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Posted by Victor on Sat, 04/26/08 - 21:28:42.

: : : Well, let me join the "I got a Conn too" club. In fact, I have two. One's a 12 string F-27 (three piece back) and the other has a plastic bowl back like an Ovation. Both are nice guitars. Especially the F-27. I took off the doubler strings because I hate to tune that many strings. But the sound is excellent. I own seveal guitars (one is a custom made Gallagher G-70 I bought from Mr. Gallagher back in 1976) and I must say that the Conn sound is

not that much inferior to the G-70, and I only

paid $30 for the Conn at a yard sale. The finish is great also.

: : : The plastic one (not sure of the model) is a perfect knock around guitar. I take it to bluegrass festivals when I camp out and jam around the campfire. In a pick up baseball game, you could probably lay down a bunt with the back of that guitar.

: : : I just found this website message board and haven't had chance to read all the Conn messages. I'm still looking for info (like everybody else) on who the heck made my guitars. I'm sure they are not worth much on the market, so I'll keep mine.

: : : Thanks,
: : : Bert

: : : I have a Conn 12-string, purchased new in December 1977. The model and serial numbers are hand-engraved; the Serial Number is 27760749, and the Model Number appears to be F2712, best I can tell.....the author wasn't very meticulous with his engraving pen, but I've concluded it's a 12-string version of a Model F27 (if there is such a model). The serial number could include a date code - we could assume 277 is the week 2 of 1977, which is a dating code used by many manufacturers. Your guitar's serial number beginning 3976 would be week 39 (September?)1976.

: : : : :
: : : : : : : With all of the inquiries into CONN guitars, you would think there would be more info available online...but NOOOO...I myself have a CONN s/n 39761098 Model T19 (?) but cannot find any info on it. Also, from what I understood, the first two digits of the S/N were the year, but that's not possible with this one...since the factory was moved to Japan in '69 and this one says; "C.G.CONN LTD., OAKBROOK, ILLINOIS - Made in Japan" its not likely this was made in '39. '76 maybe, but not '39. Anyway, I shall climb into the same boat that every other CONN owner appears to be in...
: : : : : : : Any info is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
I bought also bought a C100 CONN at a second hand store for 24.95 even though it was made in japan this guitar is very well made and sounds great I own several classicals in cluding a top of the line Takamini and I'll tell you what this thing sounds as good or better, I think it's a 1971

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I haves conn guitar and would like to know what year it is?

I just got this conn acoustic guitar and don't know much about them but really would like to know the year and if it worth anything so I can insure it or not in my house. This is the info I have. The serial# is 57740375 and the model is something 27, it kind of looks like a part T and part H together or something like that. If you need a picture of it let me know. Thank you and hope to hear from someone today.

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