Stolen Baker USA B1 Serial# 064

Posted by Mike Hill (via moderator) on Mon, 12/18/06 - 01:04:21.

(Originally posted 16:41:07 12/16/06)

This Baker USA B1 #064 guitar was stolen from my house in Vancouver Washington. My house was broken into and ran-sacked. The guitar has a natural clear finish over a AAAAA figured maple top with black binding. The body back is one piece mahogany. Three piece mahogany neck mahogany with a figured maple strip in the middle. Ebony fingerboard with figured maple binding. Black hardware. Two humbucker Seymour Duncan pickups. Sperzel tuners. Buzz Feiton tuned. Only two abalone inlays on the twelfth fret. One volume knob and one three way chrome switch. This was one of two guitars stolen. The other guitar was a Fender Telecaster which I recovered from Briz Loans Pawn shop in Vancouver. The person responsible for pawning the Tele is Anthony Gibson Miller. "Tony" or "T-Mosh" has a criminal history of Theft and Methanphetomine possession. He currently has a warrent out for his arrest and is on the run. He does not live in one place. He roams from house to house amongst his friends in the Portland, OR. Vancouver, WA. area. I am offering a cash award for his capture/arrest and safe return of my of my Baker #064.

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success story, baker

success story, baker returned safe and sound

Success Story

Nice to know that you got your guitar back! It should give other guitarists with missing axes hope. Some pictures would be nice :)

i wish you would call me,

i wish you would call me, i've got practice tonight and other errands to run and i'm kind of waiting on your call

Hey, I am sorry for the

Hey, I am sorry for the delay, I just had major major surgery and have not been able to do much. when i did check my e mail itshowed no new messages from you. I am truly sorry, no I am not a joke, or a thief, or any of those other things you said. I am just a fellow musician who would like to see this guitar back in the hands of its owner as it belongs no other hands then yours.... would you like to meet at the bowling alley in hazel del on hwy 99? i will check this site continuously for your reply. I can meet you tonight if you like

Yes I will meet you.

Yes I will meet you. Please let me know when & where?

i sent you a number to call

i sent you a number to call me at to your tribulation e mail address

just called..

just called and left message. I can head that way right now. Please call me back? Very excited to have my baby back. :-)


I have names:
Anthony aka T-Mosh
Samuel aka Sam
I know about one of you who sold the blue top 7 string guitar to the older man at the Grange swap meet for $200. You had long hair.

You should return the mans stuff.

... and Kelly...

... and Kelly who sells stolen items on eBay.

this msg is to the anonymous

this msg is to the anonymous person who posted comment. whoever you are you should mind your own business, as you have no idea what your even talking about, not to mention completly wrong. I know none of those people.


Samuel David Hess
Robert "Bobby" McKinney
Frederick Morrel
Kelly Marie Buchheit
Anthony Scott Gibson

to anonymous, once again

to anonymous, once again WRONG don't know none of those people either. don't you have something else to do. apparently you know these people quite well, middle names and all. now plz stay out of my conversation


Amp: Brown Sovtek MIG-50, missing knobs on front. Mesa tubes inside.

Is this some kind of joke?

Is this some kind of joke to you? Are you doing this to just tease & mentally torture me by flaunting that you know where my stuff is? Or maybe you bought my Baker knowing it's stolen and you don't want to let it go now? Or maybe you're afraid of getting caught?
None of that matters to me. I just want my belongs back. I am not a rich man. I am laid off. I have little children to feed. These instruments could sustain my family right now. My whole life was turned upside down.
It is obvious to me by your questioning that you know the whereabouts to at least two of my guitars. Most likely more. I have cooperated with your interrogation & have answered your questions. I know the temptation to keep my belongs for yourself or to profit from by selling them is real. For all I know you could be apart of an underground crime/theft syndicate that steals hard earned material possessions from innocent people thinking that you'll get rich or to support your drug habit.

Just do what is right & return my stuff.

Email me & I will give you my number. We can meet in Vancouver somewhere.

have not heard from you, so

have not heard from you, so i'm assuming your validity is questionable. so this conversation is pretty much over.

Where'd you go?

Where'd you go? This thread is not being moderated very fast or there's a delay in the system here. Please email me so we can communicate faster. I don't want to give out my ph# on this public thread. I can send you photos of the guitar(s) as proof that the Baker & any others are mine. Please, please be a good person. I sincerely would love to get my stuff back. Please read through this thread. I have answered all your questions the same day as you asked them. Can you give any information now about my guitar?

email me?

Being that this site is public, I'd like to move to email. Are you good with that? From there I can send you photos of the various guitars that were stolen for your verification of my validity.

Detail on the Custom Tele I built

One detail on the Ash body Custom Tele I built... The neck plate is counter sunk into the neck heel of the body to were the top of the plate will be flush with the back of the body. The neck plate is chrome & has "Fender" on it. Near to the neck heel there will be two small holes in the body from when I had previously installed a lipstick style pickup before I made the pearloid pickguard & installed the DiMarzio humbuckers. The bridge pickup is a DP159 Evolution with Allen wrench style pole pieces (black) & for the life of me I can't remember now what model I put in the neck position, but I do remember it had traditional chrome pole pieces.

Thanks again. I hope this helps.

I'm here! :-)

I'm here. I replied to your questions yesterday & today. Please the other replys in this thread. I forgot to answer one of your questions. I don't know the Briz loan guys outside of there shop itself. I have done business there a bunch of times and they would know me if they saw me. Scott would know my name and recognize me for sure. And all of them would definately recognize me. I recovered two of my stolen guitars from them.

I'm here! :-)

I didn't think you were going to respond. I didn't receive an email notice of your responce. On my previous reply I accidently left the anonymous title on there instead of my initials.

was hoping to hear from you

was hoping to hear from you tonight, as I thought we could meet somewheres

Hi there, I apologize for

Hi there, I apologize for the interragation, but being a fellow musician and knowing what I know about what was done to keep this guitar safe, secure, and untouched, in absolutely pristine condition, I have to be sure who I am dealing with. So a few more questions I have ask. Can you tell me what all was taken from you? Was your signature on any piece, if so which one? Do you know the guys at briz guitar store? Last did the baker have strap locks, what color was the strap if any. thank you

Event 20/20 studio monitors

I forgot to mention that I had some Event 20/20 studio monitors were stolen as well. They were grey in color & had 8" speakers. They were not self powered. They needed an external amp to power them.
Hopefully these replies will get to you in a timely manner. I think there is a communication delay on this site.

Thank you.

Thank you for the interrogation. I know everything about it. It the guitar is in the same condition as it was when it was stolen it should have heavy gauge strings on it. It may have been tampered with since. As for the strap locks (if they haven't been changed since) they were black Schaller strap locks. If I remember correctly, it had an Ernie Ball guitar strap. I remember the strap being black as well although it may have been a different color. If not black, it would be red or green. Pretty sure it was black though. I had a lot of Ernie Ball straps at that time and they all kind of got.used with various instruments. It had Seymour Duncan pickups. I had just put a Duncan "Phat Cat" P90 in the neck position before it got stolen. It may have been taken out since.
I had a great deal of things stolen from me in that last burglary at my storage. I had a Gibson Les Paul taken in the same burglary. Serial #9 0777. It has a one piece mahogany body & neck which has a transparent dark brown stain on them. It has a flame maple top with an amber Trans over the top. Black hardware:White pearloid (moto) binding around the body top & the rosewood fingerboard as well as the electronic plates were made from pearloid (moto). It had black hardware as well. The hardcase was orange with brown around the outer rim & yellow velour inside.
Silver Fender Telecaster "Fat Tele" (humbucker in neck position). Rosewood fingerboard. Pearloid pick guard. Serial #Z4033392
Custom (made by me) Telecaster with "Messiah" written on the front of the headstock in black. On the back my full signature is written on the back of the headstock in red & gold. Two piece ash body, dual DiMarzio humbuckers, white pearloid pickguard. Black Sperzel Tuners with pearl buttons. It was in a black road star gig bag.
I had about four amps stolen. Johnson millenium, couple epiphone valve jrs. A green two twelve speaker cab with celestion vitage 30's in it.
A Mac 90 Chinese made semi auto rifle.
A bunch of guitar pedals in a SKB pedal case.
A Kodak digital camera.
Some Halloween costumes of my wifes even!
There was much more. I would have to dig up the Police report to remember the rest of it.

Stolen Baker USA B1 #064

You can contact me at the following email:

From there we will discuss the details of your legitimacy before I give out a number.

Thank you for your past efforts to contact me. I was unaware of this specific guitar site until yesterday.

OK, check it, maybe you

OK, check it, maybe you might want to consider speaking a little bit more politely to the person who may have information on the whereabouts of said guitar. You say you never heard of this guitar site. Then who posted the ad 6 yrs ago? And how did I know your name, duh, its posted at the bottom of the ad. Tell ya what you describe to me the case in full detail. The shape, number of locks, color and style of the inside, color of the outside, handle. Also does the guitar have straplocks, describe the headstock, tuning pegs and their location, any imprints or labels/designs if so what are they. iF you can answer we will talk.

Baker information.

If you need more imformation to verify that this is my guitar don't hesitate to ask.
I forgot to mention that the finish is a natural clear finish unless someone refinished it since it was stolen.

Firstly, my apologies if my

Firstly, my apologies if my use of words sounds course. I was burglerized twice within 2 1/2 years of each other. This can make someone a bit paranoid when it comes to the ability to trust anyone who says they have this kind of information. This guitar has immense personal sentimental value to me. I had it made to my exact specs from Gene Baker himself back in 2001ish.
The guitar headstock:
Angled headstock. 3/32 thick figured ("flame maple") maple overlay with abalone "Baker" insignia in the middle. The tuners are black Sperzel locking tuners. Three on each side. On the back of the headstock the serial #064 is located at the top in the middle stating only 064. Just above the falute (the bump behind the nut on the back side of the headstock) it will have a tuning fork with a lighting blot going through it with the words "Buzz Feiten Tuning System" with a US patent number. All the lettering on the back of the headstock is black. The headstock shape is a pretty simple looking design. It tapers down and becomes more narrow at the top where there are two inward archs or swoops which come to a point in the middle, but that point does not stick out any farther than outside points. The nut is made out of black delron. The trussrod cover is exactly the same shape as the headstock & made out of "flame maple" as well. It looks like a miniature headstock. Two small black screws hold it on.
The case:
Has black tolex on the outside.
It has four latches total. The middle latch on the handle side is a lock. The fourth latch is in the middle on the back side.
The hardware on the case is gold (probably worn down by now).
The handle is black leather like material that loops through a bracket on each side of it & has a flat piece that folds around the middle holding it together.
It has a very nice purple-ish/maroon-ish colored velour on the inside with a pocket (with a lid) located in the middle of the case underneath where the neck would lay.
Please keep in mind that it has been a long time since I have posted anything about this guitar and its being stolen. I remember putting it on stolen guitar registry .com, but didn't remember putting it om this one. I actually think the two site are linked some how.

baker 064

I have been trying for 2 years now to find Mike Hill, I have done everything short of calling the cops. Which I did not do cause if I can;t find him and they can't find him either then the guitar in question goes to some cop auction. This is my final attempt.

Do you have my Baker #064?

Who are you & if "Mike Hill" was my name how would you know it? Do you have my Baker #064 or know the where abouts to any of my gear that was stolen? $18,000 worth of my hard earned belongings where stolen from me. I recovered this guitar once before doing my own investigation after it was stolen the first time. It took me 1 year 3 months to find it. It was stolen again out of my storage. My insurance wouldn't cover it. Please contact me again with any information you may have. I have been laid off and my family is on the verge of homelessness.

send me either your phone

send me either your phone number or e mail and we will talk

My Stolen Baker USA B1 #064

You can contact me at the following email:

From there we will discuss the details of your legitimacy before I give out a number.

Thank you for your past efforts to contact me. I was unaware of this specific guitar site until yesterday.

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