Re: Elk guitar bulb-amp

Posted by Joe Fire on Thu, 02/12/09 - 08:20:10.

: : : : : : I've got an Elk guitar amplifier, type: eb105s
: : : : : : It has two 12" speakers.
: : : : : : Does anyone have some details on this amp?
: : : : : i have one with the same reference, but with 4 10" speakers.
: :
: : : : : did you find any schematics for the eb 105 s?
: : : : : greetings
: : : : : guenter
: : : I have a different Elk amp. Mine is a Twin
: : : amp 45. Just a head, not a combo. Looks like
: : : a blackface whatever. Does anybody have any
: : : info,
: : : schematics, or catalogs:?
: : : : My Elk eb105s also has 4 10" speakers. It didn't work when i bought it.
: : : : After i replaced the GZ34/5AR4 rectifier-tube wich was defective, it does
: : : : work now but still needs some little repairs, (tremolo doesn't function etc.)
: : : : so when i need to draw some partial schedules you can get them too.
: : : : B.t.w. Another Japanese guitar amp, the Pro-Sonic had a similar
: : : : pre-stage with tremolo and reverb, the difference is that the Elk has
: : : : a 60W power-amp part with EL34's instead of the weak EL84's (10W)
: : : : Of course, the Elk has also a stronger powersupply.
: : : : gtx, Ben

: :
: : Hi , I've got an Elk Twin Amp 60 Tube Top and the original Elk 2 x 12" Cabinet. Has anybody shematics for this amp or just some info's about the elk company? Please send them to me if you have. Thanks

: -Hi I'm dustin - I've also got an elk that was my uncles - the thing rocks, but I need more info or skematics.. does anyone have the 45 watt head? Do you know what Ohms the speakers are set up as? I'm wanting to replace the speakers in my Elk Cab. Thanks :)
Hi, I'm Joe Fire (USA) I have ELK schematics
ELK used 8 ohm speakers almost exclusively. I used to work for the company back in 69. What would you like to know? The GUITARMAN has a 4 ohm output. Two 8 ohm speakers in parallel have a combined impedance of 4 ohms. My first elk was a GUITARMAN. It is a nice combo. The 4-10s model has more power, but doesn't sound louder except maybe on the highs. I like the 2-12s because they have more bottom.
Regards, Joe Fire Sixbil/

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Good day Sir/Madam

Do you have a schematic available for a ELK EDB-60?


low volume presently

mesured hi voltage push pull ELK ES40 = 450 Volt and bias .034

ELK amps tube model es-40

hello me search circuit ELK amps tube model ES-40 trémolo/reverb

ES40 plans

I would also be looking for copies of plans for the ES40 model.... or any info on the model itself. Its a 2 X 10" combo with 2 EL34 in the power section... I need to overhaul it since it plays at a very low volume presently.

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