Need info on Sigma Anniversary Guitar

Posted by Tom Peck on Sat, 03/04/06 - 08:01:30.
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I purchased a Sigma Anniversary Guitar in 1973. All the paper work was lost over the years. To this day I am not quite sure what I purchased. The serial number is: ES 15989......Any info on this guitar would be Greatly appreciated......Thanks Tom

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Re: Need info on Sigma Anniversary Guitar

Hi. I have an anniversary purhcased new in 1980. I understand it is a Martin D20 copy and if yours is like mine it sounds fantastic. It has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, Although I cannot find anything other than a review on harmony central to confirm this. All told a great guitar

Re: Need info on Sigma Anniversary Guitar

I too have the Sigma Anniversary bought around 1983 new in London. Plays beautifully - crisp tone and great with a fishman pick placed inside the guitar. Great tone through the aer amp. Powerful! I'll never part with it.

Sigma Anniversary Guitar

Hi, david

I have a 80 anniversary also. Go in Yahoo, type Sigma Anniversary guitars for the search and the first one should be a web site called mudcats. Scroll down quite a wy'll untill you get to the articles. there is one article writen by a guy named Guest , S. Webb (about almost a third of the way down). Its a big article on the history of sigma, it's great. It's everything you are looking for trust me! It also sayes something very interesting about our sigmas. You have to read to find out though. I will say we are very luck to have one and do not ever sell it. Enjoy

Mike Starr

Sigma Anniversary

Got one. Serial # 606055 on the neck block.
My dad bought one of these guitars for my nephew. He bought it used from a music dealer a few days before Christmas. Included in the deal was a hole in the top on the lower bout a few inches beyond the end of the pick guard and near the joint with the lower side. The hole was about the size of a quarter. I repaired the top and sent the guitar to my nephew. The guitar played easy and sounded very good. A year or so later, I traded an electric guitar for the Sigma. I've had it for about ten years now.


Re: Sigma Anniversary Guitar

It's my understanding that only 100 were made. I had one given to me about a year ago. Sounds great and very easy on the hands. Whould love to know what it is worth.

Re: Sigma Anniversary Guitar

I have one also... I bought it in summer 1981 in Germany (!) and it was told that there was a limited number of 500 ex. Mine looks already very much used but the sound is getting better and better. Greets Mat

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