SRV Strat serial numbers

Posted by Eric on Thu, 08/29/02 - 23:12:59.

What are some of the SRV Signature Strat's serial numbers if anyone knows? Is a serial number of SZ2108843 significant in anyway? Or do the fender people just slap any old serial number on the guitars?

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Re: SRV Strat serial numbers

I wonder as well.. My SRV serial # is SE 926631 (the SE stands for Signature Edition) - which would seem to indicate a production year of '89 or '90 when I know for a fact that this model was not introduced into production until '92. Maybe I am in posession of a prototype. Stevie Ray Vaughn did indeed collaborate on this guitar model before his death in 1990. If anyone can offer any insight - it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks......

Re: SRV Strat serial numbers

I too am looking for some insight into the SRV serial no. Anyone? From what I have been able to gather the only way to determine the age is by taking the neck off. Would appreciate any info re the Fender SE serial no.s

Re: SRV Strat serial numbers

this is the only info ive seen on srv serial #'s

however, MY srv sig strat is a SN XXXXXX not SE XXXXX
Why do all srvs have SE #'s and mind has a SN#

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