Re: ELK Miyuki Guitar and Bass Amps

Posted by Drew-ski on Tue, 11/27/07 - 16:15:21.

: Someone was looking for information regarding ELK Guitar and Bass Amplifier Equipment. ELK was the Miyuki Co. Inc. in Tokyo Japan making tube amplifiers. One ELK model is the Fender Bassman like "Twin Amp 60", found in 50 and 60 watt versions, which also contains vibrato and reverb (not found on the Bassman Head). The power transformers appear to be the weak part of their products so make sure the voltage tap is set right and put a small fan or blower on the back of the amp to move air through the chassis. The classic layout uses and EL-34 output for some very nice tone...

: cheers,
: skipp

Look, I also own two Elk amplifiers, A Custom Amp 30 and a Custom Amp 60 which just arrived today from Canton Mississippi. The first I wrote a review at another site.

The second Amp (ELK Custom 60) I'm awaiting the amp schematic from a Viking 60 in which a amp tech scribbled some notes on the difference between the two.

I'm working on bringing back the third chassis (ELK Custom Amp 30) that been with me a while. I've either miss-read a value of a Capacitor due to poor eye sight or something..

If this is still a good address for you write back and lets talk tech..

Sites that Ive been too:

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Re: ELK Miyuki Guitar and Bass Amps

please help -newbie with Elk question(s)

Hey there, I have a elk custom 30 with 2x10 cab that I have been slowly restoring. I know these came with two 4Ω 10" speakers. So my question is where these wired parallel or series? I want to hook up 2 8ohm speakers on hand, but debating finding some 4ohm-even then not sure series or parallel. I cannot find schematic..The cab came empty when i got it and there is no marking on amp to determine what it is putting out. Does anyone have a clue?

On top of that I have a custom 100 elk-but can't find anything on it and need a schematic, has anyone heard of this one? It's been modded so definitely a project. Thanks!

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