TF Morris acoustic guitar model W-50

Posted by George Johnson on Fri, 02/08/02 - 11:21:33.
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just out of curiousity, does anyone have an idea what a Morris W-50 is worth? It is dark brown on top, with a double wooded back. It highly resembles the more expensive Martin guitar, and has a great sound to it. I had purchased this instrument on Okinawa in 1979. Do I have a nice guitar or is this (guitar) junk?

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Morris guitar

I have a MORRIS W-45 guitar and would like to know what it is worth.



Re: TF Morris acoustic guitar model W-50

I own a Morris model W-50, its an exact copy of a Martin D-45 they were made by a man who worked for the Martin company - He took the exact molds of the D-45 to make the Morris W-50- A 1970 Martin D-45 can sell for $30,000 and the reason being they have the martin name... Ive played a lot of Gibsons and Martins and I own a Blueridge also and the Morris sounds just as deep as the Martin, in my opinion Keep your Morris guitar, theyre arent many kicking around anymore regardless of what its truly worth (mine was $560.00) its still a beautiful instrument made with just as much detail and preciscion as the martin.

Re: TF Morris acoustic guitar model W-50

: I have a Morris special, about 30 years old, and have been offered $1200. Also heard its worth around $3000.

Re: TF Morris acoustic guitar model W-50

This is exagerated, the W-50 was sold around 100$ equivalent at the time! It is an entry model (like my 78' W-602), but is a great guitar and you should keep it.

: : I have a Morris special, about 30 years old, and have been offered $1200. Also heard its worth around $3000.

Morris W50 guitar: how much

It has rich and deep sounds. Old one would be ~ $500-600.
At this price point, it is hard to find a guitar at the same sound quality level.

Top: spruce
Side: Jacaranda or Indian rosewood
Back: 3 stripes: Jacaranda, or Indian rosewood on the 2 sides and marble in the middle

Morris W-50

I live in Japan and just spoke to a vintage guitar dealer here about the vintage Morris guitars specifically my Morris W-50 Special. He said the Morris W-50 Special was originally sold for $500 in the 70's making it roughly $2000 in todays value. But then again what it's worth and what someone will pay is two different things. He said the old Morris are very collectable and also very rare. I own a W-40 and a W-50 and would take them anyday over a modern day Martin.

Morris W-90

Hi, I know this is an old thread, but hoping to find out something about the Morris W-90. The label says it was manufactured in 1970. Can't find anything online about that model. In some info I have found, it appears that most Morris models were copies of other guitar maker models. Do you know if the W-90 was a copy of another guitar? Is it worth $150 if it is in good shape? Thanks for any info you can give me.

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