Conrad Acoustic Guitars

Posted by Danny Garrett on Mon, 05/12/03 - 02:13:13.

I have a Conrad Acoustic guitar model 40229. I could find very little about Conrad guitars except for a paragraph which told me that they were made in Japan from about '72 to '78. Would appreciate any other info such as relative quality, value, etc. Thank you.

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Conrad Guitar

Hi I am refurbishing a Conrad 40110 serial no. 472. Badly dinged and scratched. Was spay painted grey then resprayed white, absolute mess, but still sounded really good. Does any one have any info on the year of build?
Thanks. Allan.


I have a 12 string model 40227 cant find info and it has no serial number but he conrad name is branded over the tag in the sound hole???????

Conrad guitar

I bought a Conrad model #40226 back in the seventies for $50.00. So many times l remember people with more expensive name brand guitars would rather play mine. Can't believe there's so little known about them. Main thing is. I'm keeping mine


Everyone on here have way longer model numbers than mine. Mine is A587. Serial number 262.

Conrad 12 string Mdl.40172 S/N 99C

I have a Conrad 12 string that I've dragged around the country with me since the early 70's. Bought it mail order from Sears Roebuck Co. It's a bit worn and needs to be set up but still has an awesome sound. It's like an old friend. I don't know much more than the rest of the people that own them. Made in Japan, late 60's early 70's. Let me know if anyone has more info.

conrad guitars

HI i was wondering if any of these guitars you guys have happen to have a gold seal in the sound hole ring and maybe even have the name William E. Conrad? These are mostly spanish style and are handmade acoustical guitars. if possible could you post pictures and also let me know if they are for sale?

Yes I have one

i am not sure how to post pictures here. I have one with the gold seal in the sound hole and it has the Willam E. Conrad on the head and the signature William E. Conrad inside. What are these worth?

My Grandpa made these

What do you want to know about it?

Re: Conrad Acoustic Guitars

: I have a Conrad Acoustic guitar model 40229. I could find very little about Conrad guitars except for a paragraph which told me that they were made in Japan from about '72 to '78. Would appreciate any other info such as relative quality, value, etc. Thank you.

I don't know much more that you but just had conrad 40218 given to me. It's really pretty mahagany and looks brand new. Zero scratches anywhere. I don't think it's ever been played. G B & E strings are nylon but it has nice sound. Anyway, if you find out something let me know. Seewo

Contad Classical Guitar Info

On They Have A Links
To Conrad Guitar Catalogs.

Conrad 40226

I also have been looking for info, I have found a recording studio that advertises that it has 2 Conrad model 40226. They must be worth something. Winterspring studios if I remember correctly. The only info I have is from my father as this was his guitar. There was some sort of lawsuit back in the 70's and they had to stop making them. After they changed their design the guitars just didn't sound the same and they stopped making them. He went to sell it back in the 80's and the store owner offered him 2 Taylor's in trade, worth about 2500 each, he declined to sell it and he passed it down to me 8 years ago. Now there is no info on them except that they were known to be generic guitars. The thing is, before the lawsuit the sound that they made was very unique and very good. It was considered a very big find back in the 80's, that seems to be forgotten now. I wish I could point to an article or have someone else say yeah that's right, but I am still doing research.

Conrad guitars8

I have a model 40110 12 string Conrad that I bought in 1967. Icannot find any info, and the last "guitar" whiz that I talked to said he couldn't find any info either, so I must be mistaken about the model, mfg. Well I'm sitting here looking at it, so I don't think I made it up.

Re: Conrad Acoustic Guitars

I have a Conrad 40218 that I just purchased. I know it was made in the 1970's, but has the sound of any Martin or Gibson that I have ever played. I am amazed at the sound and playing of this guitar. After all these years, everything is still good and no adjustments had to be made. All I had to do was replace the strings and I had an equivalent $2000.00 Gibson or Martin. I once had a D28 Martin and this Conrad equals it-maybe possibly better. I can never run down a Martin, but my Conrad is just as good in playing and sound.

Conrad 12-string model # 40100 S.N.#4472247

Trying to find Value's and History on this Guitar,any more info on this post will be Greatly appreciated!!!
Would like to hear about yours

conrad 40210

Do you out there have any information on this guitar. It was at an auction benefit last night on the silent auction. Mint condition. A conrad 40210

conra 40173

i have a conrad acustic, model no. 40173, serial no. 1173. thats all it says.cant find anything about it!! is it a ghost company or what?

Conrad guitars

Conrad was sued and subsequently went out of business. It seems their business model was to copy Martin models and reproduce them.

Re: Conrad Acoustic Guitars

I have a conrad 40212 and am also looking for information on them. There is a local mythabout m guitar that it was a present from the musician Donovan,but I have no way of knowing if this is true. If there are any good sites for Conrad guitars please let me know

Re: Conrad Acoustic Guitars

I have a conrad acoustic too. it is flame maple with a spruce top. this is the only site i could find with any info at all.

Re: Conrad Acoustic Guitars model 40229

I have a Conrad 40229 acoustic that I bought new in August 1974. Have had many others since but still love the sound of this blond guitar. Very bright. Anyone know anything about the company or the line of guitars? I remember paying 120 bucks in 74. I will never get rid of it. Many memories.

Conrad model 40229

What is the serial # on yours? Mine is 750219 and I'm trying to date mine. Thanks. Steve.

Re: Conrad Acoustic Guitars

I have a conrad electric bass
and I need more information too

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