Re: Guild Madeira guitars Model A12

Posted by Melanie on Tue, 04/07/09 - 09:04:28.

I was given a Madeira 12 string large guitar along with my two brothers, Christmas 1970. Model A-12, abalone I guess, dont remember any abalone? I do remember the label saying Guild A 12 and it was the most awesome guitar I ever had.. I learned to play on it and have never stopped. It was stolen from me and there is one just like it on Ebay on consignment. But, I just got a Dean 12-string that is awesome for around $550 at Guitar Center a few months back that is also electric even though I dont use it that way much. I prefer this guitar over the many I have including acoustics and electrics as I am a strummer and picker. Sears sold the Madeira to my parents for about $50 each. They want $300 on ebay. It had awesome sound though. And easy to play, I was able to play it and write songs the first day I owned it. Taylor and Guild and Dean are great guitars. Well I still love my Ibanez hollowbody and elecs and Schecter Hellraiser is awesome long as I have the pedal board and goodies. But most of all I just wanted to tell you that a Guild is a great long lasting guitar! I took that thing to the beach, I lemon oiled it to clean it I loved it and it slept next to me at many a camp fire. It had a stell neck and awesome action. I miss it ;-(

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I just got an A-12

I got it at an online auction for $82, but I can tell from the pictures it's pretty beat up. It even has holes in the side, but that never stopped Willie Nelson. What I am concerned about is if it will need a neck reset. 12 strings of pressure over 30 years is a lot!

I'm going to have it shipped to my 16 year old niece because she lives a lot closer, and ask her to string it up for me and bring it when she comes to visit in a few months. But what if it's so good she won't give it up? Then she'll get a new vintage 12-string guitar, I guess - LOL! Giving people guitars makes me happy. Say Hi to Arlo for me, and tell him he was amazing at the Newport Folk Festival in 1985.

Guild Madeira Guitars

Hello! I see lots of folks asking about & relating their stories about the various Guild Madeira Guitars. They ARE great aren't they!?.... I bought my first one about 20 years ago at a Guitar Show in Indianapolis IN. I was looking for a decent acoustic guitar to use for open tunings with a brass slide to play the great ole' "Delta Blues". I found an, A-30M that fit the bill. I think I gave about $160 & it had a clap board case... It turned out to be just AWESOME! I gave it to my nephew about 8 years ago for his 21st birthday, just on the spur of the moment. He seemed to like it & needed a good beater, back seat type of guitar as he was moving to Portland OR. He played my Ovation & the Madeira & I asked which one he liked best, and surprising me he said the Madeira. (Good thing. Coz he wasn't getting my Ovation I bought new in 1972!) Anyway, he still has it & he's sent me pictures of it in all kinds of places all around the country! The Oregon Mts. (Moultnomah Falls), the desert, grand canyon, Babtist Church in MISS, New Orleans Swamp, Sunset Strip, Nashville TN, Houston TX, Cocoa Beach FL, Pike Place Market in Seattle WA..... and on & on.... I put them in an album. Pretty cool huh?... I had taken it a long way & figured it was time for a "changing of the guard", so to speak. I'd written lot's on songs on it & he's done the same.....
Anyway, that started my love affaire with Madeiras. I currently have 4. Another A-30M, an A-12, an A-6 and a P812 which I just bought last week! It's the huge Blond Maple 12 string. Lordy! That thing sounds good!.... So, if you have a question or a story, I'd just love to hear them!!!! You know, we should start a club, a group, or uh...??? A movement...Yes! A MOVEMENT!!!!! As my good friend Arlo (Yes, THAT Arlo!) would say!...... So come-on you Madeira freaks! Jump on board the Madeira train!!..... Send your stories to me at and if I get enough entheusiasm, I'll post them all somewhere!.... Sounds like fun doesn't it!? And this is for young & old & everybody in between! I'm Mike & I'm a 60 year old Madeira Freak!!

Guild Madeira

To Melanie. I have a guild Madeira model A12. Almost the same story. Got it for Christmas when I was 16 and have drug it everywhere since. Also a "picker". I considering selling it. I think I need a 6 strung in my old age. Are you interested?

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