Norati guitar

Posted by Clyde Young on Wed, 08/31/05 - 23:56:01.

I have purchased a guitar labeled Norati.. It is acoustic w/slightly arched top,brass nut, bridge, and inlay dots..double dots on 7th and 12th fret.old label on inside torn away, but appears to have been brown ink on off white w/log pattern anyone aquainted with this critter...wonderful rich full tone and great resonance..would be nice to know something about on sites with label catalogs etc. I can't seem to find a thing, tnx much if anyone can help..c.y.

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Norati Guitar Model M-6

I have a never played Norati Model M-6, MAC 3272 and case. This was purchased as a gift and never played. The adult owner actually got a book to teach themselves but did nothing more than strum it or go through a few pages of the book. So its basically brand new in basic case. Always stored inside climate control. I don't play so I have no way to judge anything about the sound. I need to get rid of this, any idea where I can find some information about its value?

Norati Guitar

Just picked up a Norati classical guitar today for $15 on Craig's list. It was dirty with broken steel strings instead of nylon strings. Also had a few broken string capstans on the tuners. Inside label reads: Sold only by Music & Art Centers. Mac No 6469, Serial No 0050, Model No 1586. Took it to Guitar Center and bought new tuners and capstans and nylon strings. This guitar sounds incredible. I will hang onto this one.

Re: Norati guitar

I also have a Norati. My family purchased it about 15 years ago. I get compliments all the time about how "bright" the guitar sounds. I am also told often how rare it is to see a guitar with a brass saddle and nut. I want to know more!

Re: Norati guitar

I have a Norati guitar as well. The model number is 207K and it was purchased in Alexandria, VA. I took lessons at a Music and Arts Center for a short time. Too bad I didn't keep practicing, but I still have the guitar today. It's still in excellent condition and I remember it was $200+ at the time.

Re: Norati guitar

As someone else said, the Norati brand seems to have been sold only by Music & Arts stores. Mine dates from 1972, bought at a M&A in Alexandria, Virginia. Despite decades of mistreatment (many moves, considerable temperature fluctuations, etc.) it still sounds good, so I guess they're better made than one might think considering they were made for "instructional purposes".

Re: Norati guitar

I have owned a Norati since 1981. I purchased it at a music store in VA. The label says "Sold only by Music and Arts Centers" then would have Mac # Serial # and Model #. I was told by the shop that makes primarily instructional guitars. I know I have received many praises for the sound of my Norati. Sorry, that is all I can provide, cause I have never found any other info on these guitars.

Re: Norati guitar

I also have a Norati guitar and I cannot find any info about it. Any info about it would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Norati guitar

I just bought a Norati Guitar at a yard sale for $40.00. Has a really nice tone. Inside says Mac No 8393, Serial No 49271, Model No 1586. Would like to know if I got a deal.

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