Rare Yamaha SBG2000

Posted by AA on Tue, 09/02/03 - 14:15:01.

I have a Yamaha SBG2000 (Serial Number 051313) - yes that's SBG not SG.

I've had it from new and bought it in Sept 1982. It was in the shop only an hour after delivery from the distributer when I nabbed it.

When I bought it, I was told that it was made when Yamaha was undergoing a lawsuit brought by Gibson over the designation SG which Gibson later lost. The SBG designation was to see them through this period of about 9 months until they won, after which they returned to the SG lettering. In all other respects I believe that it's the same as other SG2000's of about that time. It's tobacco brown sunburst and has the original Yamaha Hard case.

I'm trying to find out more about it and whether that tale is true - equally importantly - how much is it worth?

Does any one know of a source of infomration that might help me??



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Serial numbers

I have a Yamaha SBG2000 but serial number is somehow faded out, I cant make it out it seem like it was printed on the headstock oppose to be engraved. How can I find a way to figure out recovering the serial number my SBG?

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

SBG was the designation given guitars made for Japanese distrubution. They distributed them in the states anyway because of the lawsuit. but originally, the B designation was Japanese distributuion. There are other models that are SBG as well.

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

In good nick it may be sold for a grand or maybe more, based on ebay auctions. Its a players guitar, not a collectors guitar. People are too in love with Gibsons and Fenders to make the Yamaha a major collectors piece. Just as well IMO, I hope the stock broker collectors dont ruin them for us like they did with old Gibsons and Fenders.

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

I just bought a dark green SBG 2000. I have no idea how old it is, but I assume it's not one of the recent reissues, since it's a bit beat up in places. But it plays excellent, and the wiring is all good. (I may have to replace one of the pots.) It was with the leather case. I found it at a Salvation Army. Guess how much? One hundred. Yes, one hundred dollars!

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

It's still called sbg 2000: http://www.yamaha.com/guitars/sbg/0,,CTID%25253D5040746,00.html

Santana played one, of course, before the PRS era. I think the Yamaha sounded better. His Yamaha was very much customized. The sound woods were not maple/mahagony, the pickups were custom, and of course the inlay was unique.

Still, these are prized guitars. Do you have pictures you can email me? If so, please try to capture the grain front back, etc...


Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

Are you still looking for info. on your SBG?

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

:I would also be interested in knowing the value of this guitar as my son owns one in excellent condition..

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

I have one and was thinking about selling it to get something else. I have had it since 1990.

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

: :I would also be interested in knowing the value of this guitar as my son owns one in excellent condition..

Re: Rare Yamaha SBG2000

i rescued a beautiful 1980 tabacco sunburst sbg,in 1997 at a pawn shop in fl.as soon as i saw it i went to the atm.300 bucks sealed the deal.this is my favorite axe.yamaha just started making these again not long ago,now their 2000.00 bucks.if you have one don,t sell it.because when you miss it,youll pay about 1000.00 bucks on ebay to get another one.in my opinion this is one of the best looking and best guitars out.

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