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Posted by Shafta on Thu, 06/21/07 - 21:42:50.

Hondo guitars are about as good as, and worth about the same as the dump you just took in your toilet.

: I just got a hondo guitar second hand. It is a H125B by int. music corp.Do you have any info on this guitar? email if you do. Thanks

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75' Hondo

In 1975 I got A Hondo steel string Acoustic for my birthday. The strings at the 12 fret were at least 1/2 inch off the neck. The intonation was terrible. I wouldn't stay in tune. I couldn't play a chord above the 5th fret without buzz because the strings were so high. My friends from High School still make fun of that crappy guitar!


I have one of the first Hondo strat copys with a maple neck. I love it it plays better than most guitars ive picked up. I like it so well I bought a 1978 Les paul honey burst Hondo it plays and sounds just as good if not better than my nephews Epiphone Les paul plus top

Re: Hondo Guitar History

while some may think of hondo a cheap, the early models (70's-early 80's) were well crafted. I have a '76 Explorer reissue from gibson and a early 80's VIP series explorer from hondo and both play equally well. The hondo came with dimarzio pickups and the dealer added a kahler brass trem setup. The gibson is a little lighter than the hondo and as the original owner of both I can say they have aged equally well and both play great today. The hondo even came with a hsc that was better form fitted than the factory gibson case I must say.

Re: Hondo Guitar History

i dunno, i bought my fame series 763 for 80 bucks, and have played the s**t out of it for 14 years, and it still kicks ass. and i mean, ive beaten the crap out of it, the neck is still straight after everything too.

Re: Hondo Guitar History

That's not entirelytrue. The Hondo guitars made in the second half of the seventies were pretty nice for the price.

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