Vintage Ibanez Guitars

Vintage Ibanez Guitars

Information, photos, collections, research, advertisements, classifieds. All the stuff that makes Vintage Ibanez guitars great!

The Vintage Ibanez site will be online around mid January, 2000. We will have info, catalog scans, old magazine ads, many photos of the guitars, collectors corner, featured collections, classified ads for free. Lawsuit models, Iceman, Artist, Destroyer, Rocket Roll, Musician, Bob Weir, George Benson, Paul Stanley, etc. Lots of GREAT stuff!

If you have a collection to share with the world, or just some pics of old Ibanezes, email me.

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A800853 model m342av

Just looking for info or value ,inherited this guitar with hard case thanks

Ibanez V300L

I have a great sounding 1986 Ibanez V300L. The Specs for this model are found in the following sites:

Interesting that the body and neck of this 1986 V300L model is made of Nato wood from Central and South America...
It is a very beautiful wood and sounds great.

1976 Ibanez Acoustic Concord Series Model# 699

I have an old Flattop Concord Series acoustic, Model # 699 from 1976. I am about to have it restored. Does anyone out there have or know where a bridge and saddle for this guitar?

356 vintage ibanez guitar

whats the current pricing on the vintage made in japan ibanez no.356?

model # 4070 electic/accoustic guitar

i want to find out what my guitar is and it's value. it is an ibanez with model #4070 no other markings on it. i know it's pretty old cause it was my fathers and he died in 1974 and it was old at that point any help would be appreciated.

Ibanez V310BK or Ibanez V300TV

Hi...I am looking for an Ibanez V310BK and / or an Ibanez V300TV. We used to have these particular models when I was a kid playing and singing in church. They got gone over the years and I would like to try and replace them again. Thanks!

Ibinez V310BK Acoutical Guitar

Are you still looking for one. I was given this as a gift about 5 years ago. Never took it out of it's case until today. Mint condition.

Ibanez V310BK

If you still have this guitar I am interested. Please advise with condition, price and shipping to Canada,, Thanks Gord

Do you still have the v310?

Do you still have the v310?

Ibanez A300BS serial number 81110643H

Hi just wondering I have this vintage guitar how much is it worth
I want sell it but need to know prices 1982 Japanese arched back
32 years old? Good condition couple of scuffs nothing major.
Based in Australia


Bout $A300-350. Good looker but arched back a failed experiment unless you can hold it away from your body!

Wanted to buy

Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of a 1973 Ibanez 2383 SG pro copy with gold hardware and a tremelo bar?

1973 Ibanez SG Custom

Hi have a 1973 Ibanez SG Custom, 3 H/B p/u's, 3 way switch tho has an extra switch added, 2 vol and 2 tone pots, Bigsby roller tremelo, all original gold plate?? Neck all original and perfect condition and super fast action. Originally white but now plain wood grain with brown edging. Original hard case. Am considering selling???
Not sure if is same as 2383 pro??? Have pics :-)

Bob Weir Model 2680

I have an original Bob Weir for sale have the original case and hanger tag. Guitar is in decent shape with a couple if dings. Email me for pics. Make me an offer

bob weir guitar

Please tell me more about your guitar for sale if you still have it , and send a few pictures please? thanks so much!!!!


I'm looking for an Ibanvez GB-10 model, in Denmark, Germany or Estocolmo (or even around there)... If you have this guitar and want to sell, contact me please...


new axe SUPER SWEET player

Juts picked up this 77/ Ibanez CN250 Concert=TRisound 80 PU's coil split-tone forever. This thing showed up dusty as hell w/ corrode strings as if they were original They juts kinda fell apart in pieces when I removed em- I shined it up(the violin finsih is unblemished and beautifuln as is the rest of the instrument EXCEPT for corrosion on played hardware and keys which is the norm for these vintage Ibis. This great guy give it to me for 400 plus shipping. I cannot believe what an AWESOME PLAYER THIS AXE IS THE BOMB! anyone know about em/played em?
D in ATL

CN250 concert

A Prince of a dude sold me mine for 400 or 450 in great shape. A Fine axe-sometimes my number one. Bolt neck or not this thing smokes

new purchase

Hey guys. I'm a Fender guy typically but I needed some Les Paul tones so I picked up this superbly made Jap 77' CN250 w/ flying fingers,coil split, vbine inlay, tweed case, 8.5-9 outta 10 for an even 500 bucks shipping included. I believe I got the sweet deal. You guys tell me and what should I be looking forward to when I plug this badboy into my old Ampeg
Zoomtime in Atlanta

EQ ibby

I have an AV finish Bob weir w/ vintage Seymour Duncans wound by Marcella Juarez herself. Has tap switch and is in great shape-no cracks.spluits, a few small blemishes-high end hard case
Dave atlanta 4-991-8083

Ibanez Artist 2622 (Steve Miller Model)

I have an Artist 2622 in the original Aluminum Case with a power supply for sale or trade. It is Antique Violin with the active EQ. It plays like a dream and is in relatively good shape for a guitar built in 1978. I would like to sell it or trade it. Let me know. Pictures on request. I live in Florida.




hi Harry,
is this guitar still for sale/trade please?
many thanks for your help.

Ibanez. St200

Have a79 st200 some marring on back from normal use, this is an all original axe,plays like butter,case included
Original owner asking 800.firm

ibanez st 200 eq

I have the same guitar my pre amp is not working do you have any trouble shooting tips for the eq!

77 Ibanez 2761

Hello. I am trying to hunt down a part for an old Ibanez guitar. I've tried Ibanez but they can't help. It's a '77 Randy Scruggs 2761 that needs a new a coil splitting switch. The switch has markings on it: CAT. NO. 90-6A 10A .125V.A.C. JAPAN Also there is a logo on the switch, 3 inverted, overlapping V's. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks very much.

Plz Help Identification my guitar

I Have a Ibanez Guitar with Serial Number I804253
at guitar have gold tag with text "musician"
That guitar have 4 knobs and with 1 switch at the North East position, and 1 switch near tailpiece position...
For Hole Jack guitar the position on binding bottom guitars bodies...

Old IBANEZ (Salvador) freshman f hole (need info)

Its a great old smelling Hollow body acoustic. Dark Sunburst w/ floating gold pick guard & swinging steel bridge.
Model number: 1150
Raffaele Calaee
Label is in perfect condition & theres more info on it if needed; lemme know.
THANKS for your Time
Tasha J

Ibanez Roadster II Series 1983 RS1000

I have one of these, it's mint condition with original case.

1986 AXB-1000 (serial #0084) how much is this worth?

I have and ibanez/stinburer 1986 AXB-1000 serial #0084 bass i want to sale .does anyone know what it might be worth?


Hello!Are You sale Ibanez axb1000?I am interest it.Where are you from?I am from Russia,Sankt-Peterburg.

Ibanez acoustic early 1980's model V380

Hey, i have this early 80's vintage Ibanez acoustic model V380 that ive had for a few years now and ive always wanted to know its value. Ive looked everywhere and taken it to a couple shops and ive gotten little info back. It had a couple damages on it but i just took it in on Tuesday March 6th, 2012 to get it repaired and restrung and the pegs in the bridge replaced. I wont get it back untill the following tuesday so i wont have pictures of mine untill then but plase email me if you have ANY information about my guitar at:



I just bought av380 and wanted to know if you got yours valued


I just bought av380 and wanted to know if you got yours valued

12 String Mint condition Ibenez 1977

Does anyone know the value of this guitar? Would like to see it.

ibanez cimar D-310

does anyone have any info on this model??? years and current prices??? thanks

About guitar Alvarez-Yairi CY140 at 550$

Rossi Adam and Matt Lee Swindlers!!!
Мошенники из Китая.

Ibanez guitars

I have a Ibanez cn-250 with gold hardware inlaid mother of pearl...its a 1975 and i have pics of it. its missin 2 knobs over the years , but it still works as a a bad ass lead has the tree of life on it.. im 46 years old and ive had it since i was 13 what do u think its worth?
think my mom paid 850 in 1975...with a sun beta lead amp 200 watts ive had fenders, gibsons,and now a gitano.. the ibanez blows them all away mail me back at ill send som pics of it ty...:)

1982 AW30

I bought an AW30 in 1982 from a shop in N.H. that was going out of business. I seem to remember the original asking price to be around $600.00. Is that right? It's still a great guitar, but I really don't know anything about it. Any input?

Ibanez 1980 ST-70BS

Anyone else got one? I bought this at a pawn shop in Biloxi in 1995 for like $175. It's a great guitar. Plays like a well-worn SG. I have a '69 Les Paul and a '95 Les Paul, and this Ibanez plays and sounds super. I swapped the bridge pickup with a Duncan Humbucker and thru my Marshall or Vox AC30 it's great for playing old AC/DC stuff. I was wondering if anyone else had one and if they enjoy their's as much as I have.

Ibanez AS200

Ibanez Artstar AS200 2001. Excelent + condition. Sunburst,flame maple on front and back. No fret wear, recently set up. Plays and sounds great. Comes with origonal case, Ibanez booklet, case key and trus rod key.

No Trades $1500

Ibanez Johnny Smith

I have a beautiful Ibanez Johnny Smith in near mint condition. $1400 If you are interested email me at

Ibanez Vintage Classical Model 9400

Can anyone give me information about this model? I can't find a thing about it. It has an exceptionally wide neck and was probably issued in the early to mid 1960's.

Ibanez AR-50 BK value???

I have a black 1980 Ibanez artist that has the serial number H804868
Which I guess means that it was made in 1980 in August and was the 4868th of the month...Its in fair condition, and with the exception of the pickup switch is all original. There is a bit of scarring from strap wear and tear. How much is this beast worth?

Re: Ibanez AR-50 BK value???

: I have a black 1980 Ibanez artist that has the serial number H804868
: Which I guess means that it was made in 1980 in August and was the 4868th of the month...Its in fair condition, and with the exception of the pickup switch is all original. There is a bit of scarring from strap wear and tear. How much is this beast worth?

I'd say at least $500 depending on the overall condition it could be a bit more.

Ibanez Pro Rock'r needed

Dose anyone have a parts Pro Rock'r or a good complete one to sell? My Pro Line is in need of a couple parts for the tremolo. It has the V5 pickups, I was told they were made by Lawrence. If anyone could help me out that would be great. My # is 1-573-821-5068 and name David

Wanted: Ibanez AS200

Howdy. Im after an early model AS200. Let mw know if you have one for sale or can point me in the right direction. BTW I'm based in Australia..

ibanez as200 artist 1982,

excellent condition,can be posted to Australia including original case for €1750. i have pics to show you, if you are interested send an e-mail. serial no. H702379 based in Cyprus.

Ibanez aw20 acoustic guitar

Hey folks just wanted to tell you all that I recently aquired a guitar purchased in 1982 and put in storage until 2010. The owner who purchased it soon afterward died and he never played it. I found out about it and his daughter gave it to me. I opened the case and found a brand new 1982 Ibanez ArtWood 20 acoustic guitar. I had to do some adjustment on it but man it friggen plays like nothing you have heard. It is amazing. Just wamted to let you know -

vintage 70's ibanez destroyer for sale

vintage 70's ibanez destroyer for sale

This popular thread has been given its own page : vintage 70's ibanez destroyer for sale


: : : I,m looking to buy an Ibanez Professional/Randy Scuggs2671 ,all original,excellent condition with original case.Violin finish.If you have one, please contact me.Thank you.

: Pascal

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