Re: Alvarez Dove Guitar Model 5024

Posted by Guitarzan (via moderator) on Mon, 02/27/06 - 23:54:52.

(Originally posted 09:45:21 2/18/06)

I bought an Alvarez Dove back in 1976. I had to part with due to needing money to help out finacially about two years later. I kicked myself for selling it for 25+ years. 3 years ago I ran into some extra cash and saw a Dove on Ebay. I put a maximum bid of $750 on it but won it for 275. It had a "ding" on it that recognized. As it turned out, after I got it, I ran the numbers back with the music store that I purchased mine from. Can you believe this? It came back as me being the original buyer when it was new! It was out of my hands for 27 years. I had to do some work on it. The tunematic bridge was m
issing parts. I bought a brass bridge off of Ebay and replaced the damaged one. It need a lot of cleaning and the neck had to be adjusted. I have recently replaced the bridge pins with brass abalone pins. I have taken it with me to several guitar shops and have yet to find any guitar that has the tone and sustain that my Dove has. I have vowed to never part with it again. I have a few other acoustic guitars including, Takamine, Fender and an older Taylor and my Dove is still my favorite. If anyone has an Alvarez Dove, I recomend that they hang onto it. Someday, these guitars will be worth far more than they sell for on Ebay. I was offered $950 for mine and didn't even give the offer a second thought when I said NO deal.
Keep your Dove and enjoy!

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Re: Alvarez Dove Guitar Model 5024 (bridge?)

Hi, i also have a 5024 but i have a question. does any les paul tunematic bridge fit on this guitar? i read that you replaced yours. mine was missing when i bought the guitar for 50 bucks, just an empty space.
i hear these guitars sound great and i am anxious to get it going. any info you may have regarding this would be greatly appriciated. thanks!

Re: Alvarez Dove Guitar Model 5024

Does anyone know the scale length on a 5024 dove?

Thank you,

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