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"75 Customized Strat

Hello - I have a 1975 Fender Strat (Olympic White) that I bought used in 1979. It has a different pickup switching configuration that I haven't seen on any others. It has a separate 3-way micro switch for each of the 3 pickups, with settings of "in phase" / "off" / "out of phase" (according to the guy I bought it from). Has anyone out there ever seen anything similiar to this setup on a 70's vintage Strat? Is there any chance that this could have come out of the Fender Custom Shop? Thanks for your comments.

screw sizes

hey does any1 know the screw size for the screws under the tremolo bridge on the Stratocaster? Because mine is missing one.

My strat

Anyone know when mine might have been made. Its a Squier Stratocaster, Squier in silver on the headstock, 21 frets. It has really nice tone, and I wanna know why. its serial number is E1037260. Any comments appreciated.


I want to know about this stratocaster.Iam new on computers.Peace andhelp vietnam vets live again.

Squier II

Squier II

This popular thread has been given its own page : Squier II

Where was my Strat Manufactured?

I just bought a Strat. It has 2 single pickups and a double at the bridge(FAT STRAT?). On the bottom of the Fender logo printed "with synchronized tremolo". Nowhere on the guitar can I find where it was made. I was just told that it may be Japanese and would like to confirm it. The serial number is E740181.
If you can help me! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was my Strat Manufactured?


some information about Mexican strat the luxe

I've a new strat but now nothing about it like, materials wood, pickups and so on where can i find that ?

Thanks a lot, dries



I'm Emanuele Parretti from Rome, Italy.

I've a Fender Stratocaster Serial Number 1001842, natural color, 21 frets, 3 way switch.

I've bought it in an old guitar shop in Rome.

I'd like to know the exact Model Name, the Manifacturing Year or Period.

Thank you very much.

73's Strato

I have a 1973's Strato. It's really cool!
Let's talk about 70's Strato.

Re: 73's Strato

Excuse me,

Could you tell me, please, the Serial Number of your guitar please?

I've a Stratocaster S.N. 1001842, and I would know the model of it...


Re: 73's Strato

: Excuse me,

: Could you tell me, please, the Serial Number of your guitar please?

: I've a Stratocaster S.N. 1001842, and I would know the model of it...

: Thanks.

The serial number of my strato is 1001842. Could you help me about the year of manufacturing?

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