Kasuga G-250 Classic Guitar

Posted by al on Wed, 09/07/05 - 16:09:24.

I know nothing about guitars. My in-laws just gave my wife a Kasuga G-250 Classic Guitar that she says she took a few lessons with when she was a kid. It is in mint condition and at least 30 years old. Can anyone educate me on this guitar or where to find information on it, if it's a good guitar, worth anything, etc. THANKS.

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Kasuga G-250 Classical Guitar

This was a budget instrument made between 1972 and 1974. It looked good and was very well finished but was an all-laminated construction with appropriately mediocre sound quality.

Re: Kasuga G-250 Classic Guitar

Al, I wonder if you're still there, but here's my info.

Kasuga WAS a guitar manufacturer based in Nagoya/Japan ... which doesn't exist anymore. Although it was famous for copying electric guitars like Gibson (this line was named "Ganson"), Kasuga also produced flat-tops, classical guitars, mandolins and banjos.

I own a Kasuga G-200.

Kasuga G-250 Classical Guitar

The "warm tone" is a description often used by some to describe the relatively dull, lifeless voice of an all-laminate constructed budget instrument. The Kasuga G-200 and G-250 classical instruments were of this ilk; they looked good and were well finished but ultimately from the low-end of the market.

Re: Kasuga G-250 Classic Guitar

I also own a Kasuga G-200, classical guitar. I have still not played any other guitar with the same warm tone. I believe tha Kasuga is worth much more as an instrument than as a collectors item. Right now I am looking for a western-guitar, and I would gladly buy a Kasuga instead of a Martin.

Kasuga Guitars

Assuming you are of sound mind, your reason for buying a Kasuga instead of a Martin, can only be due to lack of funds. They bear absolutely no comparison in either sound quality, standard of craftsmanship or reputation.

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