is the first model 100, very few like our were made, normally they are fairly standard, without the fancy woods and inlay. They could have been special orders,
regards Mike

Dating Aria 6 string

Where and when was an Aria 6 string
made? Just acquired one.

Paper label AGP-001N

Any help would be appreciated. JB

Aria AC150F Flamenco made in Spain

I Recently purchased an Aria Flamenco AC150F with superb tone and playability. The Serial Number is 211233. Looks like the serial number is a small pasted sticker within the larger ARIA label which says handmade in Spain and supervised by Shiro Arai? Can't figure out the date of manufacture. Thank you ahead of time for your response!

Aria PE-R80

I have come to own an Aria solid body guitar. I looked on Aria's web site and determined it might be a PE-R80 from the pictures, Has four knobs and a really odd, lg headstock. The serial # is on a plate on the back of the body right below the neck- 1048649. Can you tell me anything about this guitar??? Thank you very much!!

Aria made in Japan model A 790

Just bought this repaired guitar from a thrift shop this aft.
The sound is beautiful and volume high.
Lucky for me the repair to the bridge is not subtle
but it is successful.
Any info on this hand crafted,
made in Japan, A790?

Aria Custom guitar

I have an Aria Custom guitar serial number 1522 model number.The model number is faded but it looks like a W to start off.
Can you give me more infor on this guitar. Oh yeah the guitar pick guard has drawings on it on top a butterfly and flowers on the bottom looks like a cutaway shape on the pick guard.

Thank You

Aria Classical Guitar Model AC -7 Details

I have an Aria guitar and all details I can see are:
Aria CONCERT GUITAR, Serial Number: 3401, Model: AC 7 (or 17 - it's unclear), MADE IN JAPAN.
How can I know when it was made and its value?

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