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Morris Model 100 Classical

I have access to Morris Model 100 Classical Guitar.
There is zero info on the site pertaining to this instrument.
The label inside is old and faded.
I am searching for a value.
Any thoughts?


I own a Morris model W613 guitar.
Great, equel onto expensive Martins!

Morris w-603

Hey guys,
I have a morris w-603 guitar.. I'm a beginner so I was thinking about buying a Fender starter kit (Guitar, extra strings, plectrums, DVD and more) for €134,-
I really have no idea if the Morris is a good guitar or not.. Is this Morris guitar beter or worse than the Fender?
Sorry for my bad English btw

Moridaira EX-06 electric guitar

Does anyone out there know anything about this guitar?

I found one in a pawn shop, busted up. I bought it because - 1) I have a hurricane case from before history, and - 2) it's pretty enough that even if it never played, with a drill and a $5 clockworks, it will make a cool wall clock!

I have found absolutely no information on this guitar. It may be that it is absolute junk (I doubt it, since the problem was the tremelo bridge had come apart, screws and loctite cured it, and it plays awesomely, with a pretty wicked sound and a really sweet neck with low frets), or it may be JUST THAT RARE. Any help will be appreciated.

Additional info, it is H-S-H config (the humbuckers are dual single config tied together), single volume and treble pot, with 3 micro on-off-on switches. Not sure total capacity, as one of the switches is shot, and the treble pot crackles quite a bit (haven't replaced them yet...) It has a body and head stock shaped just like the ESP LTD Deluxe 1000, although the body stock is flat, not arched.

Any and all information will be appreciated. Best way to contact is via my email

Thanks, and cheers to all! Hugh

1979 Morris Torndado Electric Acoustic Model TX

I bought this guitar on ebay about 5 years ago... ovation back. It has been an amazing guitar but I just bought a Carparelli DOS Hollow Body Jazz Guitar (what a beauty) and I have a Larravie electric accoustic. I want to sell the Tornado but no idea what it goes for... there is no info anywhere on this guitar... I paid $500 7 years ago and I thought I got a great deal once I played it... anyone?

morris TX

i picked up one in japan for $ 2,700 , and i know you can get much more if its in good shape!!!!!

Really... that much?

I paid $700 10 years ago.. the guitar is in what I would call good- very good shape, not new but still... has some minor dings and the metal frets are worn on the 1st to 4th frets... needs a new pick-up but that is about $100.00 at long and mcquade.. being that it is a 35 year old guitar that has been played alot... any idea where I would go about selling this?


eBay is a good option - but make sure you take really good photos

morris hurricane rosa electric guitar/ pearly white

I have one of these guitars and I am willing to sell mine but I have no Idea what they are worth and what i should even charge for one that is slightly damaged.. I need help does any one know how much these giutars are selling for?

Morris MD 500

How much is a Morris MD 500 worth?

MD-500 Morris Guitar

I paid $90.00 at an aution sale.

Morris W604M Info

Does anybody know how many Morris W604M guitars were made, and how much it may be worth today?


Re: Morris W604M Info

: Does anybody know how many Morris W604M guitars were made, and how much it may be worth today?

: Thanks.

I have a Morris W 604, buyed over 1980. I know this guitars were handmaded and they are quiet apreciated. Even Nowadays it sounds really excelent, much better than many models of Takamine, Fender, Ibanez etc,

1975 Morris M-18 classical acoustic

A buddy of mine just gave me this guitar, its in very good condition which is surprising considering where he found it and in what part of the world I'm in right now. Its a 1975 Morris M-18. I put new strings on it and it sounds great, but I would like to know more about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: 1975 Morris M-18 classical acoustic

Well, I'm no longer where I was. My buddy gave me the guitar while we were on tour in Afghanistan. He found it in KAF buried in some dark dirty dusty corner. It had been there a while, showed signs of drying out, the fret bars were starting to protrude from the neck, not too bad though. A few nicks and cuts, the keys needed help, but the neck was good and the body whole, it was a really nice guitar considering. I couldn't bring it home in the end, I really wish I had. Still can't find any info on it though.

Morris WE 1030 acoustic

Does anyone know anything about the Morris WE 1030 acoustic guitar which was manufactured in 1975?

Re: Morris WE 1030 acoustic

: Does anyone know anything about the Morris WE 1030 acoustic guitar which was manufactured in 1975?


I have the exact same guiatr and was also wondering about it, would love to hear more about this guitar.

Morris W -60

I have a Morris W-60 acoustic guitar that I like but know nothing about. If anybody has any information on this guitar please e-mail me at

Re: Morris W -60

Hi, here is a link to old Morris specifications. Sorry it's in Japanese.
Basically the 6à models are made with a solid spruce top, laminated brazilian rosewood bac and sides and maple center piece on the back. The neck is Nato, fingerboard and bridge are rosewood.
I have a B-60 (same in 12th strings)

Hurricane laura by morris

Does anyone know anything about this les paul copy? I cant find anything. Value. Specs. Rarity?

Morris Tornado GZ

I have been looking for a GZ Morris Tornado for years and have never ever seen one except for the one I played in "Brashes", Melbourne, Australia in Queens Street(no longer exists) 23 years ago. It was a lovely intrument. It has the mother of pearl a through the neck and plays so sweet.
I am alays interested in one if someone out there finds one!

Morris GX Tornado

In mint condition ... was gigged briefly but too much sound for small venues ... still a beautiful tone guitar. Great for finger picking. ... Bought early early 80's for $1200+ NZ dollars. Make a genuine offer aaaaand you pay the shipping. It is in a Hardcase, and only too happy to take to a dealer for an assessment.

Re: Morris Tornado GZ

Hey Gary,
I have a Morris Tornado GX. I'm the original owner. Bought it back in '83. Anyway, if you're interested, I can email you some photos.


Re: Morris Tornado GZ

: Hey Gary,
I have a morris tornado in excellent shape. emanil me if interested.

morris guitar model vf60

any info

Information about MORRIS MD-520

Is there anyone now about the informations about this guitar?
Just like it's history, price, anywayspecial. Thank you very much.

morris G215

I hawe Morris guitar model G215 from 1975 inspected by H.Saraki or something. I would like to hawe some more information about this beatiful guitar.

Morris Guitar Model B-706 - 12 strings

Is there anybody, who can give me a little background for this guitar-model? - or a link to a website, who writes about this.


i have a tornado ZII or ZD- deluxe -acoustic guitar(looks like an ovation)can i have some information about this guitar.can we by this guitar today,what about the price, exist a web site for this guitars ....
thanks for answers

Who knows anything about Morris WL-35 ??

Hello everybody. Does anyone have information on a Morris WL-35 acoustic (Western) guitar? The guitar is craftmanship made (made in Japan), the color is black with mother-of-pearl marquetries on the top and on the fingerboard. White Bindings. Very remarkable are two (!)pickguards (left and right of the sound hole). I don't know anything about the materials, I am not expert. Does anybody know this guitar? When was it manifactured and what was the former price?
Klaus, Cologne, Germany

I know something about Morris WL-35 and WL-30

I got my 35' around 1980, and it is the best of my acoustics. Morris was so good at copying Martin and Gibson guitars, (sometimes even better - but always cheaper) that Martin filed a lawsuit aginst the factory in the early 80'. Whereafter Morris unloaded a substantial amount of guitars to Europe. Morris' skill to make these excelent guitars stems both from the founder - Toshio Moridaira' - previous working relation with Martin and Gibson, and the access to prime matured wood, e.g. brazilian rosewood, which is impossible to get hands on today.
Recently I managed to purchase a WL-30, and have been able to compare the two. The wl-30 and wl-35 are both "replica" / "inspired" of a Gibson Dove model.
I obtained this specification of WL-30 from the Morris company : "Was made in Japan around 1972. Top spruce. Back Side Birch. Neck Nato.
Fingerbord Rosewood. Bridge Rosewood. Sorry - we do not have any details for WL-35"
When comparing WL-30 and WL-35 it seems that the vital specs are identical, and the difference is in the decor of the head-stock and whether the board has (plastic) dot or square mother of pearl inlay. The body, neck, sound and playability is very much the same. I have now seen 4 different version of the headstock layout. Tuners are marked "Morris" but are similar to vintage Schaller. I belive the white binding on the side of the neck is made of plastic, but the colouring of the nut indicates that isn't. It misses the fine stripes seen in bone, so - potentially - it might be ivory. I will NOT test it by setting fire to it !!! The spruce tops wood-grain is very dense, which indicates slow growth - and high quality, where WL-35 being slightly better than WL-30. The frets quality and filing is perfect on both guitars.

Morris WL-35 Guitar

I purchased my Morris WL-35 in September 1984 in Italy. I paid about $120.00 American dollars for the guitar new. It is my understanding this model was made for sale in Asia and Europe only. It is a very well made guitar with great sound. I love the double pick guards. Mine was black in color also.

Re: Who knows anything about Morris WL-35 ??

Hi, I have the same guitar, there is quite few information about, but those white things you see are made from yvory. I am trying to sell mine but I do not know its market price. Any clue?
regards from spain.

Re: Who knows anything about Morris WL-35 ??

Well I got one, too. On the Morris-Website they even don't list up this guitar, which suprised me. If there is a possibility to do so, I would upload a picture I took from my guitar.
But regarding to Mario, I don't know its market price, too.

Greets from Germany

Can anyone tell me about the MD-515

Can anyone tell me about the MD-515

This popular thread has been given its own page : Can anyone tell me about the MD-515

Morris MD500 Acoustic

Seeking a valuation on this steel string guitar. Looking to sell it. About 20 yrs old. Excellent condition

Morris (Acoustic) model 645

I wonder if anyone can help does anyone know the value of a Morris model 645 it was bought in Germany in about 1979/80 it is a fantastic looking acoustic with mother of pearl all over it.
I would really appreciate any guidance Cheers Tim (From the UK)

TF 645

Hi Tim, i am Arne from Berlin i also have a Morris TF 645 i bought it for little money and cant find informations in the WWW.
Can you or anybody else tell me more about this amazing guitar? Cheers, Arne

How much is Morris MD520?

Hi All
I'd like to know how much is the Morris guitar model MD520 cost? Can anyone out there help me? Thank you so much

Morris Guitar Model WL-30

Morris Guitar Model WL-30

This popular thread has been given its own page : Morris Guitar Model WL-30

morris MC-30

hay guys ive got a old morris MC30 and its the greast guitar ive ever had but i carnt find anything about it on the net its semi acoustic the guitar is black with a red trip around it and alone the neck and it also has a cut in thing i was wondering wat its worth and is it rare could some1 email be bak on that

Morris W -25

Morris W -25

This popular thread has been given its own page : Morris W -25

Morris Model W603 from 1977

Morris Model W603 from 1977

This popular thread has been given its own page : Morris Model W603 from 1977

Morris W611 Deluxe

Hi! A Morris W611 Deluxe is from 1978 my own guitar, like also a Tornado model of first '80 age. If for the second one I have had some details, about the first I'm not able to find anything.
The guitar is craftmanship made, body in rosewhood and Jacaranda on the back, rosewood on the band, cedar, I think, on the top, mahogany the neck's body, ebony the fingerboard.
"She" has mother-of-pearl marquetries on the top, on the fingerboard so like on the upper side of the neck.
I post from Italy. Someone of you know this fantastic guitar? What kind of strings do you use? Have you an idea of the value?


Re: Morris W611 Deluxe

 Morris W611 Deluxe

This popular thread has been given its own page : Re: Morris W611 Deluxe


I also like to know more about my Morris WE-74. It is very easely played and has good tone, Aucustic with a built in microphone in the bridge. Someone who has any history about the guitar ?
Any idea about its value ? I´m not interesed in selling it for the insurance-value.
The guitar has a signature but I cant read it.....

Hurricane Rosa Electric Guitar

Does anyone have any info on this Guitar ! i think it came out around the mid 80s. has the classic heavy metal shape. It looks good but i would love to know what the body is made out of and any other info would be good.

Re: Hurricane Rosa Electric Guitar

Hey Rikki!

I also have a Hurricane Rosa and I also know very little about it! Mine is like a pearl white colour, what is your's? All I know is that it was made in Japan in the early or mid eighties....

Any more information would be hugely appreciated as there seems to be very little information about Morris electric guitars on the web. Even Harmony Central only has one review of the Hurricane Rosa and it reads as though that dude was totally stoned when he wrote it!

Keep rockin!


Re: Hurricane Rosa Electric Guitar

If it is the guitar I am thinking of, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman were sponsored by them in the late 80's. You can see their guitars on the album covers of "Speed Metal Symphony" and "Dragon's Kiss". As soon as those guys got famous, they were sponsered by bigger name companies.
That is all I know about those guitars. I have been trying to find out info on them myself. I guess Friedman might answer you if you email him. Jason Becker has been stricken with ALS.
Great metal albums BTW

morris WD 25


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