Re: Gibson Hummingbird Replica Acoustic guitar by columbus

Posted by Tom McCool on Wed, 01/26/11 - 07:06:36.

: : Hi guys, I have recently inherited a hummingbird replica acoustic guitar made by columbus, and am trying to price and date it. Im unable to find anything, anywhere on the net for this type of guitar made by columbus. I have a feeling its from around the 70's, but cannot be sure. Any ideas?

: hey
: i have a columbus hummingbird
: i bought it about a year ago and it was £185 so i don't know how correct that is . I was also told it was dated from late 60's early 70's hope this helps x

: Thanks!
My father bought me one in 1976, it was my first guitar, it cost £45 then. The sound was and still is awesome particularly with new set of strings. I saw one in a music catelogue in 1984, it was priced at £120, which surprised me, but when you hear it you can understand. I've still got it and play it and it still sounds awesome, I can understand now why the guy who taught me then (who played in a band) regularly asked to borrow it for gigs. I'm pleased I've turned down numerous offers for it over the years.

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Columbus humingbird copy

Hi there there are two on ebay .However I would check with buyer I dont rember my one having a sticker inside it and the other one does not have the name badge in the photo .If it is genuine it will be in mother of pearl.Happy hunting.Be careful mij guitars are being copied or sold for too much.

Columbus humingbird copy

I found a link which I found usefull badged guitars from Japan. heres loads of info - (HHTP torchharrison) has been collating info about 70s guitars allsorts.Thought this might be useful for this site.

Columbus Gibson Hummingbird Copy

Hi Guys,

I bought one of these new in November 1970 for some £31. 00 pounds sterling in Guildford, Surrey, England (from Andertons Music which is still in business).
Like everyone else's comments this is a brilliant guitar and still with me 40 years on. Well made, very versatile sound and can be played in many different styles. I have had no trouble with the guitar over all these years apart from replacing the top nut on the fretboard.
I believe from memory, that Columbus were just entering the market and were making a good effort to Copy the Gibson without regard to cost or mass production at that time.

I just tried pasting a photo of my guitar but this site doesn't seem to accept pictures which is a shame, to be taking about something that nobody can see, particularly a guitar. We all get off on Just How they look. Anybody want a picture of mine please e-mail me.

humming bird by columbus

hello people i have owned one since new in 1974 38 years its my oldest friend (except for my mum) it still plays and sounds better than any other guitars i have owned and still own down to six now . my x wife bought it for me in 1974 for 40 pounds not much now but a fortnights wages back then . the best present i have ever recieved in almost sixty years on this planet and is played almost every day had many offers for it over the years but i would rather sell my soul to the devil than part with my columbus humming bird

For Sale?

Hi, My mum used to have one of these when she was a teenager as a gift from my grandad. It was stolen from her in a bitter divorce with her husband, and she misses it greatly.

I desperately want to find her another one and give it to her as a gift. Do you know of any for sale? Is your one for sale? I'm willing to pay above the market value for it.
My email is

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