H.S. Anderson electric guitar

Posted by mitch on Wed, 04/23/03 - 15:49:41.

would like information about and how much it is worth looks like a flying v or a polymodern v

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Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

: how i can know a guitar made under authorize by company

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

Hi guys,
I have an HS Anderson bass, 4 string, very heavy and only seen once more in my life an other one of it. I too can't find information about it, except that it was made by Morris in the late '70s. Currently I'm defretting it, hence I search around for pictures and info. The pickups sound really bad (I'm more a funk/jazz player than rock/pop) to me so those two single coils I will replace as well in the near future.


Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I bought my H S Anderson bass in Sydney Australia around 1978 and it is very heavy but looks quite good in a dark chocolate colour. I know nothing about them. Are they worth much?

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

: I bought my H S Anderson bass in Sydney Australia around 1978 and it is very heavy but looks quite good in a dark chocolate colour. I know nothing about them. Are they worth much?

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

i bought my h.s. anderson bask bass(bb-1) in japan, where i live, and i love it! i purchased mine for about $600 about three years ago.

H.S. Anderson bass guitar

It was a pleasant surprise to me to find references to the H.S. Anderson bass guitar on internet.
I owned one during the late seventies while living in New Zealand and regrettably sold it when moving back to Holland in 1980. I never forgave myself. It was a beaut bassguitar: heavy (which I like) with a good action. An electronics-friend had rewired the pick-ups to (somewhat) the sound of a Fender Jazzbass. Using nylon-wound strings and playing through a Rockit bass-amp (solid state) with 1 x 15" EV and 1 x 15" JBL bins, using heaps of bass + treble and very little mid-tones, it was the nicest bass I've played on.
Missing her like hell!

H.S. Anderson bass for sale

@ John van Prehn:
If you still miss it like hell: I've got an H.S. Anderson bass for sale (I live in Holland). It's old, it looks used, but it still plays and sounds great. I've owned it for 20 years and now I'm looking for something different.
Please contact me if you are interested.

H.S. Anderson bass

Hallo Joost,

Missing it is one thing, but buying another one depends on price and distance I'd have to travel to check it out.
Thing is that I don't really need it as I already have 2 other basses while I don't play much these days. So it's mainly a case of nostalgia.
But I may be interested and would like to hear from you in case the price and whereabouts are acceptable.
If you can enclose a photo it will be appreciated as I wonder if we're talking about the same model. Mine came out during the mid-seventies and seeing you owned yours for 20 years, I wonder if the model is the same?
Like to hear from you.

HS Anderson BB1


I have this bass in a good condition. I would sell it for 200 Euro.
I live in Germany, Oberhausen near by Duisburg, Essen …
Is it an offer for you? Or maybe for another one who is interested.
Tell me!

Best regards


HS Anderson Bass

Hi I would like to buy Your Bass Please contact me ynothawaii@yahoo.com. or call 503 568 6302. PLEASE Contact me and I WILL BUY IT.

HS anderson Bass

Hi Tom,

I'm now on this website, and the forum formatting is a bit strange, so i have no idea if this is a forum post or a pm,
but in any case, if that HS anderson bass is still for sale, i would be greatly interested!


Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I've got an ES 336 clone by HS Anderson, bought it in '86 (!) in the local music shop in Breda, Netherlands. I love this guitar, the way it sounds and looks, of course it's so familiar by now.
I don't know nothing about it, it's from Japan and that's all. Never seen any other HS Anderson guitars except from the internet.

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I just bought a HS Anderson B1 bass from 1973
in L.A.
I know there is one more bass in the Netherlands
from HS Anderson (a guy from Breda)
Are there any Belgium guys who own one ?

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

: Well, i just got H.S.Anderson Bask bassII from my friend.
: It's a P bass style with mint condition frame ash body and maple fret board. i saw "M.Shinoda 76-31-03" signed on neck at bolt joint and pickup slot position.
: sound is too more punch than P-bass 78'
: did anyone have more detail for this brand? Thx

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

: hi...all, i just got back ground of H.S.Anderson, H.S.Anderson's meen is Hidesato Siino's under son.

for more detail
pls see http://sammy11.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2009-09-12

thanks sammy11 for reference

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I've bought a BB-1 bass about 15 years ago from a guy in Groningen. A friend of mine has one too (he recently got it from his sister who lives in............ Breda)

It's a nice, heavy bass and I'm very happy it's mine

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

My H S Anderson bass has a nice rich tone and other than being a bit heavy plays really well. E-mail me with your thoughts.

HS Anderson Bass

Hello I would like to buy this Bass. Please contact me. ynothawaii@yahoo.com I will pay full price plus shipping. I really want this PLEASE! I can Pay now.

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I got one as well, medium scale double cut away, look a bit like an alembic. Sure is heavy, but comfortable to wear & play, I've only seen one before mine, in a musicstore in copenhagen. The pickups really suck, I've tried a P-bass pickup on it , it sounds p-baasy, but with a different kind of "hollowness" if you get it. A bit difficult to get throught in the mix, so I put a Dimarzio model one on it, but I haven't had the time to explore it. Sounds promosing though...

take care,Timo Lundgren, Sweden

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I would like information about and how much my guitar is worth it looks like one of the new line6 guitars (variax) you know the double cut body it has a pick gard close to a Gidson SG its pickup setup is a two mini humbucker.If you could e-mail me some info it would greatly appreciated.

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

: I have an HS-1 and I learned it was made in Japan custom by Vestax. They are rare collectables, Prince has some and are hard to find information on since so few were made. They are worth what someone will pay and are not listed in any reference book. Great rare guitars.

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I have an HS Anderson guitar. Behind the headstock it's written : "Hs Anderson - PART II by MORRIS"
On the neck (through body) before the last fret, there is an insert of pearl where are stamped the letter : HS 0S-2.
And on the last fret a date is stamped : 03.06.80
The logo on the front of the head is the same you can see on this guitar : http://www2.gol.com/users/maki/guitar/hs.JPG

What's look like your HS-1 ?

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

i also have one but it's a HS-A2. Can't see Morris anywhere but back of headstock has 2 rows of numbers- 206791 then 214
i live in Australia the guy i got it of is quite knowleadgeable and says they're Australian made (which contradicts previous repliers).this guitar was supposedly owned by Aussie muso John Swan (swanee) the half -brother of more famous Jimmy barnes of Cold Chisel fame. this is likely as the friend i bought it from lived in same location as both these guys. this has EMG pickups and sounds great, especially for that classic Santana sound (and i'm comparing it to a '63 strat and a Les Paul Signature Recording guitar against both of which it loses nothing.)Seems standard pickups not so good. Also can concur that is very heavy guitar weightwise.

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

i live in the philippines, i have h.s anderson houton guitar, i'm planning to sell it, it's a vintage guitar....

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

I have a HS A2 aswell, I bought it 78 in Germany. After a long search in the net I found out that it was made in Japan as a high level brand of Morris. Still love the guitar, heavy that's right but the sound is great.

Re: H.S. Anderson electric guitar

My dad owns a HS-A2 which he bought in the UK in about 1975, he has fitted DiMazzios and it sounds great. Of course it's also very heavy but in great nick.
Why doesn't anybody know much about these guitars? They are most likely Korean but have read many different stories.

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