Re: Barclay Guitars

Posted by stratmangler on Wed, 03/07/07 - 12:24:54.

: I have found a Barclay guitar. No date on it but I know it is old. It does have a number on a gold sticker on the back of the neck. It is FG 19R. If anyone has any info about these guitars it would be appreciated.

- Hi elaine, try checking e bay for a similar guitar, i think there is one available. all I know is that in america barclay guitars were made by harmony, but here in asia barclay guitars are made in japan, I have a barclay guitar, it an electric les paul copy, probably from the late 70's. all I can say it sounds awesome,and the craftmanship is japan i think the company that manufactured these guitars is associated with guyatone. im not sure if harmony guitars is the distributing company in america. I hope this helps.

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barkley guitars

I dont know much about barkley guitars but my first electric was a barkley.It was two pickup with a vibrato, that was in 1971 boy was I cool ha ha. My mother bought it from some discount mail order cat. in Chicago I believe. I also got an amp but it wasnt as loud as my freinds Harmony so it was sent back & I got the same Harmony amp but I played it until I bought a Fender Mustang.The Barkley was a red sunburst kinda 60s color I have a Norma wall hanger that looks about the same.Sorry I cant offer more info.

I got given a twelve string

I got given a twelve string by my guitar teacher, he thinks its from the 60s. It definitely looks like it might have been. On the inside it says its a barclay and the serial number is 1277 and is made in japan.

Re: Barclay Guitars

: : I got a Barclay custom accoustic guitar. No date on it but I know it is old. can,t find serial# i thing it,s 1970 or 71 just want to know what list for thank.

Re: Barclay Guitars

I also have barclay gibson les paul copy, "let's play" music written on headstock.Don't know where and when it was made, sound really great.

Re: Barclay Guitars

I own a Barclay American made guitar, and have found out that they were made by the Harmony guitar company in Chicago around the time they were making Silvertones, Aldens and numerous other brands. The Unity Buying Services had Harmony make their guitars (similar to the Harmony lines) only with their headstocks and specs. Mine is a H74-3, which is found on the inner part of the body in a greenish type print. They guitars also will have another number on it such as f-67, which means it was made in July of 1967. These guitars featured high dollar features like DeArmond pickups, Maple bodies and necks, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboards and abalone pearl inlays, as well as nitro-cellulose finishes (which will crack as time goes by).

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