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Posted by Adde on Wed, 07/21/04 - 18:29:45.
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Are Rockland guitars a reliable brand of guitar? (esp. for beginners?)

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Re: Rockland guitars

: Are Rockland guitars a reliable brand of guitar? (esp. for beginners?)

Re: Rockland guitars

: : Are Rockland guitars a reliable brand of guitar? (esp. for beginners?)

I have a Rockland FG-060-DGBL. This is the Fender Jaguar copy. I bought it as a cheap guitar to give a custom paint job to. I played around with it for a couple months before painting it. I would definitely say it's worth the $100 I spent on it.

Its sound can't compare with my Epiphone LP-100, but there's no noise out of my Spider amp and it sounds fairly good practicing unplugged. The two single coil and one humbucker set up makes for a rather wide variety of sound.

The only problem I have with this guitar is that with the factory strings and the preset action, the strings vibrate on the frets. You'd have to fix the action and perhaps by a new set of strings.

But you can't beat such a cheap guitar, that actually works this well.

The frets are ground down extremely well, playing it is much more comfortable than the Epiphone Les Paul Special II I tried when I first started playing guitar. (A guitar which costs $130)

The neck is nice and relatively thin, easy to play.

There were a few blemishes on the paint job, but nothing that stood out too much.

Most people take the Tremolo bar off when they first start playing guitar, to prevent them from playing around with it.

I use the tremolo on this guitar and it takes a few songs to get way out of tune.

Most importantly to me, the guitar is comfortable both standing strapped to your back and resting on a knee while your sitting and playing.

I'd also like to mention that all the parts on this guitar are cheap. If you find you really like it after using for a while, it would be a matter of maybe $50 to $200 to update it with new parts, pickups, strings and controls, to turn this into a mean shredding machine.

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