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Posted by Tuneman on Thu, 03/02/06 - 23:32:01.

Hey all! Can anyone tel me where I can get a really detailed history of KAPA axes, including looking how and where to look up the date of the guitar from the serial number on the backplate of the neck? Did KAPA have a decent numbering system, or was their numbering system off the wall? I have been Google-ing for a while, but I can't find anything but a quick overview of the company and it's founder online. I can also use some tips on replaceing the toggle switches...I just picked up a metalic blue Continental 12 string with a whammy bar and the only thing that really needs to be done is to have the 2 toggle switches replaced. I am a bit hesitant to do the repair myself as the finish is already crackeling, and I do not want to take a chunk out when I take the face plate off! BTW, when I have the face plate off, are there any other sugggestions of simple yet essential tune up requirements to brighten up the sound a bit? I never heard of KAPA before I saw the axe (as of yet still unnamed), yet I just fell in love with it when I saw it. Any and all info would be MORE than appreciated!!! Thanks much and have a rocking, jazzy Spring :-) Pax... Tuneman

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Re: KAPA Guitars

i just bought the same Kapa 12 string, but mine is the maroon color...
I just set it up and it works great, minus the same toggle switch issue. I would not hesitate removing the switches and replacing them... as long as they are wired the same way the old ones were, there shouldn't be a problem. I belive these guitars are the only 12 strings ever made that have a tremelo system, which makes them very special.... can you belive that these keep tune perfectly, even after wailing on the tremelo bar? AWESOME!

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