Posted by Uncle Brisel on Fri, 03/13/09 - 00:09:07.

: I am looking at a K. Yasuma Guitar that I believe may be a model 130. It has the Newance logo on the headstock and a serial number. There is no model number but the word Lackeys is on a label on the inside. Does anyone have any info about this guitar.

Uncle Brisel says:
I have a Yasuma Newance D-18 copy I bought from Harry Lackey's shop on Mercury Blvd. in Hampton VA in 1972. Harry was quite a character - had lots of old string band instruments in the glass counters out front and photos of Bill Monroe and other greats as they passed through the Tidewater area "back in the day". Harry had sold my mom a little GHI guitar that got me started playing and the Yasuma was my first "grown-up" guitar. I still have it and it is only now getting to where it needs a neck reset. Most of my friends bought or traded-up to the fancier D-28 style, but I have always liked the simple business of the one I have. The Yasumas were certainly priced right - I think I paid $85-90 for the guitar and $30 for a decent case for it. The pricier ones ran to just over $200. I have currently 5 guitars and I still think it is a sweet sounding thing. That guy in Japan picked out some nice wood and put it together quite well - I think it sounds better now than new.

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Yasuma Newance Model 130 guitar

We have a Yasuma Newance model 130 guitar that we are considering selling and wonder what it is worth. Like the size and sound.

Yasuma Custom model 46

Hello all Yasuma lovers,
I have a 1960s? model 46, rather smallish sort of parlour guitar that I have had since my teenage years. It is a lovely old box and I still play it every day.
It has a lovely bright tone and works best with strings .009 to .042, I find.
I have never seen another Yasuma guitar of any kind here in Australia although I believe a number of them made it here.
Just appreciating a great little guitar.

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