Re: Carlos Model #240

Posted by Andrew on Wed, 02/27/08 - 03:18:04.

: : I purchased a Carlos Model 240, made in Korea from this yard sale for $20 from an elderly lady. This guitar is made really well. Have been looking everywhere to find out what this model is seems like everyone has the problem...Are these worth anything..They play great.

: ya i have the same model guitar, any luck with prices?

: The price varies, if in decent shape $100-200, if in great shape up to $350. They play great, I would never get rid of my Model No. 240

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Carlos model #240 need to buy a case

How do I find out what case to buy for this guitar. I got it from my dad, and he said something about the shape making it difficult to get a case for it? Anyone know? Thanks in advance!

Carlos Guitar Mod# 240 Case

The Carlos mod 240 is a standard dreadnaught size flattop, just look for a molded softbag or hardcase that will accommodate a 40" length, a 16 inch lower-bout and 4" depth. Look on craigslist or e-bay for gently-used bargains. Also yardsales, but they're hit-and-miss and you (I) often do impulse-buys on stuff you don't (I didn't) actually need. Good luck, happy playing!

Carlos 240, 249, 250, 275

I learned to play on a Carlos 240. I love the sound and how it feels. I would love to buy one of anyone has one available and in good shape, I am definitely interested!!!

Carlos E240 Guitar

Are you still in the market for a Carlos E240 Guitar? I have one I am looking to sell.

Carlos E240 Guitar

Are you still selling it? What would you want for it?

Carlos Model 240 acoustic

I've had this guitar for almost 30 years. It is still my go-to guitar. The brand did not have the best reputation, in part because it was Korean made during a time when the best brands were still American made. However, I love the sound! Rich, deep bass with an equally exotic high end. My guitar actually sat in the attic of my parents house for 20 years before I rescued it. I re-glued some of the structure (through the sound hole), restrung it, replaced the tuners and presto! One of the best sounding guitars I own (Fender and Takemine are my other acoustics). They only fetch around $50 but they really are well worth the money. If you find a Korean made version, buy it!

carlos e240

I have a Carlos E240 my mother left me. It is very clean. I know nothing about guitars but found this looking for info on it. How much will you pay for the guitar?

Carlos 240

If it is a genuine Carlos from the 1980's I'd pay $100 plus shipping. As long as everything is in good condition.

Carlos model 240 guitar

I have one I will sell if your still looking.

Carlos Model E-240

O.K., I have a model E-240 (Electric/Acoustic),that I got in a trade, back in the early '80s.Does anyone know anything about them? i.e. rarity, value ? This one is in great shape.Everything works,great tone.The pickups are in the fretboard.Any info would be appreciated.N56HD

Carlos Model #238

My Dad left me this guitar a few years ago. I am trying to find out its value. It has a great sound and is excellent condition. Can anyone help me with this?

Re: Carlos Model #240

My husband pass away 2 years ago and I ran across a carlos guitar model 240 acoustic can you tell me if it is worth anything.

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