morris hurricane

Posted by jorgeP on Sun, 03/16/03 - 19:31:52.
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I have a morris hurricane ( equinox-4 ) Does anyone know about this guitar?

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Morris Equinox 1 bass

I was given a Hurricane by Morris Equinox Bass 1 guitar recently. I can't seem to find any info at all, Would greatly appreciate any help. I have severe arthritis so I can't play anymore.
Thanks so much for any help!

i have a 1987 "blacky",

i have a 1987 "blacky", korean made Hurricane by Morriss Strat. Great guitar, and the neck is a full maple piece, has nice glossy look to it. I was thinking of replacing the original pit guard with a loaded one, but i might hold off on that for now. any one else have one of these guitars.

I actually just picked one

I actually just picked one up at a garage sale yesterday it would be awesome if you could give me a call. 816-401-8600

Can anyone give me info on

Can anyone give me info on the morris hurricane equinox 3 black on black cuz be cause I bought one for 200 and I want to know if I was ripped off

hurricane guitar

hey man not to many people have heard about them , nice guitars , i have 4 of them now , the 2,4,5 , if you deside to sale it let me know ,

I have a beautiful Hurricane

I have a beautiful Hurricane EQUINOX2 by Morris for sale with case and two nice straps. 541-281-3066

Morris hurricane

I've got a hurricane with a Khaler locking tremolo,'s a bit rough looking but plays really well, it's a kind of aqua,greeny,blue.wondering if it's worth anything. Thanx

Re: morris hurricane

I just bought an equinox 2 from craigs list. It is sweet. It has a shape similar to a strat, is all black, has an humbucker at the bridge and single coil at the neck, an original tremolo, and Gotoh tuners. It had the original hard case, a little ruffed up, but workable. Like I said sweet. I think these will have some collector value if they are in good shape. We'll see.

Re: morris hurricane

I just bought a Morris Hurricane Equinox-4 on e-bay, because of all of you guys, raving about these little bastards they call Morris..i saw it on there for $199.00 buy it now and i missed it, thinkin should i or should'nt i?...hmmmmmmm... i was away for the i checked find that it never drew a bid..I was gonna use the buy it now for the 199.00 but got busy and forgot before i left..anyway...i e-mailed the guy and told him i was interested in it, and he simply replied, (been relisted) i check it out and no buy it now but a starting bid of here i go watching it every day..i end up winning it for 126.97 but i planned on paying up to $250.00 on a bet that you guys werent on crack, heroin, or just lying about junk to make yourselves feel better about a guitar that you wish you didnt have...i know about this cause i too have had a couple that you need to talk yourself into ships it ..i get it..and i look at it for a bit....shrug my shoulders and say for $126 how can ya bitch....BUT then..i plug it in !!!!...Holy freakin crap.... after a tuning and a couple of flicks of the switches. i was annoying my nieghbors like never before...its an unbelievable guitar...chuncky neck, great frets, inotnated pretty much spot on. and the MORRIS active electronics are HOT HOT HOT !!!!!!!!! harmonicly awsome, and a pleasure to play..and a ton of fun...its got a scratchy pot and the jack was a touch loose and the middle screw and locking pad for the string lock was missing but other than that the best guitar in the fleet...i have 2 $20,000 strats, a heard of vintage gibby's, some newer gib,s and some epi's that i really like.. a couple of vintage hagstroms which are unbelievable in there own right. and some vintage made in england WEM Sapphires, the lot of which i have spent a ton of money on set up and refrets parts etc to make them high end units..but this Morris is the cats ass!!!!!it's heavy as hell too..sustain that DOES NOT musta been built on a wednesday...LOL..if you get a chance to get one do it..hopefully it will play like mine this one has the magic...a ding here a dong there the pearl white that has a yellowish patina to it....aged very nicely..but it also supposedly was signed by clarence carter.(the guy who wrote strokin) music city 1996...who knows i'll leave it on there, its kinda cool and hey if its real maybe it will be worth a million one down and buy it you will love it...

hurricane guitar

would you sell you equinox 4 to me ?

Re: morris hurricane

It really IS difficult to find info on the Morris electrics. I bought a Hurrican Suzie a couple of years ago in a pawnshop. I've seen one or two others in not-so-good condition, though I've never seen the same model as mine, which is an all black strat-style with two burnin' 'buckers.

I spied the guitar in a corner with a bunch of crappy guitars. Picked it up and went "Whoa!! This is a monster guitar!!"

I went home to search the Net for info, as I'd never heard of Morris before. Didn't find anything but a few people raving about their Morris electrics.

I went back to the pawnshop the next weekend and promised myself that I wouldn't pay more than $150 for it. I tried the guitar again, acoustically, and just fell totally in love with it. What a player!!

I asked the price and the owner sorta shrugged and said $100. "Could I plug it in?", I asked. Alas, there were no cords in the shop, so I said I'd pay $80 and if the electronics were faulty, I'd eat the cost. Hoo hoo!!

I took it to my guitar tech to have it set up. He opened the case and did a "WTF???" and rolled his eys ....

Went in next day to pick up the guitar and the tech says "Jeez, you've got a BIG problem here...". I'm picturing dollar bills floating out of my pockets... "What' up?" I ask.

"Well, looks like yer gonna have to grow yer hair real long and change yer style of music - this is one s-kickin' Heavy Metal Guitar!!! It's incredible" ....

Oh yeah!!

Re: morris hurricane

It's a wonderful guitar to mod. But its stock stuff is good too. It's really easy to turn that guitar into your own. I have an equinox 1. And it's a dream.

hurricane guitar

do you still have this guitar, if so could you send me a pic please so tha i can see what the equinox 1 looks like ,thanks

Re: morris hurricane

Yeah, i have a red morris hurricane, it's OLD, i purchased it off ebay, it plays like a BEAST! the action is so low it's unbelievable. It has a vintage, trem three single coils, looks like someone replaced the nut with a brass one...

Re: morris hurricane

I have a rectangular case for a Morris Hurricane - Equinox Series electric guitar Black exterior w/ Electric Blue Interior v/g condition if anyone is interested FYI...Thanks

hurricane guitars

do you still have the case if so contact me at, i have an equinox 2 and 4 , and i need 1 more case

Re: morris hurricane

Can't find much,i've got a metallic pink hurricane with kahler flyer tremelo and locking nut,bridge humbucker and 2 single coils,needs work but plays a beast!even though i've had it for 15 years i've never come across another!

Pink Hurricane Equinox Guitar

I have the metallic pink Hurricane too. I picked it up new in Hollywood Florida in the mid 80's. I'd estimate 87. I love the thing and always have. I have three more (charcoal grey, red, and white) just like it. I also have a weird blue one that I think somebody messed up pretty good. It's been buried in a closet for 15 years.
I've never seen another one in pink though. If you want to sell it PLEASE let me know.

Re: morris hurricane

I have an equinox - 3, been sitting in my closet for years now... don't know anything about them either though... anyone have any idea what these things are worth?

hurricane guitar

would you like to sell the hurricane guitar, that is if you still have it ?

Re: morris hurricane

I have an Hirricane Equinox 5 with Kahler locking tremelo and a scallopped frets. I totally love it and have owned it about 15 years. Unfortunately, I also know nothing about it.

: I have an equinox - 3, been sitting in my closet for years now... don't know anything about them either though... anyone have any idea what these things are worth?

Re: morris hurricane equinox-3

Ya I just got this Hurricane Equinox-3.
I first saw it and it looked kinda cheap.
WhammyBar sucks. Bright red. 3 Morris pickups.
I wish I could find more info about this.
I have the case too.

hurricane guitar

would you sell this guitar to me , if so please contact me at

Re: morris hurricane

I pulled a Hurricane by Morris (Les Paul) out of my cupboard fitted new pickups and love it. Don't know much about the company though (if they are the same).

Re: morris hurricane

I have the sunburst Les Paul copy too. I know the hurricane by Morris was selling 30ish years ago because thats when the guitar was bought initialy. It plays alot better than the more modern epiphone copies and is also much better built, you can tell that just from the weight difference in the two models. I managed to get the guitar for £100 of a friend and have lowered the strings for that nice "metal" feel, the guitar is versatile, looks great and plays like a dream. Bargain!

Re: morris hurricane

i have just bought (secondhand) a morris hurricane really cheap.. same deal, nobody seems to know anything about them, but all over the web ppl who own them rave about them... this one looks, feels, plays, sounds fantastic. I showed it to a friend who has strats, jacksons, gibson and he is highly critical of "cheap" guitars. He was mighty dubious at first, but once he started playing it I couldn't get it away from him! His words: "man this is a ball-tearer of a guitar!" I have been to morris website (requires translation from japanese) but there is bugger all info there either. Someone somewhere must know more!

Re: morris hurricane

:This is crazy! It seems everyone who has one of these loves it - inlcuding me. I found a Morris model MD-505 and it is a wonderful instrument. I can't find any info however. Anybody suggest where to find out about these guitars please help!

I have a morris hurricane ( equinox-4 ) Does anyone know about this guitar?

Re: morris hurricane need help

Hello I also have a hurricane equinox but i have a bass guitar.. i was wondering if you knew anymore about them like the maker or even the URL to the makers website.. thanks. If you could email me back with any info..

Re: morris hurricane need help

: Hello I also have a hurricane equinox but i have a bass guitar.. i was wondering if you knew anymore about them like the maker or even the URL to the makers website.. thanks. If you could email me back with any info..


Hello,crew! I just bought Hurricane by Morris "Explorer" model,and it´s black. Does anyone knows is it rare?? Original pick ups and bridge is missing,but they are replaced with Fender bridge and Seymor Duncan pick ups and it have Schaller tuners too. This guitar has sound like heaven explodes!!! Kick ass!!!!!!

Re: morris hurricane need help

Hello Crew,

I'm new to the forum, but looks like I'm in good company. Funnily enough, I collect and upgrade guitars and have two Hurricane by Morris guitars. One is the Stella, a strat copy, the other is an Eva, a vrey rare Explorer copy. I haven't got an Equinox, and have not come across the Bass guitar series yet. You will not find a manufacturer's URL or website, the company does not make guitars under the Morris Hurricane brand anymore. Info even for a collector is sketchy. Rest assured though, the comments so far have been accurate. The Hurricane by Morris series is basic but good quality. Replace your bridge (they're usually a crap two-post strat type)and perhaps upgrade your pickups if you feel thje need and play along with your mate's $1000 brand name axe without embarrassment. They're getting sought after much the same way Vesters and Westones are now hunted down. Hold on to it!

I have Morris Hurricane

I have Morris Hurricane Hellen. Anyone???

Re: morris hurricane need help

Hi hthere:

I have a Stella ones and it's brilliant. I've changed the picksups (for wilkinson), the bridge (for an original fender) and the opickguard and i love my guitar (and i have four more expensives guitars).



Don't know much about the Hurricane or Morris company. But it was my first electric guitar - a Hurricane equinox (-5, I think?) - 3 single-coil pickups, all black, with red lettering.

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